Friday, October 30, 2009

Achievement in Career


Most people know that I'm working as a Research Executive in Yayasan Ilmuwan and one of my job scopes is writing articles.

Recently, I wrote an article entitled "Bijak Menggunakan Teknologi Maklumat Seiring dengan Tuntutan Islam" and it was approved by the higher authority in my company and then submitted to Utusan Malaysia. About a week after that i.e. today the article was posted in a column named Wacana Islam with a slightly altered title "Bijak guna ITC seiring tuntutan Islam". Click here for the article.

Yup, you might question the ITC abbreviation. Why not ICT? I also don't have answer for that as it's what the editor (if that's a right term) from the newspaper did. However, it shouldn't be a big issue anyway as it didn't change the meaning of the title and the content of my article. Thanks to Utusan Malaysia for choosing the article to be posted in your newspaper. :)


Apart from that, I take this as a first step towards more developments in my career. As I love writing, having the article posted in a prominent yet leading newspaper in Malaysia is something, I have to admit, I'm very proud of.

However, that again shouldn't be a big issue as, one it's just my personal achievement, and two there is bigger issue to be discussed: the content of the article itself.

Have you read the article? Do you have any additional points? Maybe you want to comment or criticize the article. I'm open for the betterment of my writing skills.

Behind the story

You may also question, of all topics, why write about that?

Initially, I was planning to write something about H1N1 from which I can relate to my biomedical science background. However, my time was taken after I was assigned for the talk on organ donation last weekend. I had to make proper and full preparation as it was, again, my first experience of delivering speech in front of public after I started my career.

Insha Allah, given enough time, I will still write about the H1N1.

But, another question is: how did I find the time to write the above article? Simple: I wrote it earlier than last week. :)

Zaki boleh!


ainie said...

hi, 1st thing 1st, congrats for ur 1st publication.. it's a good start!

aku dh baca artikel ni.. em aku xde nk komen sgt sbnrnye.. & actually aku suka dan sokong isu yg ko bangkitkan kat sini.. sesuai utk bacaan umum khasnya pengguna-pengguna internet skrg.. cuma aku rasa klu boleh olah dgn lebih kritikal lg mungkin boleh lebih cantik lg penyampaiannya.. :)

actually mayb sbb background aku dari IT jadi aku agak sensitif/tertarik dgn term 'ITC' tu.. tp klu betul tajuk yg ko hantar tu "Bijak Menggunakan Teknologi Maklumat Seiring dengan Tuntutan Islam", maknanya tajuk pada utusan tu editor sendiri yg ubah la eh? so.. sorry to say, that I believe that the editor was wrong.. 'teknologi maklumat & komunikasi' never be translated as 'ITC' but it is always be 'ICT'.. benda remeh je ni.. xde niat nk jdkan isu, just nk highlight supaya benda kecik mcm ni x menyebabkan ko sbg penulis jadi 'the laughing stock'.. but of course, ia x jejaskan isu yg ko cuba bangkitkan.. mesej tetap sampai..

nway, good job.. aku pn baru start jadik penulis/penyelidik.. tgh tggu paper aku dipublish dlm journal & book chapter.. same2 kite belajar.. btw, keep up the good work! :D

miko said...

tumpang gembira dgn pencapaian terbaharu szakif..
hee..boleh buat bhn rujukan ntuk klas BM ni:D

zaraa Y. said...


tahniah zaki..
u did a good job..
hope lepas ni smakin bersinar lagi k.. :) seems that, hikmah tak berpeluang sambung hari tu semakin terserlah kan....peluang yg lebih baik dah menanti :D..

truskan usaha !..

Anonymous said...

salam.. hehe.Maaf bang. tak tau pulak dah ada yg komen ttg penggunaan ITC dan ICT tu. setuju dgn kak ainie..

Nway. Congratz ya.. (^,^)

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