Wednesday, July 09, 2008

All About Food

Ok. This is quite shocking. Well… at least to me.

I checked the statistics of visits to this blog today and I was surprised to know that most of the keyword searches that brought visits to this blog were related to foods.

They are:
  • Blog melayu sos tomato
  • Penyediaan memasak popia
  • Keropok lekor kemaman masjid
  • Resepi Chef Li

Those are the words for today alone. What about other days?

Does that mean I have to keep on writing about foods?

Well... no problem. It’s just that I have to figure out new recipe or at least alter some recipes to make it like mine like I used to do.

Does that mean I’ll have my weight increased?

Well... let’s reconsider that. Many have said that I’ve lost some more weight, at least 2 persons for today alone. Is it really true? But I still think that I got some unnecessary fat around my waist. Kan?

This entry isn’t thoughtful, I know. Rarely am I like this. Hu~


alifzaimimra said...

sikirito risipito... nyum3... :D

alifzaimimra said...

p/s: yup..u look kurus a bit from previous sem..lalala~ sikirito risipito...~

Unknown said...


nanti eh.. insha Allah akan dilaksanakan juge. jangan lupe ajak kema sekali, tapi dia bayar sendiri k~ huahua...

ek? nampak lebih kurus ek? tapi nape scale kate takde perubahan eh? hu~

:: !zyan :: said...

isk...jd blog pasal cooking pulak yer skrg. tak sangka percubaan entry pasal popia tu akan jadi mcm ni..ehehe

Unknown said...

kak izyan..

entry pasal popia tu takde la sangat like trial, but saye just nak kongsi ah resepi saye dengan orang lain. hu~

tapi tu ah~ tak sangka da jadi cam blog masakan plak. hu~

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