Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pictures in Terengganu

These are just the pictures. For the whole story, you may read it here. I've updated it.

I wished this makcik would at least put a sweet smile on her face but she didn't. That caused me not buying the satar from her.

To me the satar was just ordinary. Even, I've tasted better satar that this one's.

It's time to put the phone on the ground and for me to do all poses possible. Haha..

Please understand. He doesn't eat rice so that's why he tries to eat something else.

Muzium Terengganu. What a beautiful one...

Other angle of the museum.

Thanks Zubir for the nice shot.

At Masjid Terapung, Kuala Terengganu.

...but the sky mesmerized me more. Subhanallah~

Nasi Dagang. I've no choice but to say I do love Nasi Dagang.

In Bandung, you won't see an empty condition like this is bazaar or shops.

The entry to Terengganu. Once you reach here, then you'll know you have reached there.


Seeing the makcik preparing keropok lekor.


I love the wave there. It's strong unlike the ones I've experienced previously.

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Irzan said...

oo datang trg tak bgtau aku!!!

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