Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One Year with Yayasan Ilmuwan

I started working with Yayasan Ilmuwan on the 3rd of August 2009 after about 2 months working as part timer in the organization. Today it's already the 4th of August of this year and that means I am already a year ahead after stepping my feet in Yayasan Ilmuwan as a Research Executive.

Frankly, I have never thought I can work this long in an organization, but in the same time along the past one year, I had never thought of leaving Yayasan Ilmuwan and seeking jobs at other companies. It's not an easy thing to be able to do so considering I put myself into a field that I did not familiar with namely consultancy, publication and training, while maybe the research field was close to me but not in the type of research Yayasan Ilmuwan is doing. However, I managed to cope with the environment rather fast and I took not long to learn to get myself comfortable with career life.

One year working with Yayasan Ilmuwan had exposed me with a lot of experience ranging from writing articles for the newspaper until public speaking through the radio. I didn't and still don't find a reason why I must hate what I am doing with the organization given everything I have there was nothing but blessings from Allah - nice bosses, crazy officemates, and most importantly, the opportunities to contribute to the society through the career.

Last week, I ended my last day of the first year of my career life with a program held in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) by delivering a speech in a workshop for the foundation students. The topic given to me was "An Approach in Mastering Biology". Since it wasn't only me to give the speech but two others were scheduled after my slot, I took the opportunity to share with the students on what the basis of life (bio in Greek literally means life) is, based on my understanding. In the end of the workshop, I shared a video with them and let them think about who is behind all the great creations in ourselves and around us. It's none other than Maher Zain's Open Your Eyes.

Now, I am in the first week of the second year as a Research Executive in Yayasan Ilmuwan and I've been assigned to present a paper entitled "Etika Penyelidikan ke atas Haiwan" (which later I changed to "terhadap" instead of "ke atas" to make it more grammatical) in a seminar held in Akademi Pengajian Islam, University of Malaya named Seminar Islam, Sains dan Teknologi: Kupasan Beberapa Isu Semasa. I am looking forward to presenting the paper as it'll be a first step stone for other seminars that I hope I'll be given the chance to write and share the knowledge.

Ya Allah, I am grateful.

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