Sunday, May 31, 2009

Accident - A Cause without Purpose and Intention

Paragraph #1
I am a competent driver. In most of the time, I drive safely and this can be verified by people who have been my passengers since I got the license on 2003.

Paragraph #2
"Uncle, uncle ok?" I asked the old Indian man with concern.
"Sana Banting, sana Klang," he incorrectly referred to the roads. "Saya mahu masuk ini jalan. You langgar saya".
"Salah uncle, sana Banting, sana Klang," I corrected him who seemed to be not fully conscious. "Uncle boleh masuk jalan ni, tapi uncle kena tunggu trafik clear. Ni tak, saya sudah dekat baru uncle mahu masuk, apa macam?"

Paragraph #3
I managed to control the situation despite the huge number of young Indian guys who came to the location right after the accident. I believed the situation was to be carefully handled without lighting the fire to anyone. I was grateful none of them was rude to me (highly probably because I was on the right side and, again, I controlled the situation peacefully).

Paragraph #4
Abah, Zaki tahu abah sayang dengan kereta tu. Zaki dah drive hati-hati sebagaimana yang abah pesan setiap kali Zaki memandu. Tapi kemalangan tetap kemalangan. Zaki dah pergi merata-rata tempat dan dah bertahun-tahun Zaki memandu. Tapi kalau kemalangan nak jadi, jadi lah ia tak kira kat mana-mana dan bila-bila pun. So, Zaki nak minta maaf la...

Credit to Danial for the quote put in the title.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Unexpected Kelantan

  1. We went to KB Mall. Everything was just like typical mall except that the people in it. Hey, it's Kelantan, Kota Bharu to be exact but the people in it were like KLians. We saw a guy with a tight short-sleeve t-shirt complete with nect tie, a hat and paling tak boleh blaa a glove in his right hand. Not only that, we also saw a group 3 very young girls with costums not different like a bitch. Muahaha~ A friend of mine said, "That part pun takde lagi, nak pakai macam tu!". Wait wait... There's one more: a guy with a very strange haircut. His hair was long at the front that it covered his eyes but at the back, it's short. Argh... I hope I brought my camera that time and snap their pictures. Damn, we saw those in Kelantan! Then as a matter of husnuzzon, I told my friends: Diorang ni orang-orang KL kot, balik Kelantan bercuti.
  2. We went for a breakfast around 8 am that day. We dropped by a stall. To our shock, it sold nothing but nasi! Hey, I am in diet. How would I manage to get my ideal weight if I eat heavily for the breakfast? Haih...
  3. Yet again about nasi, breakfast nasi, lunch nasi, dinner nasi. Haih... Tahu la beras seludup sedap! Opss :p
  4. When we were brought around Kota Bharu, it was hard to spot a house made of kayu kayan... You know what I mean?
  5. It was rare to see any Indian people around Kota Bharu. Why is that?
  6. Owh not only Indian people, but immigrants from other countries (e.g. Indonesian, Vietnamese, Bangla etc) were also rare to find. Or did I see any? No, as far as I am concern.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Never Expected Kelantan is Like This!

Let me finish this visit first and I'll summarize what I've observed throughout the visit.

By the way, thanks Izzuddin!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Do Not Drink Teh Anymore

Before this, I never knew the effect of consumption of caffeine-containing foods on my body. That's why I kept on drinking teh ais each and everyday till a point that I adopted it as my so-called drug. I can't live without it. Boleh?

However, after being informed that the drink has effect on developing cellulite on skin, that has woke me up from my addiction - do not drink teh ais anymore!

Not only that, any other drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, and to a lesser extent chocolate, I will try to avoid.

Here I provide some links that might be beneficial for additional information that I have referred to before making decision to stop the addiction to teh ais.
  1. Tea contains more caffeine than coffee.
  2. Chocolate also contains caffeine.
  3. Apply caffeine topically on skin to reduce cellulite, don't consume it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The FYP Presentation: I Think I Did My Best

It was a relief. One: because I think I did the best I could for the Final Year Project (FYP) presentation. It wasn't perfect, but it was the best I could give to the audience. Two: because aku melaram tak hengat kot! :P

More about the presentation, I did rehearsal few times to manage my time and I had to edit the slideshow presentation in order to suit the 15 minutes allocated. The rehearsal also aimed to develop self confidence so that I'll be fully prepared before I actually present the project. It really helped!

Next to do is to prepare the hard cover version of the thesis and then I'm done with the project completely.

I wish I'll get at least A- for the FYP. You can imagine - it's a 12-credit hour subject. That's a lot man! Ameen...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009


For now, the nostalgia between me and my late Mak Ngah is more than anything.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


My Mak Ngah passed away today after a very acute pneumonia disease she suffered last Tuesday.

On Monday, she came to my house to see me, my mom told me. But I departed back to Kuantan early morning that day so I did not manage to see her. We haven't met for quite some time and I missed her very much. Usually if she saw me, she'll kiss and hug me. She said I am like his own son. Then I wrote the status in my Facebook:
"Kalau Zaki nak balik Kuantan, dia cium Zaki. Bila dia dah "balik", Zaki pulak tak sempat cium dia" Al-Fatihah.

My emak did not allow me to get back home for some reasons and I have to obey her instruction. What I could do was just to call my emak and update with her what's happening from time to time and perform solat ghaib for Mak Ngah. I couldn't help myself but to cry. Yes, I cried. It's about a death of some one I love.

Few minutes ago, I called my mum again and asked her what's happening there in the kampung and how she felt. She answered:
Alhamdulillah dah kebumikan petang tadi dalam pukul 6. Kalau kau balik pun tak sempat jumpa. Syukur la semua elok-elok aja. Jenazahnya, sempat la mak cium...


People, cium-lah whomever you love (who is halal with you) and say that you love them very much before it's too late...

XC'09 (Ekspedisi Chemerong)

If we didn't manage to climb the hill last time, but not yesterday. We found the waterfall and subhanallah it was scenic! More picture in photo album in the Facebook.

The journey to Chemerong took about 2 hours from Kuantan. One we reached there, we had nothing in our head but to climb the hill. However, first thing first: warm up! Hehe...

We were informed that the climb would take about 1.5 hours but we managed to find the waterfall as soon as 50 minutes. Once we saw the waterfall, subhanallah... The most beautiful scene we have ever seen! (to me at least) Hehe...

One thing I observed, it tested the value of friendship among us. This could be the last time we had the time to spend together before we actually choose our own path after graduation.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bulu II

Premise #1
Duduk sama rendah, berdiri er... tak sama tinggi.

Premise #2
I always desperately wish to ask this unique question to some unique people but unfortunately I couldn't find the strength to do so. It sounds like this:
Dalam setahun berapa kali kau cabut bulu hidung?

Premise #3
My body height is 180 cm and I am grateful.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Keeping Secret II

"Aku tak suka la kalau ada orang suruh aku jaga rahsia dia, tup-tup dia sendiri yang sebarkan rahsia dia..." a friend of mine said.

"Hek eleh... rileks a... Tu rahsia dia, suka hati dia la nak bagitahu siapa pun. Rahsia dia, hal dia," I replied.

"Penat tau jaga rahsia orang, tahu-tahu rupanya orang lain pun tahu," the friend was still not satisfied.

"Kalau kau tahu orang lain sebenarnya tahu, ko nak buat apa?" I asked.

"Bincang la!"

"Kepala hotak ko! Rahsia tetap rahsia. Tak kisah la orang lain tahu ke tak. Yang penting ko jaga amanah ko, cukup la. Yang nak bawa bincang tu buat apa?"

"Dah orang lain pun tahu, tu bukan rahsia lagi la"

"Tapi masih lagi rahsia bahawa ko pun tahu rahsia tu. Itu yang ko kena jaga. Orang lain tahu ke tak, yang ko kesah kenapa?"


Friday, May 01, 2009

Jom Gi Mid Valley!

Trooot trooot...


Hello… Zaki’s speaking.

Oi. Ko dah sampai rumah kan? Esok jom MidVal!

Hek eleh ko.. Kat Kuantan, banyak masa ko dengan aku, tak nak plak ajak kuar.

Sibuk la bro… Jom a. Bosan kot dok rumah je cuti nih!

Hello… Dalam setahun ada 365 hari. Aku rasa 65 hari je aku ada kat rumah. Lagi 300 hari habis kat Kuantan. Let me spend this quality time with my family. If you’re seeking for accompany to go to MidVal, sorry I’m not available. Find someone else. Anyway thanks for the invitation.

Ha’ah kan…? Aku ni dah sampai rumah pun asyik fikir nak kuar rumah je. Balik bukan selalu pun. Ok la aku lepak rumah gak la. Ape ko kata tadi? Spend quality time with family? I missed that and didn’t realize that I missed that.

Tau takpe… Dah sampai rumah tu buat-buat la kemas rumah ke, tolong mak masak kat dapur ke, meracun rumput ke, basuh tandas ke… Apa-apa yang patut la.

Betul jugak kan? Erm… thanks for reminding me. Tak salah orang aku call nih. Haha!

Haha… Ko memang salah orang. Tak pasal-pasal kena bebel dengan aku. Okeh. Kirim salam dengan family ko k!

No problem! Me out…

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