Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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I have Gray Hair

I started knowing that the gene of gray hair began to be expressed when I was in the early of primary school. Since that time, the gray hair started to grow more and more up to a point where you could see it easily when you get close next to me.

Now, gray hair is getting lesser.

Sometimes I regret pulling it out because the root of the hair is black although the rest of it is white.

Am I getting ‘normal’ again? Am I getting my black hair again?

Anyway, I can’t get rid of it since it’s biological. It’s in my gene. It’s inherited. It couldn’t be treated by any form of medication. In fact, it’s not a disease to be treated anyway. I cannot control the expression, when it’s time, it’s the time. I just live with it and I’m grateful to be able to live with it. It’s His gift. I can’t change it unless I do hair-coloring, which is basically not allowed in Islam.

But big thigh and tummy, I can change it. Exercise and controlled diet go go yey!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doa Suami Isteri

6.30pm. We were on our way back from Tasik Chini and the rain fell so heavily.

Ok ye anak-anak. Kalau hujan macam ni, apa doanya?

Everybody was silent, didn't answer the question.

Baiklah anak-anak. Nampaknya tak ada seorang pun yang tahu. Mari ustaz ajar. Ustaz baca anak-anak ikut ye?


The rest of us folowed, Allahumma





Bagus ye anak-anak.

One of us said, Tiba-tiba teringat pulak cerita Adikku Sayang masa kecil-kecil dulu.

A'ah. Selalu tengok cerita tu.

Then the ustaz continued, Baiklah doa seterusnya ialah doa masuk tandas.

He recited, we listened and we repeated.

Doa keluar tandas
Doa memakai pakaian
Doa makan
Doa menaiki kenderaan
Doa akhir tahun
Doa awal tahun

Suddenly one asked, Ustaz, kalau doa berjimak pula bagaimana?

Owh doa yang itu malam sikit ye anak-anak. Tunggu nanti rancangan Abangku Sayang.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I Put Travelling as Hobby in My Résumé

When you're about to graduate, it's time for you to think of your résumé more than previously.

In student life is the best time for you to go travelling.

Things You Don't Want to Happen when You're Travelling



What happened next?

Would you correctly guess?

Something bad happened that caused us a sorrow.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Naga Tasik Chini

I think you've read more than a dozen thousand words already once you've gone through the pictures above, are you not?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am not Daydreaming I Believe

We are in the final semester now!

The above picture is during our last semester in IIUM Gombak campus. I am not in the picture anyway. Don't bother.

By the way, I am in a progress for big project. It has something to do with this blog. For now, what I can say is,

Let us together bring up the status of biomedical science in Malaysia!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Words that Remind

He sat on the chair with eyes right to the dashboard of my study table.

I was on the bed, looking at him. He noticed it.

Eh, takpe ke aku baca mende ni?

Takpe. Memang aku tampal kat situ untuk orang baca pun.

Takde la. Mende ni kan macam private.

Pada aku tak private. Biar orang tahu sifat-sifat aku. Tolong ingatkan aku bila aku bersifat seperti yang di sebelah kanan kertas tu, ok?

Closely related entry: Beware of My Mouth

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Macam Dah Nak Mati Je?

boleh tak
for this one last semester as a degree student
you score A for all subjects?
it's not impossible

boleh tak
for this one last semester in the kulliyyah
you never miss a class?
it's not impossible

boleh tak
for this one last semester in the campus
you live your life to fullest?
owh I thought I've lived it more than enough?
because as long as you are alive, it's never enough
it's never up to the fullest you may think of
because life is a journey with no end
you move your steps
you design your plan
you execute as you like

New semester, more spirit!

Note: The above title is an STBB from dakurus. Huhu~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cara Membuat Roti Pintal Goreng


Ye, itu bukan ulat. Itu ialah makanan. Hehe...

Cara membuatnya:

  1. Bancuh sepeket mauripan bersama 3 cawan air suam bancuhan 3 sudu besar gula.
  2. Biarkan selama 15 minit hingga berbuih.
  3. Sediakan tepung sekilo, telur 2 biji, bawang putih 3 ulas ditumbuk lumat, minyak secawan dan garam 2-3 cubit di dalam bekas menguli
  4. Biarkan selama 30 minit sehingga tepung kembang dan naik.
  5. Sambil itu, potong hotdog sehingga menjadi bentuk silinder yang kecil.
  6. Selepas tepung dah naik, uli bersama air mauripan tadi sehingga menjadi doh yang lembut.
  7. Lepas tu, balut la hotdog tu dengan doh tadi.
  8. Akhirnya, goreng sehingga kekuning-kuningan.
Kos membuat roti pintal goreng ni sangat murah. Bayangkan basically korang cuma kena beli hotdog, tepung, mauripan dan minyak je. Tak sampai RM10 pun. Bahan-bahan lain tu korang cekau je la kat mana-mana. Kat dapur mesti ada la! Hehe...

Nota kaki lagi: Sesuai menjadi hadiah untuk party, seperti yang telah aku lakukan kepada Kakak Angkat.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hobbies I Don’t Enjoy

We have all reasons to like activities that we’ve adopted as our hobbies. You name one activity and for sure you can name the benefits you could get from it. Being beneficial, which is subject to individual impact and most of the time varies between people in the sense of its results, is the main reason why we have those hobbies.

But do you have reasons for not liking some other activities that other people do actually enjoy doing them? Well for me, these are the reasons why I don’t get myself close to these activities:

Playing video and computer game

Dota, Warcraft, or whatever the names are, were what I enjoyed once upon a time way back to my childhood. I repeat, childhood. Therefore, as I get older, (read: mature) I think I should not play video game anymore since I think there are many other things that need my commitment and of course my time to spend for. Besides that, to my understanding, playing video game is just another way of making you fatter and socially declined.

Playing sports like futsal and soccer

I enjoy playing badminton and volleyball. Do you know the difference between these two and the other two above? Yes, the nature of the sports. I don’t like playing sports that need physical contacts with the other team in the same field. Huhu... But don’t worry, don’t like playing a game doesn’t mean don’t like the game itself. I still enjoy supporting my favorite football team: MU!

Watching movie in the cinema

Besides the need to pay some cash for the ticket and of course some time to line up to get the ticket, I just can’t stand when my mood during watching is interrupted by any forms of disruptions e.g. people talking, people laughing excessively, people blocking my sight, etc. Besides that, the seat does not allow me to sit as I like and of course I need to consider and respect the people next to me. I prefer watching movie using the computer where I can choose whatever postures I want; sitting nicely, laying down etc. Not only that, I can choose to repeat whichever scene that I don’t understand or that I miss if watching using the computer. I never mind about the sound system because I have a good one. Huhu...


Patience might be the key for this activity but then, I am not that type of patient maybe. I just can’t stand waiting the fish to take their meals. Huhu~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scenes in a Coffee House

Scene 1

My mum owns a coffee house.

Owh, there’s a customer just came in. As a temporary worker in the coffee house during the break, I took my responsibility to take the order.

Minum bang?

No answer. Maybe he needs me to repeat.

Minum apa ye bang?

Teh ais!

Owh, I thought you’re deaf or mute? Heh.

Owh teh ais. Siap!
Mbak! Teh ais satu!

Then, the Indonesian worker laughed. Why? Is anything wrong? What’s so funny?

I went approaching her.

Kenape ketawa, mbak? Saya orderkan untuk orang tu la.

Iya. Tapi ya orang itu ngak betul! Orang gila! Selalu aja dia duduk situ.

Scene 2

My fingers are skillful to make curry puff (read: karipap).

Like the other days, it was my duty to prepare it. Suddenly, a customer came to me.

Wah! Pandainya anak bujang ni buat karipap. Tengok tu, cantik! Kalah anak dara buat. Kalau macam ni tukar nama la. Zakiah.

Adoi... Not another STBB, is it?

Scene 3

There were 4 men around the table. They were like everybody else; talk, smoke, eat a little bit, drink and that’s basically the rotation.

But, I noticed something, something really wrong but only experienced people would know.

Mak, yang empat orang tu, mat pit kan?


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best to Say III

If told these:

"You won’t like me if I tell you who I was years ago"

"Do you mind if your girlfriend tells you about her relationship with her ex last time?"

"I'm afraid you’ll leave me if I tell you about my past"

"I have so many dark secrets when I was in secondary school. Would you still be my friend?"
I think we should positively answer:

I believe we have our own history that has taught us many things, that has made us a better person, that has raised us up to be who we are today. I will never mind. As long as you take your past as lesson, and as long as you’ll never step on the dark zone again, I’m good with it.

Disclaimer: With all due respect, all quotes have no reference to anyone.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog as Résumé

Blogs have been a new medium for youngsters of this generation to speak their minds out. Even primary school students may write their own blog due to the ease in establishing one. In fact, many university students in these recent years have adopted blogging as their hobby, and to further extent as an alternative way to gaining some cash. They’ve involved in online business and become rich despite the fact that they are studying in university i.e. the factory for future professional workers.

For some bloggers, they’ve made and built a creatively professional look in their blog for charisma and personality to be reflected right from the very first sight and further from the contents of the blog.

Some others just write blog for fun; it’s no more than just an online diary to express their feeling, anger, happiness, friendship, daily living and etcetera that they don’t mind what their blog would benefit them in long term run.

But do you know: despite of just being a diary readable for people all around the world, you can change your blog into a proof? A proof of your résumé!

Most of the time, bloggers write what matters to their daily life. If politics is their passion, for example, they’ll write everything about it and then share with other readers who share the same passion. Not limited to that, the discussion proceeds in the comment rooms through exchange of thoughts and opinions. The same goes to everything written in your blog: religious matters, travelling, science, entertainment, tips and others. The thoughts jotted down in the blog posts would be, to an extent, reflections of the personality and characters of the bloggers.

Therefore, how would these writings turn to be a proof? Since you’re writing what matters in your life, this could be the proof of the details stated in your résumé when you apply for a job. Most of the time, particulars like personal background, interests, hobbies, and skills are essential to be mentioned in résumé as employers would know what type of people they’ll be hiring or they are looking for. If you write blogs and you’ve posted almost everything about your life throughout the years of blogging, don’t forget to state it in the résumé as clear as possible!

From your blog, your future employers would have prior judgment and views about whom they’ll be considering to hire or what type of employees they’ll be dealing with. This is most true for jobs that are related to using the internet in their business. Internet is nowadays a/the tool for success for most of professional works and workers to enlarge their network and market. So for future employees, blog will be the extended form of résumé instead! Compilations of certificates alone, I think in the future, would not be enough to lift up the value of your résumé.

In the other hand, for those who don’t write blog, they can just bluff out by saying they are this and that in the résumé, which have no proof of they are so and so. But with blog, it could be the tool to prove that you are really actually so and so as what stated in your résumé, from which employers could judge by themselves for their truth through online. Words alone might be enough, but pasting pictures of yours in the posts will tell more than thousands of words!

So, start writing blog now and show the world that you have a great live to tell about. Then, one day you can say:

Hey employer, see my blog. Just give it a pay of visit and see and I’m sure you’ll never regret taking me as your future employee!

Go blogging and promote yourself!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Wanna be a TV Programme Host

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

For obvious reason, this programme serves the host with travelling and eating! The title is itself self-explanatory. The production team brings you to some places which you don’t usually come without a reason, you taste the foods, give some comments and wallah! You’re full! Buuurrrrppp... But the bad thing is, you’ll gain some kg’s in your weight. Well, this is said based on an obvious example. You get what I mean? Huhu~

The Amazing Race/Explorace

Yes, it’s all about travelling all around the world for, I think, free! Isn’t it? You go to the country, explain to the participants what they need to do, explain to the viewers about the country and the culture, and maybe you’ll get the chance to try the games and the challenges the participants are playing. Argh, I’m so craving for trying bungee jumping next to the Nevada waterfall! Not only that, there’ll be party in between days of competition from which you can enjoy yourselves like nothing gonna stop you from taking pictures together, smiling and getting yourselves wacky around.

Szakif Mawi di Bumi Anbia

The easiest programme for a host to be in, I think; just few lines to speak (which usually you can do without script) and the rest, the production will do it for you. Go enjoy yourself in the country from which the prophets were said to be born at. I think what they’ve done so far, by inviting Mawi as the host is not more than making use of his popularity. Not much inputs and information are in the programme. Thus who would say no if you’re appointed for such an easy job right? Nak jadi cameraman pun berebut kot?

Jejak Rasul

This is the best informative programme. Instead of spending the time visiting here and there without much input for the viewers and for the production crew themselves, this programme provides a wide variety of information, knowledge and directed entertainment ranging from the history of the prophets to the culture of the current residents. Hey, how many of us could stand the heat in the dessert, right? Zainal Abidin Ariffin, are you looking for a successor? Hehe...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: 13 Cara Pendapatan Internet

Since trust matter have been risen by the commentors, now I announce that this business is trustable since I know the writer of the e-book. In fact, he put his picture in the website. He's basically my junior in Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM and he is the writer for the blog named I was honoured to to be given the opportunity to review the e-book before its launching and here I write the review.

Give it a try fellas!

Sumber pendapatan ada di mana-mana dan pelbagai cara boleh dilakukan. Namun begitu, ia terpulang kepada diri sendiri kita untuk memilih yang mana satu yang sesuai dengan kapasiti yang kita ada. Dengan kapasiti seperi kemahiran dan pengetahuan dalam penggunaan internet, anda boleh membuat duit!

Dengan e-book ini, ia menggariskan 13 cara pendapatan internet yang boleh dijadikan asas sebelum anda menjejakkan kaki ke dalam lubuk emas melibatkan internet. 13 cara yang dibentangkan diterangkan dalam ayat-ayat yang mudah difahami selagimana anda mencuba langkah-langkah asas yang digariskan sebelum anda memilih mana-mana sumber yang sesuai dengan diri anda dan seterusnya memajukan diri dan usaha anda.

Selain itu, langkah-langkah yang dinyatakan dalam e-book ini adalah praktikal dan mudah dilaksanakan. Anda hanya perlu baca, fahamkan dan seterusnya mencuba untuk masuk ke pautan-pautan yang disediakan. Kemudian, praktikkan apa yang diajar. Bukankah ilmu tanpa amal ibarat pokok yang tidak berbuah?

Bukan itu sahaja, dalam setiap cara yang dijelaskan, turut dimuatkan dengan pilihan-pilihan lain yang berkaitan dengan cara tersebut. Ini boleh meluaskan lagi jaringan pilihan perniagaan dan pendapatan melalui internet yang ingin anda ceburi kelak.Secara ringkasnya, e-book ini amat sesuai dijadikan bahan utama, pertama dan wajib sebelum anda memulakan usaha meraih pendapatan melalui capaian elektronik.

Klik pada banner untuk mendapatkan e-book tersebut secara percuma!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Don't Put 10% Service Charge, or Else...

Situation 1

My friends and I ordered chicken chop sets. We sat right in front of the stall.

Bang, kuah black pepper ni macam masam la.
Ye ke? Tak la... memang rasanya macam tu. Ada masam-masam sikit.

Owh really? Fine, because it’s still edible.

But few minutes after that, one of my friends told me,

Zaki, tengok tu. Abang tu alter kuah black pepper dia lepas kautegur dia.

Situation 2

In a restaurant popular with satay in Kuantan,

Ada rambut la dekat nasi impit ni.
Eh. Pergi la cakap suruh tukar.
Erm... Nanti la.
Kalau kau tak nak, aku boleh tolong cakapkan.
Takpe, takpe. Aku buat sendiri. Err... Waiter!

Good, you know what played in my mind.

While waiting for the waiter to come,

Alah... Kalau dia tukar pun, bukannya kita nampak. Entah-entah dia buang rambut tu, pastu bagi balik nasi impit yang sama.

Kalau tak pun, nasi impit tadi, dia buang rambutnya, pastu kasi kat orang lain pulak.

Well, I have no comment for that but it’s better not to think it like that. It could fall to be fitnah. At least, we’ve asked our right, right?

Situation 3

Hey, I paid more than I expected!
How is that possible?
I saw she put RM1.50 for the nasi. But I thought it’s RM1.00?! It’s stated in the menu.
Did you tell her that?
I rest my case then.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Szakif's Blog 3rd Year Anniversary Testimonials

Do you see a new panel in the center bar? I open the bar for the best 3 wishes forwarded to me in the comment room for this post. "Best" here would mean anything that might positively or negatively touch my heart. Be sincere and truthful! I am open for critics and comments for the betterment of my way of presenting this blog.

For a start, I put this first one from Nino, the winner for the Quiz last time.

encik zaki requested me to write a testimonial for his blog. aku sangat lah takde idea sebenarnye. but what can i say is, zaki's blog has changed me from an individual who doesn't read blogs, to an individual who does read blogs! duh~ his entries are so original, selambe, gile2, beneficial, and packed with knowledge. i like his style of writing entries, by putting(sometimes related and sometimes not) pictures and videos, oh and also putting up contests for his loyal readers(sbb aku ade menang arituh ). now you can see me checking out his blog everyday. adoh zaki, ko dah jadi salah satu sebab buat aku duduk depan laptop. haha whatever it is, keep on blogging till u can't blog! cuz ur the man. ROCK ON!

Please people, I need your sincere comments/testimonials. You may be anonymous if you would like to.

To help you out, you may start your comments with these:

  • What I love the most about this blog is...
  • What I hate the most about this blog is...
  • I think you have to improve in...
  • or such...

But please never ask me to stop blogging, because simply it won't be happening in the nearest years. :)

Next to UIA Kuantan, There's a Funfair

In the funfair...

Tengok tu, orang main tembak-tembak. Dapat tembak banyak, dapat la hadiah besar.


Tapi orang kata, main game ni haram. Ada unsur-unsur judi. Tapi bukan ke diorang berusaha untuk dapatkan hadiah tu? Diorang kena tembak betul-betul. Kalau tak kena, tak dapat la hadiah. Kalau kena pasal diorang terror, dapat la hadiah.

Memang la diorang berusaha, tapi untuk berusaha tu, diorang kena bayar. Pasal walaupun diorang berusaha, tapi diorang bergantung kepada nasib untuk kena. Berapa ramai yang betul-betul dapat hadiah yang besar-besar tu kalau dibandingkan dengan orang yang pulang dengan tangan kosong? Sangat sedikit! Dalam hal ni, takde win-win situation. Hanya sebelah pihak yang beruntung. Ada unsur-unsur judi dan riba'.

Owh macam tu..

Tapi malangnya ramai yang tak tahu pasal ni. Sedih kan?

I did see most of the people who played the games were Malays whom I believe were Muslims.

Thanks Fahmi.

Anyway, who knows the significant with the date today (7 December) with this blog?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

This is a Lie

Was IQUEST a barrier?
Was SCIENCESS a barrier?
Was business a barrier?
Was having fun a barrier?


Was experience a good teacher?
Was prayer granted?


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Friday, December 05, 2008

Bulan Senyum

Semalam nampak tak bulan senyum?

A'ah. Nampak. Masa tu Zaki kat UIA Gombak.

Cantik kan? Agak-agaknya apa la firasat nya.

Mana ada firasat-firasat. Suka sangat nak kaitkan dengan mende-mende macam tu.

Tak Ki, dulu pernah jugak macam tu. Tak lama lepas tu ada benda buruk berlaku. Mesti ada kaitannya.

Takde kaitan.

Ada la Ki. Kalau tak, takkan tiba-tiba malam semalam ada fenomena macam tu?

Mana ada tiba-tiba. Semua tu astronomi. Kebetulan kedudukan bulan dan bintang tu seolah-olah macam mata dan bibir. Elok pulak, bulan tu dalam fasa bulan sabit, jadi macam senyuman. Ia berlaku setiap 5 tahun sekali kalau tak salah. Takde kaitan dengan perkara-perkara tahyul atau firasat semua tu.

Abis tu, ada kawan cuba nak amik gambar bulan senyum tu. Dia cuba banyak kali. Dia adjust macam-macam cara. Langsung tak boleh. Ganjil. Padahal katanya kalau nak ambil gambar selain daripada malam tu, jadi je.

Dia guna kamera apa?

Kamera henset.

Memang la tak boleh. Mana boleh nak amik gambar bulan yang jauh berbatu-batu kat atas nun kalau guna kamera henset je. Malam pulak tu. Zaki try tangkap gambar guna kamera Zaki pun tak jadi je.

Habis, yang kat dalam paper hari ni, boleh pulak dia ambil?

Memang la. Itu dia guna kamera apa. Teknologi kamera henset, dengan kamera yang orang paper tu guna lain. Kanta dia mahal, teknologi di canggih. Kamera henset plak, cikai-cikai je. Faham tak beza kereta Kancil dengan Mercedes?

Owh... betol jugak. Pelik kan, mata manusia boleh nampak, nak tangkap guna kamera pulak tak boleh.

Memang la. Itulah bezanya ciptaan Allah dengan ciptaan manusia.

Ye lah~

Zaki cakap ni bukan nak melawan. Tapi sekadar menyatakan pandangan. Itulah bezanya orang dulu dengan orang sekarang. Orang dulu banyak terdedah dan percayakan perkara-perkara tahyul. Orang sekarang, setelah banyak kajian sains, itulah yang dibuktikan. Sepatutnya, apabila ada kajian yang macam ni, mendekatkan kita lagi kepada Allah, sebab walau apapun fenomena yang tercipta, semuanya kehendak dan aturan-Nya.

Ye la~ tak sia-sia kau belajar tinggi-tinggi kalau macam ni...

I don't want to reveal with whom the conversation went on. But the thing is, it involved 2 generations with different perspectives and worldviews.

I wonder, what if the phenomenon showed mourning face i.e. the crescent faces downward. Will some people take it as something signifying bad news?

Foot note: Despite the nature of this blog which is meant to be written in English, I write some in Bahasa Malaysia because I cannot deny the fact that I speak Bahasa in daily life.

You might want to see the pictures of the phenomenon here and the fact behind it here.

My trial to capture the picture.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Being Senior II

Lanchang 20 km
Karak 41 km
Kuala Lumpur 116 km
Don't try this anywhere but at the highway road. :P

Conversation 1

Minggu lepas adik ko keluar pegi KL, sorang-sorang naik bas. Kat sana baru jumpa kawan-kawannya, tengok wayang.
Wow, hebat! Zaki dulu masa form 2 takde merasa semua ni. Dok terperuk kat Kanchong je. Hari-hari ulang alik situ je la. Langsung tak kenal dunia. Bila masuk form 4, baru la keluar sikit. Itu pun masih dalam Selangor. Hujung minggu balik mak abah yang amik. Sampai habis kat Sambest tak pernah balik sendiri ke Sambest. Mesti mak abah yang hantar. Awi sekarang banyak kelebihan berbanding Zaki.
A’ah... Adik ko tu bila balik sendiri, dia belajar daripada kawan-kawannya. Mak dengan abah pun tak berapa risau pasal dah belajar masa zaman ko dulu. Dulu mak dengan abah tak pandai dan berani sangat nak lepaskan ko macam tu aje.
Hm... itu la bezanya Awi dengan Zaki.

Conversation 2

Kuantan banyak tempat yang best kan? Bertuah korang dapat study kat situ.
A’ah. Aku pun rasa macam tu. Dulu masa kat UIA Gombak, macam terperuk je. Dah la belajar sekolah menengah kat area Selangor. Matrik pulak kat PJ. Terperuk dalam Selangor je. Ni sekarang kat Kuantan, aku rasa perpindahan ni banyak mematangkan aku la.
Bertuah ko.
Kalau tak kerana pindah ke Kuantan, aku maybe takkan ada peluang nak menapak sejauh sekarang. Sejak pindah ke Kuantan, macam-macam tempat aku dah pergi. Bukan setakat kat Kuantan je. Kelantan, Terengganu, semua aku dah terlajak ke situ.

Conversation 3

Ko ni aku tengok rapat dengan junior. Dulu masa ko junior, senior rapat dengan ko tak?
Dulu masa first year kat Gombak, orang sangat ramai, dan kampusnya lebih besar berbanding kat Kuantan ni. Jumpa senior pun bila kat kuliyah je. Di luar kuliyah, susah nak bergaul sesama kuliyah-mates. Sudahnya, kitorang tak rapat mana dengan senior. SCIENCESS pun biasa-biasa je, tak banyak program. Maybe gak pasal aku sendiri yang tak involve dengan SCIENCESS. Dulu aku kat Gombak aktif dalam Caring Club.
Dah tu, macam mana ko kenal Pojan?
Aku dulu, kenal dengan Pojan pun bukan pasal selalu jumpa kat kuliyah, tapi blog la yang memperkenalkan kitorang. Walhal kuliyah takde la besar mana pun.
Again, pindah ke Kuantan ni memang banyak la perubahan positif dalam hidup aku. Paling penting, ia banyak mematangkan aku.

My development towards maturity is relatively slow, considering all factors involved especially my background.
So, pardon my immaturity, because I love being myself.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Change Series Continues...

Premise 1:

Situation: SMS

Eh, you balik bila?
Esok, pagi.
Sebelum you balik I nak bagi you something.
Apa dia?
Tunggu la esok.

The next day, what I got was this thing.

Premise 2:

Situation: In the kitchen at home.

Mak, cuti ni Zaki tak mahu makan nasi ye?
Tak boleh. Penat-penat mak masak, ko plak tak nak makan. Kena makan nasi.
Ala... Nak diet la...
Makan nasi!

Verdict: Wait for the next 3 weeks.

Additional info: After last The Change series, I’ve had my weight increased as much as 3 kg. Adoi~

To reach what we aim for is easier than maintaining what we've reached.
I agree with that.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Limbo Rock

I'm trying to do a Limbo Rock.
this bar is as tall high as my oversized hips.

So, can I do it?


If you can catch the last statement, you're brilliant!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Panching - Gua Charas - Sungai Lembing - Satay Zul - Teluk Cempedak

This is an entry subsequent to the previous one.

Who said Kuantan has nothing to spend time for during the break?

From morning till late night, we were out around Kuantan and we had fun all day long. In the end of it - got tired.
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