Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Change 2.0


Pardon me. Is it really already another April? O-AM-GEE!

That means I’ve been with the diet for a year! You don’t ring a bell? Read these:

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Currently I am around 76kg in weight, and of course 180cm still in height (you expect a 23-year-old guy can grow any taller? =p) which means I am 23.5 in BMI. Alhamdulillah, I can maintain what I’ve got and I’m really grateful that I can be consistent with my effort to bring my weight to an ideal one.

“Consistent” here refers more to the end result, because the “effort” to avoid rice in my daily meals is subject to daily changes especially after the 3-month almost completely without rice (April to June last year). Note: Exception to my mother’s wish.

So it is possible for you to reduce weight without taking any supplements or herbs or whatsoever that may in turn increase your expenses. For your information, I once had effort to reduce my weight when I was in… erm… when was it? I can’t recall. But it didn’t work. That time I consumed laxatives and I was tortured going to the toilet too many times that it took most of my time to poo just for nothing! I even got gastric you know! Pergggh… Note: My weight greatly increased after circumcision. When? Naaah… Too much information ;p

But now, see me! :D

However, I want to stress again. I only avoided rice, not carbohydrate. The idea was simple; I tend to eat a lot with rice, so I avoid it. I get carbohydrate supplies from biscuits, noodles and of course breads.

Now, although I do eat rice, it’s in tightly controlled schedule. It’s very rare to see me eating meals with rice twice a day, 7 days a week unless when I really need it such as when I’m stressed out and during exam period where I really need constant adequate glucose supply. And not to forget when it’s free meal =p. However though, I force myself not to add another plate of rice although the dishes are like heaven! The strength must come from me to say NO.

Now Zaki. It’s time for the next move. Exercise more! Tak lama lagi ko nak kahwin!!! Build up your stamina from now! LOL :D until you T_T


Shana said...

Dh nk kawin rupanya...

fattybombom said...

hihi:)..nak kawin dah eh?:)..cptnyer...tahniahh..maka..saya sokong u kuatkan staminaa:P...

ILA said...

YE KERRRRRRR!!!!???????? is not 1st april right??
motif u letak note nak kahwin?????
(terbeliak mata akak...& my hearth say..."d_h g_t_i..c zakit ni:p" )lariiiiiiiiii!!!!

:p ;)

Unknown said...

wahaha korang sume..

percaye la dengan statement tu kan~ adeh la.. part2 yang main2 la yang korang tekankan kan~ haha~

tapi ape salahnya kan kalao nak letak target camtu kan~ bukan untuk orang lain, utk diri sendiri dan isteri juge.. mueskeskes~

fattybombom said...

huh...the poyo boy...:/

Unknown said...

i am so poyo.. what's wrong with that? haha~

fattybombom said...

best ker jd poyo?:p`

djambu puadovich said...

you look nice for someone who dun eat rice. haha :)

fattybombom said...

he is nice..goodlooking too:P

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


dietmu akanku jadikan contoh
wpun tpk2 lg ble ke aku tahan makan time nganggur ni he2

udah jumpa2an d mok na
baik juga dh ada perancangan
yg penting
jgn lpe jemput gue

k gambatte!

Unknown said...

wah! mane ko tau pasal mok na tu? adus.. punye la aku bawa jauh2 takmo kasi orang nampak, sekali ade gak mate2 liar yang mencari2.. adeh.. hehe.. ko ni sentiasa mengekoriku kah? haha~

BTW, goodluck la kalo nak berdiet2tan juge.. semoga berjaya menurunkan berat badan hendaknye :D

Anonymous said...

heh takdo maknonyo den nak menyepai engko

kebtulan3 aja

k chill!

Unknown said...

adus dus dus... so memang ko ade la kat situ mase tu? adus.. ingatkan si fairus sorang je yang aku jumpe, rupenye ade lagi mate2 lain.. heh.

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