Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Fever

A week before I got the fever, actually I talked to myself:
Dah lama sangat aku tak kena demam. Ulcer mulut pun macam nak cipta rekod dah ni. Biasa paling kurang sebulan sekali.

And there you go; He tested me with the diseases not long after that. In a positive side, it slowed me when I went shopping in Kelantan so that I won’t spend uncontrollably (besides the fact that I’m sucks in shopping, huhu~) but in the other side, I was quite sorry to the rest of my friends for not being like my true self that days because of the sickness. I could be more entertaining and cheerful when it comes to travelling and visiting but…

It’s always not the right time to get sick, but He knows better. Believe it.

When I was in Kelantan, the fever wasn’t that severe, but when I moved back to Kuantan, it reached its peak. All the muscles ached every second I moved, the eyes felt like want to fall down every time I sujud and ruku’, the head felt like 100kg in weight, but those were not excuses. It didn’t mean that I couldn’t do anything. Inspired by this girl’s determination and strength, I still manage to go to classes and to run the cookies business. She really inspires me. And of course not to mention due to the fever, my mental and physical ability decreased a level down.

Apart from that, do you realize, I didn’t write too much about the visit to Kelantan right? Erm... Takmo cerita ah. Aku demam dowh aritu! :P

Lastly, sorry for not visiting you guys' blogs. DiGi internet aku buat hal weh!


it's jenn. said...


exam fever?
avian influenza?

tampo kang jennyto neh.

get well soon abg* szakif!

*utk lebih menceriakan hidup anda hehe.

Anonymous said...

1stly, of cors I cannot call u *abang* la. Aha.

Haih...bila tgk ayam, teringat KFC and McD. Pastu memdgkan nak dekat raya, teringat rendang ayam & ayam masak merah.

Tak sabar nak balik kampung, nak masak sumer tu. And oh, this raya, I want to make Lontong. Yay!

yatiHanuni said...

ko pose tak demam zaki? heheh

Anonymous said...

tu lah, sbb gi kelantan tak kabo!!!

Mr Jagatraya said...

Kesian abg szakif.Ish.ish,ish..Patutla tanya pasal 100 plus ari2..

As said...

100 plus memang bagus untuk banyak sakit inshaAllah :D

Erm...hakikatnya badan kita tak mampu tahan, tapi kita cuba bertahan. Dan macam paksa untuk bertahan, serta konon okay je bertahan. :D

I believe that way really taught us to be stronger. Huhu~~

May Allah be with u always.

p/s: i do read ur entries seminggu nih, but cannot leave comments...due to some problems which i need to limit my time ;) anak2 duk menangis nak makan, haha!

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