Monday, November 26, 2007

The Semester of One of a Kind

So far I’ve gone through 5 semesters out of 8 to be completed throughout the course of Undergraduate of Biomedical Science of IIUM. But it was completely packed lots of stuffs, activities, emotions, and all during last semester i.e. first semester, third year. That’s why I name it The Semester of One of a Kind.


I join Angklung Club for the performance in Taaruf Week for Gombak Campus and a function held by Tok Pa (the Minister of Higher Education). This is where I learnt friendship has ups and downs and this one it’s the latter. I was so depressed with how they... Ah! Better don’t re-open that dark side.

I went to Jay’s house, experiencing the life of a Felda boy. Of course, there were a lot of fruits till that I almost got sore throat.


  • First time experience of karaoke in tandas.
  • Inter-block Bowling Tournament.
  • New students a.k.a juniors entry to the kulliyyah and after a while I knew they actually rock!

  • Visit to Pantai Balok, Kuantan and Club Med. Hehe...


I illegally joined a trip to Pulau Tioman. Haha... First time experience of snorkeling brought me closer to the Creator. How nice the creations underneath the sea water are indescribable. But Seagull Express’ ferry service was damn sucks!

I met Waheeda and Hafiz Hamidun (I love the songs in your album bro!) in a concert held in the campus.

The win in Jobmarket’s Internship Challenge was a great experience! I never expected we could win it, seriuously!

The Odah members of Kuantan campus went to Hutan Lentang and that’s where we ate undercooked ayam panggang due to lack of arang. Haha...


  • Attending dinner with the Dean’s List scorer although actually I didn’t score GPA of 3.5 or above. The dinner was nice but the feeling inside was sucks.
  • Lunch with Dr. Jalal to celebrate the win in the Internship Challenge.


First time experience of flying over-the-sea to Bandung for the Angklung Competition in Institut Teknologi Bandung and we won the third place there. At least we brought something for Malaysia, IIUM and Angklung Club more specifically. Throughout the days spent in Jakarta and Bandung, I saw, observed and learnt a lot of new things.

Gathering of Gubuans in Mid Valley Megamall was the medium for the first time eye-to-eye meeting between Ihab and Wenkt with me. It was a pleasure experience to get to know them more closely.

Sciencess 2006/2007... I will never forget you all..


  • First time experience of changing the money currency from Ringgit Malaysia to Rupiah.
  • First time experience of eating belut, nasi timbel, nasi padang. Yummy!


I was posted as the Secretary General of SCIENCESS. I’ve never held such post so there’s a lot to learn ahead of me.

I accidentally joined the WacKOS committees. Haha... but ok what?



I visited Terengganu and went to Kijal and places around Kuala Terengganu together with the group members of the Jobmarket’s Internship Challenge.

The most current one is the trip to Pulau Pangkor with Odah friends.


azuwa said...

so much memories we shared for this semester 1...
tp memandangkan result aku yg tahapehape tu, alamatnye next sem aku terpaksa mengurangkan apa yg patut dikurangkan, huhu~
anyway, thanks so much for reading my post in Banji's site. Pi baca my second post this thursday, ok?!

p/s: apa sudah jadi dgn odah box kamu??

moon said...

wow, sgt byk kait mengait. ape2 pon, do ur best for next sem!

Unknown said...

betol jugak. bila mana ade angklung, kat situ gak la ade wawa. yey!

kak moon..
tq tq!!

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