Friday, February 27, 2009

A Blogger without His Computer

If you are a husband, could you live easily without your wife?
If you are a smoker, could you forget the cigarettes?
If you are a drug addict, how long would you abstain from the drug?

If you are a writer for a blog, how your life would be without the laptop?
If you are student who do not practice reading printed notes, how are you going to study?
If you are an administrator for a community blog, how are you going to manage and monitor the blog without the computer?
If you are a type of person who immediately touches the computer once you wake up from sleep and once you step into your room from classes, what else to replace it?


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buying New Laptop

Helo, abah...


Setelah sekian lama, akhirnya laptop Zaki rosak jugak.

La... kenapa?

Skrinnya gelap. Tiba-tiba je. Ni sekarang tengah hantar kat kedai la ni. Dia kata kalau nak baiki kena bayar dalam RM1400.

Mahalnya! Kalau macam tu baik beli baru je!

*I'm smiling.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Know Your Leader

I was with the PA of Biomedical Department of KOS, Kak Mai having a chat while there was nothing else to do when suddenly the Dean of the kulliyyah entered the room to see her. I as usual greet him professionally and offered him a seat. Ok, that's not the point. :D

Then the Dean talked with Kak Mai as I had nothing to do with what they were discussing so I just kept quiet while my ears were amplified to the maximum level and again that's not the point. :D

Suddenly a female student entered the room and directly talked with Kak Mai, ignoring the senior people inside the room to pass few documents to be forwarded to few people under the department.

They had a talk for few seconds until that Kak Mai asked her a very basic question, "Kenal tak Dean kuliyah kita?"

"Ha? Dean... erm... siapa ye... tak ingat la... Dia daripada Department Biomed kan? Tak kenal la..."

"Awak daripada department mana?"

"tooooot (not from Biomed of course)"

"Tahun berapa?"

"First year, second sem"

"Aik? Dah masuk sem kedua pun tak tahu lagi siapa Dean kita?"

"Erm... tak tahu la..."

I added, "Siapa namanya eh? Saya pun tak ingat"

"Erm... tak tahu la..."

Mind you, that conversation happened right in front of the Dean and he did nothing but keeping his mouth shut, which I believe to observe how well that particular student knew him.

Come on people... That is the very basic thing to know when you enter a community - to know the leaders. They are the ones who are responsible in making our life easy in the community. They are the thinkers, the managers and the backbone behind the peace and harmony that we are enjoying.

Like the case above, Kulliyyah of Science is a small kulliyyah where everyone meets everyone but how come you don't know who the Dean is? That explains to what extent you are ignorant to your surrounding and happenings around the world.

Now let me ask you, do you know who is the current President of the Students' Representative Council of IIUM Kuantan Campus? It's him.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Part II: When was the Last Time You Call Your Parents?


Macam aku, aku sebenarnya tak berapa kisah kalau parents aku tak selalu call aku. Tapi once diorang call aku, aku sangat-sangat menghargai.

Menghargai yang macam mana tu?

Ye la... Layan macam dah lama betul tak berborak, bertukar khabar. Lepas satu topik, ke satu topik.

Isk. Mesti lama tu...

Tak. 5 ke 10 minit je. Takde la lama sangat.

Owh sekejap je.

Tapi pada aku, dah cukup lama. Pasal aku betul-betul gunakan masa tu untuk bertukar khabar dan update apa-apa yang perlu tentang famili dan kampung.

Kau nak kata, yang penting kualiti masa tu, bukan kuantiti. Kan?

You got my point! Kalau kerap sangat call pun, boleh membawa kepada kebosanan dan pembaziran duit dan masa. Dan kalau kerap sangat nanti kau tak rasa nikmat bila parents call. At our age macam ni, parents dan kita sendiri kena tahu bahawa kita perlu diberi ruang yang lebih besar untuk berdikari, berfikir dan membuat keputusan. Kalau ada apa-apa yang betul-betul sukar, barulah kita refer kepada parents. Sedar atau tidak, parents kita kat sana tu ada lebih banyak perkara yang sukar yang kita tak tahu. Takkan nak tambah beban mereka dengan benda-benda kecik yang kita boleh selesaikan sendiri, kan?

Erm... Ye kot.

*this story is again fictional

Sunday, February 22, 2009

When was the Last Time You Call Your Parents?

Selama ni kau mengharap parents kau selalu call kau?


Dan mereka tak call kau sekerap yang kau harapkan?


Dah tu, apa yang kau rasa bila parents kau tak call kau?

Sedih la.

Kenapa nak sedih pulak?

Ye la... Aku nak jugak diorang ambil tahu apa khabar aku, dengan siapa aku berkawan, aku buat apa harini... Things like that la...

Bila kali terakhir parents kau call kau?

2 minggu lepas kot. Itu pun sekejap je. Bila call pun, bukannya nak tanya khabar sangat, malah marah-marah itu dan ini. Aku down dowh...

Kalau takde sebab, kenapa diorang nak marah-marah? Mesti ada sebabnya...

Ye la aku mengaku aku ada buat salah, tapi jangan la call cuma bila nak marah-marah je. Bengang je...

Lepak... Diorang marah-marah tu tandanya diorang sayang kat kau. Cuma mungkin caranya tak seperti yang kauharapkan. Dalam hidup kan lebih banyak yang kita tak dapat apa yang kita harapkan.

Erm... Ye kot.

*this story is fictional

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Am I Really a Fourth Year Student?

Keting keting keting... (SMS ringtone)

Salam Bro Zaki. Saya syarifah. Nak minta tolong bro jadi **** dalam Islamic Fest march depan. Leh tak?

I replied the SMS.

Keteng keteng keteng again...

Zaki, ko jadik moderator untuk forum biomed nanti eh? Please...

I replied the SMS.

Keteng keteng keteng, again and again....

Too roo toot... *battery kong*

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Behind the Scene: KOS Amazing Explorace

  1. The initial intention of proposing the programme to Jaed was to participate in the race, not to organize.
  2. Before this, although I've been very active in societal activities, I have never been a Programme Manager in any programmes. But now I am glad I managed to do one before I grad.
  3. The Special Awards were available due to the mistake I made when I arranged the budget in the proposal.
  4. I offered myself to be the host in the video.
  5. Zikri and I were out to do the shooting a week earlier before the race but the files were not able to be extracted and edited. So we had to shoot all over again during the day of the race.
  6. The Research Unit had to add some ad hoc tasks like flying kites and lighting bonfire to the participants because out of our expectation the leading teams were very fast.
  7. The worker at one of the checkpoints changed the task without our knowledge and yet participants followed his instruction. Duh~ Follow the one stated in the paper la dey~
  8. We purposely didn't put any committees at the checkpoints. If anything, they just needed to call the Research Unit using the specific number given in the paper provided. Miscommunication happened when they called the wrong number since there were 2 numbers: one for SMS and one for call.
  9. I didn't prepare anything for the speech during the Award Ceremony and what I talked was completely an impromptu. I did write something on a paper but then it was useless. Haha~
  10. During judging, the judges laughed out loud watching the videos and pictures the participants took during the race. We stayed at Resource Center of WacKOS until almost late night and we were undescribably hungry and tired.
However, everything worth the results. The KOS Amazing Explorace was a successful programme with a lot of compliments from the Dean, Deputy Deans, participants and committees. I am glad it turned to be something that I can be proud of before I actually graduate this semester.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not Encouraged to Visit Inside Gua Charas


During last KOS Amazing Explorace, among the tasks that the participants had to complete were to find few things at the seventh checkpoint - Gua Charas, which to me not more than just a recreational place to my understanding, initially.

However, I got quite a number of comments about the visit there. To utmost extent, tawheed/belief issue was raised.

Before I write more, I'd love to clarify that my intention of writing this entry is to be partly responsible as I was the Programme Manager of the KOS Amazing Explorace and I approved the tasks given there. Should anything regarding this issue is raised in the future, please refer to this blog for clarification.

For your information, Gua Charas is a place of worship for Buddhists and Hindu believers to perform their religious duties. But then, it is adopted to be one of the attractive recreational places in Kuantan. To put this thing into the drama, the participants were required to take picture with some statues. So, the question is: Is it, in the context of a believer of Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., allowed to do that?

So I asked my friend who is knowledgeable about this matter. His points were:
  1. If you go there and have intention to do worshiping, it's totally not allowed and could fall into syirik.
  2. If you go there to see the non-Muslim to call them for believing in Allah and Muhammad, it is encouraged.
  3. If you go there for suka-suka and playing around, it is not encouraged.
Then I asked, what if it's for the sake of a race? He said, as best as possible, avoid it. It may fall to become a slander.

The points are clear, so here is my main stand of writing this entry. Please take note, dear participants. Should there be in the future, someone with bad intention raises the issue of you taking picture with the statue and tries to link you with being unislamic and murtad, so with the proofs from the picture you took from the place during the race, tell him/her that it was merely for the sake of completion of the race, without any intention to have any connections with the belief outside the border of Islam and being a Muslim. The tag that you wore is the best proof to indicate your participation in the race and thus explains your connection with the race, not with the worship things.

On behalf of the organizing committees, I would love to apologize for the matter described above should it caused dissatisfaction and uncomfortable feeling among the participants. We admit we were lack of information especially regarding the religious matter and this entry, I especially write to express my regret.

I am regrettably sorry.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Videos: KOS Amazing Explorace

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

The videos above are the multimedia presentation entitled The Journey towards being The Explorer. They are all about the task they needed to do during the KOS Amazing Explorace last Saturday. I have cut the video into 4 parts so it'll be easier for viewers to watch them. Note the low quality viewing. To participants and others who would like to get the copy with a better quality, just consult me. I'll pass it to you for free.

Thanks to Zickree for preparing the video and thanks also to all participants who captured the materials for the video.

Do you enjoy watching the video?

Tak dapat jadi Host TV , jadi host Explorace sendiri pun jadi la~ :P

Monday, February 16, 2009

KOS Amazing Explorace: My Professionalism Was Tested to the Maximum

"Zaki, kat mana Gua Charas?"

"Zaki, yang task ni, takleh ke kalo buat macam ni macam ni bla bla bla..., boleh tak?"

"Zaki, sapa yang menang?"

Those were among the questions that I got during the race and during the pre-ceremony of the KOS Greatest Explorer Award.

To face with those questions, I had to keep in mind that I have my own professionalism, position and job to do and I should not interfere other people's work.

For example, referring to the first example above, although I knew where Gua Charas is, but it wouldn't be fair if I answer that question while other groups got to figure out by themselves. They can ask that question to other people, but not to me. I didn't want to be bias.

Next, in the second example, I have appointed my committees in Research Unit who were in-charge of the tasks during the race to be fully responsible with that matter. I have reminded my committees not to give any directions or instructions to the participants as it would cause miscommunication between committees and participants. On behalf of the participants themselves, they had been informed during the briefing session to ask the Research Unit for further questions should they didn't understand the task, not to the people around.

And lastly, since I was among the 0nes who knew the winners before the announcement, I had to keep my mouth shut. Or else, it wouldn't be a surprise for the participants. I got SMS asking whether his/her group won any prize the night before the prize giving ceremony, but being professional, no information was leaked.

Other than that, during the race itself, at Kamdar, I was introduced by my committee the manager of the company and I politely introduced myself and asked him should he got any problems with our programme. I also wished and thanked him for his cooperation in making our programme successful.

Last but not least, I had to keep a distance with my close friends because they also participated in the race. In fact, most of the participants in the race were familiar to my eyes and heart, but to keep the professionalism, I have to be fair with all participants no matter friends or not friends. This is the harderst part actually because we as human can't avoid from having a mercy towards people who are close to us but yet to me, friends or not friends, we must have a barrier when it comes to being professional. Kan?

However, despite all difficulties and problems, I think everyone have given out their best in making the KOS Amazing Explorace successful and enjoyable. Based on the survey form filled in by the participants, mostly we got compliments and positive comments about our programme, alhamdulillah. And most importantly, they want more of such programme in the future.

Sorry beb, gua dah nak grad. Haha! Sape la agaknya yang akan sambung program ni yek? Matematis Muda ada berani?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

KOS Amazing Explorace - Was It Successful?

Did you have fun, guys?

Quite a number of the participants were bloggers. Jot down your comments about the race, guys! Did you have fun?

These are the tasks that they need to complete in order to win the prizes. Believe me, we don't let them to win RM500 just like that. Extra efforts are essential. What you are about to read below aren't as easy as reading it through. Hehe...

Tasks 1: Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah
  1. Find ostrich. They were only given its scientific name: Struthio camelus.
  2. Find "Meranti". They might be confused; is it a name for a tree, or a camp?
Task 2: Teluk Cempedak
  1. Buy RM5 batik drawing.
  2. Paint the batik. The challenge was that some groups that came late to the checkpoint needed to wait because there were limited number of paints and the paintings themselves.
Task 3: Taman Teruntum Mini Zoo
  1. Find 5 species of animals based on their scientific name. They needed to take pictures with the animals. Mind you, although it was a mini zoo, it's still hard to find each of them.
  2. Find the foe of the crocodile. It's actually kancil. They might be confused between kancil and deer.
  3. Ride a pony 2 rounds. It's a very easy task. Hehe...
Task 4: Tanjung Lumpur
  1. Find 3 ikan bakar restaurants.
  2. Find Mak Cik Wok and Pak Cik Husin's keropok lekor stall and buy RM1 of the food. The stall has no signboard so the participants had to ask the villagers.
Task 5: KAMDAR
  1. Dress a dummy using the provided textiles.
  2. Find the exact textile in the shop. Can you imagine, how tough it is to find it in a shop full with thousands of textile designs?
Task 6: Padang MPK2 in front of Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah
  1. Find one person among the public and ask him/her to sing Pahang state anthem.
  2. Sing along with him/her.
  3. Prepare a kite and fly it at the field. They were provided with anything thus they need to buy the equipments on the spot.
Task 7: Gua Charas
  1. Find few things like dinasour, cobra, Sleeping Buddha, lady looking into a mirror, elephant, monkey, fish etc. The challenge was that, they needed to climb to enter the cave. The things in search were scattered every where inside and outside the cave and they were not easily found.
  2. Count the number of steppings leading up and leading down to the cave. The challenge was that, the steppings were unorganized with different sizes and height. The answers are: leading up: 130 and leading down: 150.
Task 8: Sungai Pandan waterfall, Panching
  1. Find a "broken" pitcher plant (periuk kera). It is actually not the plants, but a slightly broken signboard. They need to act like a monkey in front of it.
  2. Act like a TV commersial: the fisherman and the fish inside the river.
  3. Light a bonfire.
Task 9: Benteng
  1. Unlike other checkpoints, they were only given the clue "Kuantan". What they need to find was huge alphabets of KUANTAN at Benteng.
Now I can't wait for Monday as the prize giving ceremony named KOS Greatest Explorer Award Ceremony is scheduled. During the ceremony, we'll know who win the prizes and the newly announced special prizes: Best Picture Award, Most Hilarious Video Award, and Mystery Award.

All students, lecturers and staffs are invited to the event. Monday 11.45 am at Main Auditorium, Kulliyyah of Science. Watch the video entitled The Journey towards being The Explorer and there'll be lucky draws in an Explorer-style. You'll like it!

Friday, February 13, 2009

KOS Amazing Explorace - The Journey Begins

Fact #1: I am the Programme Manager for the KOS Amazing Explorace.

Fact #2: I am so excited for today is the day of the race.

Fact #3: I am nervous for some unknown reasons.

From my observation, the participants were also very excited and that was obvious during the briefing session last night. I could see some have arranged their strategy and plan in order to win the great prizes.

For all, committees and participants, who involve in the programme, I wish you all the best!

Hati-hati di jalan raya.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Article for Erudition

The article below I wrote for the SCIENCESS Bulletin named Erudition. Get your copy now!

Erudition here I come again. Aah… It’s been long since my last words in this bulletin of SCIENCESS. I still remember the time when I first publish the first edition of this bulletin when I was the Head Committee of Information and Communication Bureau in SCIENCESS 2006/2008. I am glad the current Erudition backbone still uses the name. Thanks!

This is my last semester in this campus. My life has been fun and great towards the years as a degree student in IIUM. If given more time to continue studying here, I believe it’ll never be enough as there are many great friends, lecturers, staffs and other people who have made my days colorful and joyful. I still remember the first time I was informed that the kulliyyah was about to move to Kuantan campus when I was in Gombak. That time, I thought life was going to be dull as I heard so many bad news about this campus than the good ones.

Now, I’ve spent 5 semesters in Kuantan and I am happy to say, I love Kuantan campus more then Gombak. Not to discredit Gombak, but I found the real meaning of life here in Kuantan. I found myself developed so fast when I am outside of my comfort zone. Yes, it was the comfort zone that made me and my life dull and inactive.

My point is; we have to challenge ourselves with different things each and everyday. I don’t have to quote the saying that means it’s such a disastrous waste if we learn nothing from yesterday. To do that, we have to be brave to expose ourselves with new things all time and that need a lot of courage and motivation from inside of ourselves.

Other than that, don’t blame other things if you don’t find your life here. It’s us ourselves who need to figure out how we can make our days beautiful and meaningful where ever we put our body and mind. It is the mindset that is important to be positively configured. As in case our life in Kuantan here, people might have a comparison between Gombak and Kuantan campus especially for those who have experience studying there. But believe me, if you are looking for a peaceful life, you can find it here in Kuantan.

Speaking more about this matter, this is going to be my last few months spent in this very peaceful campus. There is a room in my heart that feels hard to leave the campus and the life as a university student but the fact is that, I have to move on. I can’t stay here all life long as life needs changes as the clock and the globe spin.

For all students of my batch, I would like to congratulate for our graduation in advance and we’ll see in the 25th Convocation of IIUM. Note the number 25 there. It comes along with a word named “jubilee”. It’s a hint for the newly appointed SRC members to make it somewhat unique and special for the coming convocation of ours. Hehe…

And for the juniors, I wish you all the best in your life as degree students and enjoy your each and every day challenges as those are the teachers that would make ourselves grown up.

With tears,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Situation 1

Exchanging SMSes with someone-not-to-be-named.
Senior, apa yang kita bincang semalam rahsia eh.

Okeh. No problem. Cerita tu abes kat situ je insha Allah. Thanks for the sharing. :)

Huhu... Tq2. Tiba-tiba rasa macam ada abang pulak kat UIA ni.

Huhu... I can always be the brother for all my juniors. :)

Situation 2

During this occasion.
Terima kasih ye Zaki. Terharu sangat. Aku betol-betol terkejut, tak sangka rupanya ko ingat harini besdey aku!

Ala... takde apa nye la. Hari ni hari special ko, kita sambut la sama-sama kan?

A'ah.. ko kan abang aku~

Situation 3

In an event, Danial was the master of ceremony. In the end of the event, a girl came to me.
Eh Zaki, ko datang jugak program ni?

A'ah. Saje la. Bagi semangat kat budak MC tu.

Eh dia tu adik ko ke?

A'ah.. Lain mak lain bapak.

Situation 4

Zaki, ko ni satu je aku nak cakap. Ko caring.

Erm... Pada aku, selagi kita ada kasih sayang untuk dikongsi (sesama manusia dan makhluk Allah yang lain), berikanlah, kongsikanlah. Sebab aku percaya ia akan kembali kepada kita.

Situation 5

It was 4 of us, Zikri, Syafiq, Danial and I. We were out to do some research about KOS Amazing Explorace. In the journey, Zikri opened a topic with Danial:

"Danial, ko anak sulong ke?"

"A'ah. Macam mana ko leh tahu?"

"Nampak ada karisma tu"

"Owh. Kat rumah aku memang anak sulong. Tapi kat Kuantan ni, aku ada abang"

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

STBB: It's Up to How You Take It

See the noodles? It's Udon, which tastes just like my Fried Fettucine. Duh~

Premise #1

You're a guy in a cafe, sitting next to a table. You're in the mood of wearing a pink shirt. You're all by yourself.

Suddenly a guy that you know comes to you and says, "Hey, you look great in pink!"

You ask, "Is it a compliment or an offense?"

He answers, "It's up to how you take it"

You reply, "I take it as an offense!"

Verdict: Tak boleh buat kawan... Cakap macam tu pun dah terasa. Blah aaa!

Premise #2

You're a guy in a cafe, sitting next to a table. You're in the mood of wearing a pink shirt. You're all by yourself.

Suddenly a guy that you know comes to you and says, "Hey, you look great in pink!"

You ask, "Is it a compliment or an offense?"

He answers, "It's up to how you take it"

You reply, "I take it as a compliment. Thanks!"

Verdict: Haaa... kan best kalo semua orang berfikiran terbuka dan positif selalu.

Monday, February 09, 2009

First Time to Sushi King

Don't try this at the restaurant unless you got the guts!

About the video:

  • The idea to put the camera on the lane came from seeing the moving sushi.
  • If you could notice, at 0:07 this guy asked me: Ko biar betol? Because it was out of mind you know! Haha!
  • In the first half of the route, no one in front of the camera did actually notice the presence of it on the moving lane (which was good because they behave naturally). It's a common thing that you can find in a restaurant: couples, family, and friends eating together.
  • In the second half of the route, it's more dramatic! It's as if everything is planted: a guy feeds the ice cream into his mouth, workers clean the table, a father struggles to eat the sushi, cute children, customers type SMS while waiting the waiter and waiter takes an order from the customers. Everything is like an acting, because in life, we are actually playing our own role. They're all good actors and actresses.
Thanks Tantan and Nanad!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Maghi Kecek Kelate

Dio duo oghe ni, kembo maghi Kelate~
"Nur-mur sar-year Patrick. Sar-year dart-thung dar-ree USA. Sar-year bar-roo bur-lar-jar char-cup Mur-lar-you"

"Namo ambo Zaki. Ambo maghi Selangor. Ambo nok kecek kelate, bulih ko dok?"

What makes the difference between an international person who wants to learn bahasa Malaysia and a local people who wants to learn a dialect? On top of it, it's all about learning and practicing.

For some undescribable reason, I currently love to speak in Kelantanese dialect. Be it verbal or written, I am trying my best to learn that language. The dialect is so unique in a way it has it's own way of pronunciation and intonation.

I am silently quite pissed off when my effort to practice is being misunderstood, unappreciated, and underestimated. Note the word silently there, because for how and what ever people would react towards me when I speak Kelantanese dialect, I always smile. :-)

Can't we be more supportive? I'm learning through practice, people. Teach me, not insult me.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Visit from CFS Students

Maaf la dik... tak sempat nak kenal korang lama sket...

Ehem... Dalam ramai-ramai dalam gambar di atas, tiba-tiba terselit gambar kamu-tahu-siapa. :P

Confusion. That's the word to describe which one to choose: Biomedical Science or Biotechnology.

They are students from Center for Foundation Studies of IIUM located in Petaling Jaya who came to IIUM Kuantan Campus to get some ideas about what they can expect when they step forward being a degree students in this very campus.

When I asked: Who've made your mind to choose which course?

None that confidently raised their hands.

Other than that, there were 2 students came to see me personally and told me:
"Sebenarnye tak minat pun Biomed ke Biotek, nak buat camne eh?"

However, it was normal to me. They haven't decided and yet they came for the visit to see the seniors and get some ideas about the courses.

I think, I have made them a bit clearer about Biomedical Science, it's prospect and advantages. Thanks also to my friends who joined the Sharing Moment and the Exhibition. Your assistance really helped!

To juniors who'll come here, I would say "Welcome" in advance because I might not be seeing you since I'll be graduating soon. But, who knows we'll see again? *wink*

Thursday, February 05, 2009

KOS Amazing Explorace

Those who read this blog might have some ideas that I love traveling and I have traveled a lot around Kuantan area. In fact, I have gone to some places few times by bringing friends of mine who visited Kuantan.

Due to that, I was thinking of conducting an Explorace-like programme because I think there a lot of great places around Kuantan that people might not know of. I forwarded my suggestion to Mujahid, the HeadComm of Sports and Recreation Bureau of SCIENCESS and I ended being selected to be the Programme Manager for the game.

Since I have reasonable capacities for that reason, I accepted the job. So people, I would like to attract your participation by these particulars. Pay attention!

  • No fees at all!
  • Petrol subsidy worth RM10
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Prizes worth RM500, RM350 and RM200
  • Certificates provided for all participants
  • Having fun around Kuantan while racing
  • Being challenged with tasks that aim basically to promote recreational places around Kuantan area

Other particulars about the programme:
  • Race on 14th February 2009 (Saturday, 8AM - 5PM) and Prize Giving Ceremony on 16th February 2009 (Monday, 12PM - 1.15PM)
  • 20 groups of 5 members each
  • Must drive car during the race
  • Must bring camera (digicam or handycam)
  • Students and staffs of Kulliyyah of Science (KOS)

Don't hesitate and wait. Contact Bro. Fadil 0122089244 or Sr. Sulha 0139753253.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Project Pop - Bukan Superstar

Ok. This video made me laugh out loud. Don't watch it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Contest: The Answer

Contest closed!

This is the answer for the contest in the entry yesterday. No winner fortunately unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for those who tried to answer.

So, here's the answer:

Ini Zaki. Dia suka minum teh. Bila dia melatah, dia akan sebut babi 3 kali. Babi! Babi! Babi! Kitorang dah cakap jangan sebut lagi. Tapi Zaki tetap ulang sebut babi. Kitorang pun buat tak tahu je.

Zaki ni macam alien. Kejap kecek klate, kejap cakap utagha. Aku sakit telinga bila dengar. Bila tegur, dia buat tak tahu je. Ape aku nak buat...

Kah kah... Kelakar la zaki... Asal ko gembira...


In the description above, what I want to stress are these parts
  1. Where a name of an animal is mentioned. It is actually the answer for the unanswered question about the level of my minor fit (read: melatah). Hehe...
  2. My current hobbies: speaking the language other than my mother tongue (Husz, ko sakit telinga, ada aku kesah? :P). I'm planning to write a special entry about this.
  3. The least; my drug is tea, and I prefer the iced one. Pergh! Sehari mesti sebungkus beb!

Don't try me, because I can't help it. :P

Monday, February 02, 2009

Contest: Unique YM Message - Wise Use of Emoticons

The above is a short story created by Husz about me through YM. I was honored to read that because i think it's not easy to write such a creative story by making use of the emoticons.

And I think, the above picture isn't really interesting since the emoticons cannot move. Here I put the story in HTML code, provided also by the author. Uh... terharu~

Husz: ini zaki

Husz: dia suka minum

Husz: bila dia

Husz: dia akan sebut tiga kali

Husz: ! ! !

Husz: xktorang dah ckp sebut lagi

Husz: tp tetap ulang sebut

Husz: ktorang pun buat je

Husz: ni macam

Husz: kejap kecek klate, kejap ckp utagha

Husz: aku bila dgr

Husz: bila tegur, dia je

Husz: aku ape nak buat

Husz: kah kah.. la zaki

Husz: asal ko

Husz: sekian... [..]

Now here's the thrill of this entry. If you can translate the story above into a complete one by using words, you'll receive a special prize from me.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Statement Memang Bleh Blaah (SMBB)

If we have STBB, why shouldn't we have SMBB also? Hehe...

Scenario 1

I went for a breakfast at Pak Lah, treated by Kak Norma and Kak Mai, the staff of KOS last week. On the way back, they asked me:

Zaki bila last sekali balik ke rumah?

Saya dah sebulan tak balik kak~

Owh dah lama tak jumpa mak ayah la ni?

Takpe, kat Kuantan ni kan saya ada Kak Norma dan Kak Mai sebagai parents saya :-)

Scenario 2

I was inside the bathroom until suddenly I noticed the mak cik cleaner was going to clean the toilet. I immediately finished taking bath and got out of the toilet and I saw her struggling to wipe the floor.

Being pitiful, I compliment her:

Mak cik, mak cik bersihkan tandas ni, memang bersih la! Nak banding dengan mat bangla sebelum ni macam langit dengan bumi. Dia bukan bersihkan tandas, tapi main lap-lap je. Kulat-kulat semua bersepah. Tapi mak cik, buat kerja bagus. Saya suka dengan mak cik.

Terima kasih ye nak~

Scenario 3

It was a-friend-of mine's bad day. I was with him that day most of the time so I knew what happened to him that brought him towards feeling bad.

Late at night, I got an SMS from him:

Sorry pasal tarik muka tadi. Macam-macam masalah berlaku, dan kalo ko nak tahu aku memang susah nak lupakan masalah. Sorry sorry...

I replied:

It's ok. Sometimes we need to feel sad for we to know and appreciate what happiness is all about. It's theory of relativity. Normal la tu... Relax k...
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