Monday, September 08, 2008

AGM of SCIENCESS - The Nomination

Nomination for SCIENCESS Exco members for 2008/2009 tenure is now on!

  • As a member of SCIENCESS, regardless what post I am holding in this tenure, I have my own views and opinions who'll most likely be nominated for this year's Annual General Meeting of SCIENCESS.
  • As a committee of the AGM, regardless what post I am holding, I have no direct or indirect contact to the nomination forms that have been filled in by the members of SCIENCESS. The ones responsible are the Election Commission committees, a totally separate body from the organizing committees of the AGM. I do not involve in counting the nominations.
  • As a blogger, I have the advantage of spreading my choices in here. But it's then up to the members of SCIENCESS to nominate who ever they like. The ones mentioned in here are completely my personal choices based on my own observation and experience knowing and working with them throughout the year in various programmes and events.
  • My personal views should not be taken as absolute reference for nominations by anyone. The views do not necessarily mean these will be the ones I'll write down in my nomination form. See the number of people below and compare with the ones in the nomination form.
  • Not mentioned here does not mean they are not eligible to be nominated. Do not expect I know each and everyone in the kulliyyah.

5 points above are purposely written to disclaim anything that may be brought up should anyone is not satisfied or does not agree with the contents of this blog entry.

In Malaysian General Election, it's a common thing to show your support towards whoever you like, isn't it? And of course, you like someone to hold a post based on your own views and faith you have on him/her. Taking that into analogy, I name these people because I believe they would bring SCIENCESS towards glory should they win any sits in SCIENCESS 2008/2009.

So here are my opinions:

Fakrurrazi (current SRC Representative from KOS) - BSBT
Izuddin (current President of ARC and Head Comm of Social and Welfare Bureau) - BSBM
Zabidi (Programme Manager of last GASS) - BSMS

Vice President I:
Nabil Abas (ex-President of MSCC) - BSMS
Zulkifli Yunus (ex-President of PRESSS) - BSBM
Don Lukmanul Hakim - BSBT

Vice President II:
Farhana Zaidi (current Asst. Head Comm of Islamic Affairs Bureau) - BSBM
Latifah Munirah (current Asst. Head Comm of Sports, Recreational and Culture Bureau) - BSBT
Fatimah Zakaria (current Asst. Treasurer of SCIENCESS) - BSMS

Secretary General:
Jazli Aziz - BSBM
Farah - BSMS

Izamuddin - BSBT
Tahirah Tahir - BSBM

Nuttawadee - BSBT
Wanibtisam (current Asst. Head Comm of Social and Welfare Bureau) - BSBM
Maryam Kofoworola - BSBM
Hajji - BSBM

Executive Committees from Biomedical Science Department:
Zaffar Ali
Ridzuan (Duang)
Anwar Yassin
Mujahid Mohd Amar
Nurul Ashikin Shahnaz
Hawa Mas Azmar

In the next stage towards the AGM, the nominees will be shortlisted. Should any of the names above are selected, I will explain my justifications for choosing them.

Happy nominating!

See some faces here.


As said...

erm...Ahmad NAbil tuh, Nabil ex-Secretary III I-QUEST 08 kah or yang len? Nama die Nabil Abas je..takde ahmad.. :D

Erm..sume nama neh yang isi form kah. :P
tatau lak de wujud form2 neh.

Kalo HEALS, students just vote the president, other executive members tau only masa full list kuar. Adakah benda ni applicable kat sume KBS..?

Pening lg ngan sistem KBS sini ;)

Yang best nye HEALS neh, masa sembang ngan candlesky dat day, kami discover sumting yang agak best. Orang2 berbeza yang duk dalam HEALS, orang2 berbeza CC/DIV I-QUEST dan orang2 berbeza jd SRC. Means, bukan orang sama je wat variation sket even sangat sikit..huhu :)

Ah, tingat soklan fevret dalam exam..
"Please justify your answer.."

Hu..tak gemar soklan neh :D

Unknown said...


thanks for the correction about nabil's name. corrected! :D

Unknown said...

hm.. skrg ni musim persatuan2 semua wat AGM masing2.. bagus2

aku jela xde kaitan da.. huhu

Unknown said...


ape nak buat~ setiap orang ade mase masing2..

it's jenn. said...

wah namer2 yang ku kenali!!

hehe...nnti letak result gk ek szakif?!

Unknown said...


aku akan tulis ikut flow AGM.. sume akan direvealkan dalam blog ni. keep on looking at it ya~

lutfi lukman said...

Oh, it's that time of the year again~ for some reason, i don't miss it at all. Haha. Ah~ so good to be free~ and still young (^_^)v

Unknown said...


owh dont miss it at all eh? good for you. heh...


TimMie said...

aritu zaffar bg form sebaik shj ktorg abis xm patho
pstu kn submit on d spot
sume ngn kepala serabut wat sesi meniru nama2 yg ditulis secara beramai2
kurang senang hati
sbb xsmpt fkr dgn btul

Unknown said...


patutnya mende tak patut berlaku, kena professional a~ hm.. boleh katekan korang mangsa keadaan a~ huhu...

kite tunggu je ah sape yang naik nanti k..

TimMie said...

sy mstilah slalu professional. =)

:: !zyan :: said...

hhmm...sorang pun saya tak kenal...ahahah saje nyibuk sini.

**teringat AGM dulu...huhh tak sangka ade gak yg main politik ms tu. Tp tetap tak berjaya....ahaha best2. Ape khabar la mereka2 itu.....

Anonymous said...

muka yg sama jer wat keje. ex that n ex this. Tak semestinyer org penah ex wat kejer bagus. I absolutely dont agree with dr jesni that tak bagi student with low cgpa tak join jadi comittee (ni luahan jer harap dia baca)

Unknown said...


yup, agree about Tak semestinyer org penah ex wat kejer bagus but they have the experience rather than those who are zero about organizing society. would you expect a kid to organize a talent show? nope aite? so that's the point.

about dr jesni, to me i have no problem with his idea since the main objective of studying in university is to study, not to get involve in societal activities. if we are good enough in academic and we can balance out between academic and c0-cu, that's fine then...

but if you still don't agree, see him. he's an open minded guy. he's a nice person.

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