Friday, March 13, 2009

KOS Starz - Advice from a Head of Juries

Yes, I am the head for the juries for tonight's KOS Starz.

Basically, I don't expect too much from the contestants. I don't expect perfection as this is not a singing academy or what not and the contestants are not professional singers. As long as they can perform well with at least an impact to the audience after the performance, that is more than enough.

However, these are the things that they must observe:
  1. Perform professionally. Whatever happens on the stage during their performance, they must have full control of themselves and the ambience in the auditorium right at the time their name is called and once they leave the stage.
  2. They have to portray a performance which is in accordance to the lyrics that they are singing.
  3. Self-confidence!
That's basically it. Easy right? But it's surely not as easy. Let see how they perform tonight.


zick said...

nape zick xmenang! mawi pon penah jugak lupa lirik.ha?ha?;p

Unknown said...


markah ko hilang banyak kat vokal beb. feel dah ok dah...

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