Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Another Project

See the word Community Project above? Well.. it has nothing to do with this entry.

Special announcement to KOS students: To those, other than FYP proposal presenters for tomorrow (Wednesday, 30 July 2008), who come to my presentation at 3 pm in the Meeting Room of KOS, will be treated with:

Home-made Pizza of mine on Friday insha Allah...

Open to first 10 people only. Booking via my phone number 013999****. Successful bookings will be replied via SMS.

Hawa and Kema, this is not really a contest isn't it? Huhu...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Promise

This entry is about the subsequent action after this unusual entry.

Finally I could treat her what I promise. Fooooh...

Read this entry. It asked the readers to guess the caption for the picture. It was last May during the semester break that I posted the entry in which many had tried their chance to win by guessing the right caption and its relation to my real intention towards the picture.

And Hawa's guess was the closest to the answer. Congratulations!

And for the prize, it was a treat in the Secret Recipe Restaurant. I don't have to mention what I treated her, but it worth everything she had put to win the contest. Kan Hawa?

Accompanying Hawa was Kema, and together with me were Safwan and Farid. It was great to see Kema healthy again after what she suffered in the middle of this month. During the dinner, we talked many things ranging from the happenings around the campus, to this entry of mine. But in short, we had great time although I could see clearly that Kema wasn't really able to break the ice with my friends yet. Hey, they are more than what you've seen actually. Huhu~

So, what's next? Another contest? Ya, sure. Just wait and keep on reading this blog.

Next time you're both not allowed to participate in the contest. :p kidding!
Kema (left) and Hawa.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Have a Dream...

IIUM. In a class, new semester, new students.

A lecturer enters the class.

"I am your lecturer for this course. Let's start by breaking the ice. I am Dr. Szakif. Graduated from IIUM in 2009 then I further my master here. You sister, your turn now..."

"My name is Nurul Hasya binti Yusri. My blog address is yusdaughter.blogspot.com"

"I great you with Islamic greeting Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name is Siti binti Situ. My blog address is nurilahiyyah.blogspot.com"

"Known as Boboy, my true name is Boboy Bobo Al-Khawarizmi ibn Sepuden. My blog address is boboboboy.blogsome.com"

"..... Please visit my blog, dear Dr. Szakif~ It's xx-xy.com"

"..... you won't regret to read creamierstudents.com"

"..... mine is tagihdadah.blogspot.com"

"..... dontbesad.com"

"..... ibnjaed.mujahid.com"

"..... popiabasah.blogspot.com"

"..... www.wauwauchan.blogdrive.com"

"..... er.. I don't write blog"

HAH?!! The whole class is surprised.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time for Myself

This picture was not edited by any graphic software.

Writing lab report mode. 10 am

Trooot troooot....

SMS: Zaki, pe ref no untuk stall iquest?


Not long after that...

Trooot troooot....

SMS: Zaki, about almanac SCIENCESS, when it'l be done?


Krrriiiiing krrriiiingg...

Caller: Hello Zaki. Akak maintenance ni. Zaki ada isi borang book venue untuk jamuan kan? Zaki kena isi satu lagi borang ni.
Szakif: Ok. Petang nanti saya datang office.

2.30 pm. On the way to the office, a mate called me.

Mate: Zaki, your FYP title has to be changed. We got problem with the previous one.
Szakif: Owh really? Why?
Mate: Bla bla bla....

Then I went to the office to fill in the required form.

3.00 pm. Lab session. Continued until 5.30 pm. *tired

Get back to room. Suddenly...

Duuum duumm...

[RAdawiyah] Zaki, hawa suruh uruskan lockos WacKOS
[az_zakingompol] tau2. aritu haris ade bagitahu aku soh buat gak
[RAdawiyah] da tu nak wat pe nih?
[az_zakingompol] ok cani... *bla bla bla*

9.30 pm. Owh. Time to go to IQUEST meeting. Meeting continues until 3 hours later.

12.30 am. Lab report was still not finished.


Fahmi: Hey. Baru balik daripada meeting ke?
Szakif: Yup. Lab report tak siap lagi ni. Due esok.
Fahmi: Hey, man. You should spend some time for yourself.
Szakif: Thanks, but I enjoy being busy.


Trooot troooot....

SMS: Zaki, nak minta tandatangan secretary IQUEST.


Trooot troooot again....

SMS: Nitey nitey


Then, click Mozilla Firefox browser.

>Log In
>New post

Time for Myself

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They Came to Kuantan Finally!

It was last weekend when my friends from Gombak Campus went to visit us in Kuantan for the first time ever. They were so welcomed and treated like paid visitors till that they don't know what else we were lacking. *extremely exaggerated actually...

Give them an ultimate big applause: Fiza and Syukri!!!

We had fun along he 3-day 2-night events. Laughter and joy all the way colored the days and nights and of course foods united us around a table.

Pictures followed are not chronologically arranged.

Kak Ila... This is my current look ok. Still slim :p

Titian gantung (Hanging bridge) at Panching.

Fiza tried his best not to wet his pants, but obviously he couldn't manage to do it. Huhu...

Jay painted a batik design together with Safwan and what they produced was...

...so amazing like a professional work. Well done guys!

The view at Air Terjun Sungai Pandan, Panching.

Tried to be creative by capturing pictures from bizarre side. Nice uh?


Yes, the rock was slippery...

What's lacking in this picture eh? It's Yours Truly... He was not really interested to play with streaming water. What he knew was picture, picture and picture...

Maybe now they've known and understood how great Kuantan could be?

Statement of the week:

Jam kat KOM over tau!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shame on Me!

Should I go on with it?
Does it bring happiness?
It’s almost to tend to say a negative word
It’s a two-letter answer

But I try to look it at the bright side
Let’s just give it a try
Let’s just give it some more time
We’ll see

My patience has been tested throughout this
May be this is the challenge for me
To see how well I am in handling the situation

He says: I don’t test you things that you cannot deal with.

One thing for sure
It grows me even more mature

But dark side says: it grows you older Zaki!


Shame on me
If I can’t deal with it

Saturday, July 19, 2008


What if you know me when I am already this thin? Would you say “enough is enough, no more diet Zaki...”

What if I come readily in your life with a nice body shape? Would you say “you’ve been too thin la!”

Hey, people. I have my stand. I have my goal. I have my reasons. Thanks for the advice, but no thanks. I haven’t achieved the ones I’ve been aiming all these time since I started the diet.

I don’t need sarcastic advices. I don’t need jeers. What I need is some motivational sayings that say what I am doing is right and inspirational. Or the least you could do is to stay shut up. I appreciate opinions, but say it the way that wouldn’t make me feel down.

Hey, people. At least I still eat. I avoid rice that I believe contains a lot of carbohydrates and eating it would trigger me to eat more and more. However for your information, I’ve eaten rice for at least 3 times this week. But you only see me when I don’t take rice, and of course you come with your cynical words. For all you’ve said, thanks.

I’m not seeking to be bulimic, but a healthier life than the one I used to live with way back 4 to 6 years before. Eating rice triggers me to eat more and more of it. I don’t avoid carbohydrates, but I do avoid rice. I get carbohydrates from other sources. Please understand.

Ok Zaki, forget what they say. Stay focused, fit and healthy!


Friday, July 18, 2008


Do not eat while using the keyboard of your computer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FAQ by New IIUM Biomedical Science Students

Biomed ni susah tak? (Is biomed a difficult course?)
How do you define “difficult”? Difficulties to me come when you can’t find a solution for a problem or any raised matters and the capacities that you have couldn’t overcome the problem. So to answer the question I need to know your definition of “difficult”.

Biomed ni senang tak? (Is biomed an easy course?)
How do you define “easy”? As long as you have interest in it, insha Allah it’ll be an easy one for you. But first you must know what biomedical science is all about. Once you know it, find the way to love it. Once you love it, waaaaayyy to go!

Lecturer biomed best tak? (Are biomed lecturers good?)
How do you define “best”? If you take it like a lecturer who can give you knowledge, we absolutely have them. If you take it like a lecturer who can give marks so easily and leniently mark your exam papers, we have some. And if you take it like a lecturer who will just let you sleep during lecture, don’t ever dream it. Respect them as our mu’allim.

You and Kak Wawa adik beradik ke? (Are you Sister Wawa’a brother?)
*ok, bluff. This was asked only once and I was shocked to hear that. Hu~ I can’t find any resemblance between the two of us. But one thing for sure, we both have had our weight decreased. Kan Kak Wawa?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yey! I got three keychains from three different countries around the world! Ok, that’s so exaggerated.

  1. One from Singapore from a worth-bullied boy who went there during last semester break.
  2. One from Beijing from a cute girl of Angklung Club nicknamed Sarawakui who went there for a visit with IIUM staffs.
  3. Last but not least one from Paris from a friend of mine who went there for a family vacation.

Wah! You know what it means when people buy you souvenirs from a place they visited? That means they remember you and you are a person worth remembered for them. Wah wah wah... Kerana diriku begitu berharga~ :p

It made me thinking of adopting a new hobby – collecting keychains! It was once when at one point I didn’t know for what reason that I collect these things. They’ll be at last stored or kept somewhere that I didn’t use it to chain my keys. But, since it’s increasing in number, why shouldn’t I open up my mind for another hobby right? If some people love to collect post stamp as their hobby, so mine is to collect keychain. Yey!

HOWEVER, this new hobby of mine is unique in the sense that I won’t be buying the keychains by myself, but instead to whomever that I know will be going to somewhere and somewhere, I’ll ask them to buy me a keychain. Hehe... tricky right? :p

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Change of Self-Principle

Please have an idea about what I’m going to write by first reading this entry.

Yes, it was last year’s stand. I need to change. I shouldn’t be led by immature emotional. This one year has taught me a lot that I should not be too much dependant on people. I need to be free and loose.

This year I am going to be a 23-year guy (read: guy), which means I should not be the same like a 22-year-old-Zaki like is used to be last year. I need to change. Life is a journey with so many changes involved all the way towards a goal.

If I can change physically, why shouldn’t I change emotionally?

Those things still happen, but now I don’t really mind anymore. Let them be their way and I hope they’d see it from me.

Those things used to hurt me, but not now anymore. Let them be.

Those things used to affect a whole of my day, but not anymore. Whatever I hear, I see and I feel just takes not more than few minutes before I come to a controlled state.

Yes, I need to have a control over myself. Being emotional is like being a girl, man! One day I’ll be leading a lovely loved woman with me and I should not be emotional in order to do that, because women in their nature set by the Great Creator are with that attitude. Rationality plays major role in men’s decision making, and I am learning to develop that in me.

Allahumma la tuzigh qulubana ba’da iz hadaitana wahablana min ladunka rahmah, innaka antal wahhab..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't Eat and Drink!

Besides avoiding rice from my daily meal, I have another secret of maintaining my body weight.

I don’t drink right after taking meals.

Yes, it’s right. Through practice, I’ve gained a mechanism in my eating habit not to ask for immediate water need right after eating and during eating.

The reason is simple. We got this kind of gastric acid in our stomach with specific concentration to digest everything that has gone through the esophagus. If we change the concentration by mean of diluting the acid by drinking right after eating, how would the digestion be properly done?

In short, to let the stomach does its function properly, don’t eat and drink on the spot.

For guys, this is a good tip to avoid from getting distended stomach (read: buncit). Hehe... Ya, I mean, seriously!

In my case, it’s very common if you do not see me with any glass of drink when having my meal. It’s either I postpone drinking by taking away a drink, or I didn’t order for any drink. I will drink at least 30 minutes after I finish eating.

Guys, this simple tip would be very useful for our health and body and you can start from today. Practice makes perfect, isn’t it? And on my behalf, I practice what I preach.

Quote for the week:
Zaki, tolong la makan...!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

All About Food

Ok. This is quite shocking. Well… at least to me.

I checked the statistics of visits to this blog today and I was surprised to know that most of the keyword searches that brought visits to this blog were related to foods.

They are:
  • Blog melayu sos tomato
  • Penyediaan memasak popia
  • Keropok lekor kemaman masjid
  • Resepi Chef Li

Those are the words for today alone. What about other days?

Does that mean I have to keep on writing about foods?

Well... no problem. It’s just that I have to figure out new recipe or at least alter some recipes to make it like mine like I used to do.

Does that mean I’ll have my weight increased?

Well... let’s reconsider that. Many have said that I’ve lost some more weight, at least 2 persons for today alone. Is it really true? But I still think that I got some unnecessary fat around my waist. Kan?

This entry isn’t thoughtful, I know. Rarely am I like this. Hu~

Monday, July 07, 2008

Not-so-needed for IIUM Biomedical Science Students

I have seen many instances of textbooks that became nothing but accessory on the rack. Considering the thickness of the books and uncountable yet valuable knowledge inside that book that is not fully and smartly used by the buyer, to me it’s a complete waste of money. You can name a price for a book that is only 3cm thick but it costs more than RM100++!

Photocopy of lecture note
Try your best not to print your lecture notes, but instead ask from the lecturer the softcopy of the presentation. From there you can read and make your own summary of the note and it’ll be personally handier than a compilation of A4 paper that you have to bring here and there but yet not read and used. Moreover, you can at least contribute to save the environment by minimizing the use of papers.

Lecture notes from senior
I repeat, lecture notes. Not lab report and assignments. For lecture notes, every year, there’ll be usually new lecturers who teach that particular subject and they have their own notes to be given to students as references. Even some have added or changed a little bit of the contents of the subject based on their method of lecture delivery and objective of teaching.

As alternative, what should you do?

Easy and Ready Internet Connection
You can name a number of services provided by Celcom, Maxis, DiGi, Streamyx etc that are related to internet connection which you can subscribe and use it like the world have no boundaries! Once you have it, it’s like you’ve bought thousands of textbook since there are uncountable academic websites that you can use to revise and refer to.

Personal Computer
Nowadays it’ll be hard to cater the need to study for university students if you do not have personal computer. For all lecture notes given by your lecturers, you must ask the softcopy for your revision. As I said above, minimize the use of printed lecture notes and revise the notes using your computer and make summary your own way.

Recent lecture notes
Never miss even one lecture note from each end of class. Make sure you ask for a copy from your lecturer. It is also advised for you to open a virtual group in the internet like YahooGroups so that no one would miss any of the lecture notes and to make it downloadable anytime and anywhere.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Practical Training Finally Ends

These are some pictures during the practical training. Could you spot a difference between those pics and what it indicates? Haha... This could be a tricky one unless you are very smart.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Home-Made Pizza

Satu perangai aku ialah aku suka mencuba perkara-perkara baru, iaitu perkara-perkara yang tak pernah aku lakukan sebelum ini. Antaranya ialah memasak pizza. Ok. Tak mencabar kan? Tapi cuba korang buat dulu. Jadi ke tak? Bantat? Padan!

Dan apabila percubaan itu membuahkan hasil yang memuaskan, malah mendapat pujian orang, itu menyemarakkan lagi semangat aku untuk terus melakukan perkara itu. Adakah ini bermaksud aku akan membuat pizza lagi pada masa akan datang? Ya!

Sape nak makan angkat tangan!

Ok. Bayar sorang RM10. Belanjanya mahal.

Sudah. Jangan merapu lagi. Teruskan kepada resepi membuat pizza. Senang je rupa-rupanya. Kalau aku boleh buat, kenapa mak budak dan budak-budak lain tak boleh buat kan?

Aku berterima kasih kepada Safwan kerana menurunkan ilmu membuat pizza kepada aku yang dipanjangkan melalui SMS 3 muka yang berbunyi:

Rndm 1pkt yis kering dlm 3cwn air yg tlh dibancuh 2 sudu gula smpai b’buih (lbh krg 15mnt), pastu cmprkn smua ked lm bks-1kilo tpg gndm, 1cwn minyak msk, 2 bj tlr, secubit grm, 2ulas bwg pth dtmbuk, uli sampai bks brsih, biar doh naik 2 kl gnda lbh krg 30mnt), pastu bhgikn ikut saiz pan, uli sket n tebar ats pan, cucuk slrh doh ngn grpu, biar 5mnt lg, blh la ltk topping (sukati), bkr 180c slm 20-30mnt.

Ok. Tu la dia panduan aku untuk buat tepung pizza.

Untuk topping pulak, aku malas nak ajar. Pasal topping yang aku buat semuanya rahsia. Aku buat 4 jenis topping haritu. 3 sedap, 1 biasa-biasa je. Kalau Secret Recipe dah sah-sah menggunakan istilah Resepi Rahsia sebagai nama restorannya, dan KFC pula bangga dengan ayam goreng yang dirahsiakan resepinya, mengapa perlu aku dedahkan resepi topping aku kan?

Untuk toppingnya pula, aku syorkan satu resepi ni. Sebab inilah resepi paling asas untuk buat topping pizza.

Tumis bawang besar dan masukkan tomato puri. Kalau nak sedap letak sedikit sos tomato. Bubuh garam dan ladam hitam secukup rasa. Tu je yang perlu dimasak. Lepas masak sapu atas pizza sesuka hati (baca: cara aku).

Yang lain-lain, main tabur-tabur je. Taburkan cili bulat yang telah dipotong dadu (hijau dan merah untuk menceriakan suasana atas pizza) dan hotdog. Lepas tu tabur pula sayur campuran (mixed vegetables) dan nenas. Kemudian letakkan shredded cheddar cheese sebanyak mana korang suka. Kalau banyak duit, boleh guna mozarella. Kalau nak lemak lagi, tabur pulak mayonis lepas pizza dibakar. Sure, lemak korang akan bertambah pastu.

Apa lagi, tak reti-reti nak mencuba?

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