Friday, April 18, 2008

The Practical Training

I have gone through seven days of the practical training, which I found actually very interesting!

I am placed in the Pathology Department of Hospital Banting (or we simply call “Makmal”), in which there are 6 sections in it; hematology/clinical section, blood bank, cytology, microbiology, drug lab and chemical pathology. That’s the arrangement of which I’ll be put through out the 12-week training. I’ve got the schedule for posting in the sections during the first day right after the registration.

Hematologi/Klinikal: 10 April – 25 April (2 weeks 2 days)
Tabung Darah: 28 April – 9 Mei (2 weeks)
Sitologi: 12 May – 16 May (1 week)
Mikrobiologi: 19 May – 6 June (3 weeks)
Makmal Dadah: 9 June – 13 June (1 week)
Patologi Kimia: 16 June – 4 July (3 weeks)

Hospital Banting is a district level hospital (although the name has dropped the word “Daerah” which was previously inserted in the name before the upgrade). Therefore the lab in this hospital is not practically and technically capable to do some of the tests for samples from patients. For samples that are not done here, they are sent to other labs like at Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah of Klang, HUKM, IMR etc. However, despite the lack of number of tests, I have and will learn a lot from the small lab.

In the same lab, there are 7 other diploma students from PTPL College doing their internship. They are divided to their respective sections and they have schedule where they will be shifting from section to section. Fortunately for me, I’ll be insya-Allah working with different people in every section, which is good for me to know more about them. They are 5 Indian girls, and one each Malay boy and girl. Currently I am in the same section with a humorous but yet helpful Saifudin, from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. I wonder how he could manage to go back and forth Nilai-Banting everyday which takes about 1½ hours.

Speaking about the staffs working here, they are all nice like no one but your family. Am I too exaggerating here? Even if I do, what’s the big deal right? It’s because they ARE nice and good and professional in work. They are very attentive and frank. Under the supervision of Mr. Yusfairuz, they look happy with what they are doing, and that affects my performance when doing my practical. Alhamdulillah...

Who says living in the lab won’t have any life? I think the 3-month internship will be a short one for me. So that’s why I have to really enjoy it to the maximum. Makmal best!


Shana said...

Wah... Sukanya dia. Ok, pi solat! :p

fattybombom said...

ehem...are you trying to seduce me with ur feet..:p...ehmm...memang best pun praktikal...dulu praktikall mcm2 aku dpt dkt hospital..:P..bestkan bdkl2 ptpl?:P

ILA said...

since 10 April rupanya dah kat situ.Memang tgah musim praktikal skrang.Adik akak yg sebaya zaki tgah praktikal kat KLIA.
pandangan akak...suasana praktikal & belajar sangat lah berbeza.
Lebih enjoy suasana praktikal.Apatah lagi mengenali pekerja lain yg lebih senior.
sedih nanti pabila nak berpisah dgn mereka bila dah abis 3 bulan tu.
Apa sekalipun lakukan yg terbaik okeyyy;)
Insyaallah..kalau ada kesempatan akak akan jenguk k sna..sambil check darah ni ada dadah tak..hehe:p

Unknown said...

kak arshana..
saya bersyukur dapat tempat praktikal yang best. :D

are you seduced then? so i can't help it. haha~ ;p
dak2 ptpl memang best! i mean yang aku kenal kat makmal tu je la.. diorang memang bagus.. mesra.. tak kira bangsa..

kak ila..
akak nak try pregnancy test tak? nanti saye buatkan.. hahaha~

ILA said...

pregnancy test???
apa menatang tu?????

it's jenn. said...


setiap org berbeza...

dinie cite len plak..


Matematis Muda said...

alaa aku lambat lagi la praktikal hehe

Anonymous said...

Salam..zaki, u r right about ptpl students. diorang agt mesra alam..

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