Monday, September 22, 2008

He Has His Say

Sometimes, to be nominated and appointed for a post in a society has an emotional story behind. All these while I've been promoting this guy as the President and now he has his say in his blog. Read it and feel his heart. Should he either win the post or not, he'll need to do a big sacrifice.

Read Izzuddin's blog.

Don't worry Izzuddin, I'll be backing you up whenever you need me. And I'm sure you'll find great subordinates later. I know, and most importantly He knows better, that you can do it.

Good luck.


yatiHanuni said...

promoter izzudin..
zaki, tadi nampak kamu time jejalan ngan kak sulha...
kak suha kate nape kamu maken kurus? hahahahah... berpose agaknye...ngeh3x...=p

Anonymous said... his blog.
Sian jgk kat dia.
Teringat masa kes O-oi dulu.
DIa dpt higest vote for president post.
Tp dgn tegasnye dia tarik diri.
And penarikan dirinya sgt berbaloi utk diri dia sindri.
Kalo nak jaga hati semua org, hati kita camna plak?
Sian izzudin.

Kalo izzudin baca ni, akak nasihatkan tabahkan la hati. Kuatkan semangat.
Semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnye.

Unknown said...

triple H...

makin kurus ke? maybe pasal gaya rambut aku kot~

Unknown said...


a'ah.. dulu patutnya ooi yang jadi president kan?


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