Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am not Meant for Pharmacology

This morning, I got an official call from the administration office of Kulliyyah of Science telling I got the Fellowship offer. But to my surprise, the field that I aimed for was not granted (Pharmacology) but I was given Pathology and Histopathology. I was like, "Huh.. What on earth?". To my knowledge, that's the game when you apply for Fellowship, you can be put in any field that is not up to your interest. So, it's either you want to play the game or not :) Whether or not we can change the field, I don't know.

Another round of interview with the Rector of IIUM will be held soon but the date is not fixed yet. But I am afraid I can't make it to that interview.

This is because I insha Allah will be attending an interview with Yayasan Ilmuwan, the office where I'm doing part time job now for the post of Research Executive this Thursday. This is the other choice that actually meant in this post. Since the interview hasn't been held, I don't want to comment more about it. Whether or not I'll make it in the interview, I'll inform once everything is confirmed.

I think, I have made the decision. Thanks Allah for making this feeling easier than before.

Now I'm looking for a room to rent around Wangsa Maju/Keramat/Setiawangsa. Any vacant room anyone?

Doesn't that sound fishy? :->


Anonymous said...

Mari mengajar di kulliyyah saya yang baru!

Unknown said...

All the best Bro...ada hikmah sume tu...Btw..I like this layout..hehehe..more pro aa...

scOotBerry said...

ehem.sile cube tempat baru.

Anonymous said...

Allah has better plans for you.
He knows the best.

Yayyy...nnt Zaki leh blanjer akak pulakkkk!!!

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