Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Change

Frankly it was difficult for me to make a decision to cut my hair that I kept for 4-5 months. It wasn't easy until I came to a stage where 50-cent coin decided for me.
Wau bulan means CUT the hair,
Tepak Sirih means KEEP it!
I threw the coin, it flew up and I let it touch the ground freely. It showed wau bulan. That's it. It's time for another bodily change.
There you go... New hairstyle and you know what... I love it!
You say?

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Change III

Now it has come to the end of third month of my change of dietary intake. I started not taking rice on 21st of May, and today 20th of August. Now the scale shows 80 kg, indicating that I’ve lost at least 10 kg of my weight before I actually started the diet.

Along this period, many have recognized the change in my body shape. And nothing I can respond but to say thanks to them. I personally love my physical appearance more now. But this is not the end of it. I need to constantly do what I’m doing now, which is to avoid rice from my meals. I tell you, it’s not too hard to do this. Seriously! You just need a little sacrifice and patience and there you go – you lost your weight!

However, there are some problems I encountered with the lost of 10 kg. One of them is certainly my trousers! They have been loose for me to wear, not to say “too loose” because I can still put them on, but they reach the ground requiring me to fold the bottom of the trousers. Besides that I need to find new belt since the ones I have don’t fit my new waist line. About my shirts, XLs still do, but now Ls fit me more (and yet showing my fit body shape har har har). When will appear the six packs?! Owh day dreaming. Much more to do than just avoiding rice – work out!

10 kg in 3 months I think isn’t that drastic, but my girlfriend (ya I admit I’m in a relationship) said it is. I asked my friend taking dietetic course, he said it’s ok. Ah! Whatever! As long as I’m happy with the result I got with my little sacrifice and patience, who cares? Next coming month will be a month in which Muslims fast for 30 days followed by Hari Raya. I’m looking forward to making a surprise to my relatives, and my parents even! They haven’t seen me for more than a month. You know what I mean right? Har har har...

I still don’t know when I will actually start eating rice again although it’s available anywhere I go. I still don’t have the appetite to eat rice, I mean nasi putih. Nasi goreng – we’ll see some day ok? I’m afraid if I start taking rice into my meal, my appetite cannot be controlled anymore. So it’s better not to take it yet. Not now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ok, I know I haven’t updated this blog since last week. Seeing the title for this entry, I believe you can guess what I mean. Right?

In previous entry on visit to Pulau Tioman I mentioned few things that I want to describe more, but I think I want to take it back. There are things that we have to keep for ourselves, some that we have to tell verbally and some that we can descriptively mention here. So I categorize the stories in Pulau Tioman as the second one. Can uh? Just remind me, whenever we meet if you want to know ah? I learnt many things from the visit and the experiences gone through there. FYI, I've got an email asking me to tell more about the bad things about Pulau Tioman along my visit. So... dare to do the same? :D

I can’t really put things nicely to describe my previous days since they were full of colors! The caption following these pictures describes briefly everything!

During the Open Day of IIUM Kuantan, Waheeda was there for a concert. She was amazing in almost everything!

I suddenly being posted as committee who controlled the minus one for Waheeda although I actually had nothing to do with the concert except as an audience! Can you imagine how lucky I was? Then I demanded something special from Waheeda. Hehe...

Hafiz Hamidun (ex-UNICian) was there also. Being a typical Zaki, I was on-stage to get free album from him after few conversations live in front of audience. Hehe... Selamat duit aku.. Now I'm thinking of giving comments on his album but later la... Got more urgent things to do.

Representing UIA in Internship Challenge. This is where we were accommodated. Location; Jalan Cheras.

These are my teammates during the challenge and Kak Haiza, our lecturer who accompanied us in the challenge. No one believes Kak Haiza is actually a lecturer. Ok, let's guess. Which one is Kak Haiza?

Kak Haiza belanja us @ Shakey's Pizza One Utama. What I love most about this pizza restaurant is its bread underneath the topping. So gebu~

We won RM3000, trophies and certificates plus a 3-day 2-night package in Awana Hotel.

They invited Tok Pa as the launcher for their programme but i couldn't believe function like this still have those small cliche problems which to me were NOT suppose to happen. Fortunately Tok Pa was not able to be present that day.

During the prize giving ceremony - faces of champions

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Trip to Pulau Tioman (Pictures Only)

Pictures are not chronologically arranged.
Before going to snorkeling.

Repairing my phone which accidentally splashed out with sea water. Argh! Rosak telefon aku!

6 crazy friends.

Feeding the hungry fish with breads.

Keda - a japanese boy who can speak Malay, English, Mandarin and of course Japanese languages so fluently. We met this lovely and talkative boy in the boat to Mersing.

It's highly adivised that you don't use Seagull's Express service to transport you to Pulau Tioman. Why? I'll tell you later.


Playing with fire. No, i mean the people, not me.

Before being burnt by the sun. Haha..

Bajet comel la weh! LOL

Time to be creative!

Subhanallah... Pulau Tioman is just another beautiful creation of Allah.

The fish.

See whose butt is the nicest? LOL

Fahmi demanded from me to put many of his pictures here in this blog. There you go Fahmi!

Let's count how many people in here. There's something interesting about this number of people.

Ya right~

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