Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good's and Not Good's

It’s Friday again today. I reached here at Kuantan last week on Friday, which means I’m in the early of the second week staying in this new campus. New things? A lot! It’s just a matter of whether good or not good (not to say they are bad) the things are. Comparing them with what I used to have in Gombak is unavoidable. Let’s list them out and let’s see which overweighs which.

Good things.
1. The mahallah provides condusive accommodation which to me is better than mahallah at Gombak. The building is still virgin and we are among the first to destruct the virginity. Haha... Although there are still few problems on some facilities, but we can cope with them. But here it’s quite weird that they pronounce mahallah as ‘mahallat’.

2. Mak cik cleaner named Kak Som working in my block is soooo friendly. Although someone has stolen her broom, she kept smiling and still in her friendly mood. Actually I’m the last person who borrowed it and I’ve returned it to the place she asked to put but the next day it wasn’t there. Poor makcik... Besides her, makcik cleaners at the kulliyyah are also friendly. Orang-orang Kuantan ni memang peramah agaknya.

3. The café in the kulliyyah is as good as er... don’t know who to compare with, but the price is affordable, the meals are delicious and the workers are friendly. As starting, they only open 2 stalls out of 4 available but to us that’s enough to provide us breakfast, lunch and perhaps dinner.

4. The location from this campus to the Kuantan city is actually closer than Gombak campus to KL, thus time spent to drive from the campus to the city is actually shorter. This also means that the campus wasn’t as remote as rumored before. Giant supermarket is the most popular shopping place among UIA Kuantan students since it’s the most reach-able compared to others.

5. Now I see that there’s no reason for all Kulliyyah of Science students not to get closed to each other because we share the same road to- and from the kulliyyah. So whenever we go to- and back from class we’ll see each other more frequently. Besides that, the rooms are divided by batch and courses, meaning to say everyone get classmates as roommates. It’s all up to everyone to build and to strengthen relationship and ukhuwah each other then.

6. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no prejudice shown directly or obviously by Kuantan campus students towards KOS students. To me, they treat like I’m not stranger, maybe because we were in the same course during matriculation time so we already know each other. I don’t know how about others, but at least I experience this. Thank you guys for accepting us as your university-mate open-handedly!

7. There are quite few numbers of old friends who talk about this blog just right when they see me. They confessed that they read this blog and some asked me further on activities that I joined at Gombak. Even there’s a friend of mine telling that his father read this blog. Ahaha... Being a blogger is sometimes unexpectable!

Not-good things.
1. Pedestrians have to bring umbrella or else their skin will be burnt by the sunlight during day-time. This is because there’s no susur gajah (don’t know the term in English and I still wonder why the word ‘gajah’ is there although the susur cannot be walked through by elephant!). But there are buses provided every 15 minutes as alternative to transport students to- and from the kulliyyah especially when it’s rainy day.

2. Although the environment here is calm, but in the same it’s also dull. Maybe I haven’t got into it yet, maybe later but the quietness here sometimes made me sick! That’s why I put my sub-woofer to the maximum volume and sing out loud like I’m in karaoke box. Haha...

3. The statement made by the Principal of the mahallah during briefing session last Sunday is somehow unacceptable to me. It’s like he wanted to say that KOS students will increase social and disciplinary problems in this campus. Try us! Let’s see ustaz...

4. Still about the Principal, he has to learn to give speech in English more fluently, not only during briefing, but during kuliah also. Now that KOS has quite a number of international students who don’t understand Bahasa Melayu, so he has to get out of the box and entertain all students evenly no matter where they from. As information, previously this campus has only few numbers of international students, but when KOS moves to this campus, the number increases rapidly.

5. Poor to international students who do not or cannot eat Malaysian food. The only choice left is roti canai, because of its bread-based recipe. Now that they have to learn to eat local foods or else they will face lack of nutrients later. Hehe...

6. The café in the mahallah (or mahallat) does not satisfy most of the students. Besides the forgetful worker (short-term memory deficiency perhaps), the meals like nasi goreng (for example) are relatively insufficient to suit the RM2.50 price. Now I miss nasi goreng Farouk. Argh!

7. The administration! For your information, we haven’t started any classes this week. Plus we actually just did course registration (with few problems) this morning after 2 times being postponed. Looking at the schedule gave us hint next week we’ll have no class because in the schedule it does not state any time and venue for the subject. There is also rumor saying that no lab session for this few weeks ahead. Hm... We come here to study la, not to wait and wait. Kalau camtu baik dok rumah je, budget saved!

Ok, it’s even – 7 good things and 7 not-good things. However this does not mean that I’m not happy here because when there’s problem, there must be solution and not all affect me directly. Being patient is the key here. So far, I still can stand it and I hope this ends not. Amin...


Anonymous said...

ohhhh..ada org baru buat entry baru!!!!!
selamat myambut 1 minggu m'jadi org Kuantan!!!
akan akak kmbali..utk sambung baca..cos nak masak mee hoon goreng 4 hi-tea:D

Unknown said...

mak aih.. blom pun 10 minit usia entry ni dah de orang mengomel~ sila membaca ok kak ila~ walopun bahse inggeris, tapi ayat2 mudah sajor~

puteri nad said... tempat komen ko
supaya terus klik dia kuar..takyah open ke new page..okeh..


apa la cerita kaksom :p

Unknown said...

nad, aku tak berapa nak reti camne nak buat camtu.. malas nak study balik mane part kat html coding tu yang kena diedit.. males! sangat males!

Anonymous said...

Slm cik Zaki.... sihat?? wei, jumpa korg masa LKS nnt... 2pn kalo budak2 Kuantan p LKS skalilakn??

DaRk AnGeL said...

byk je menda2 baik ni ha... tak yah tgk la yg buruk2 nye tu..
mcm best je kat sana tuh...
kalau aku pergi sana, aku boley la singgah jenguk kau nnt... [entah kan biler~]
kem salam kat makcik som~!
dan kesian lah ok kat international students tu.. they just have to get use to it~!

Anonymous said...

btul ke ni pe ko ckp..xpela..aku terima je..ntah2 class start bulan dpn. nway, makanan kat farouq memang sedap,murah n byk. hehe

Unknown said...

welkam!! wah.. dha pandai mengomel kat sini nampaknye~ heheh~ pasal LKS, aku menunggu panggilan drpd STAD kat gombak.. dengarnye minggu, dan buat kat dalam UIA je.. ala.. tak best la.. tak dapek nak merasa makanan hotel~ heheh~ owh.. aku sihat sajor~

pasal mende2 buruk, takde la buruk sangat, 'not-good' saje.. dan those not-good's do not affect me banyak sangat sampai boleh mengubah mood aku.. aku biase2 saje~

jadual dah kuar rr. ni aku kat kos lab pun hari pertama kelas.. nampaknya ramai je yang menuju ke kelas, tapi tak kompem lagi lecturer dah de~ menunggu lagi la gamaknye~
ni mane tau makanan kat farouk sedap murah dan banyak~ pernah singgah ke.. owh.. lupe, that sumone stays in farouq~ doesnt he?

Anonymous said...


dah lama tak singgah sini.....sem lepas mmg tak aktif blog maaf sangat kalu tak rajin singgah sini.


aku sangat bangga menjadi orang pertama yang menodai dinding bilik dengan beberapa batang paku ;p

makcik cleaner mmg best...tapi sekarang dia jadi rival aku gak....kitorang sama2 kumpul tin :p

Anonymous said...

i'm come back!!!no problem wt yr english words ok..but i really2 dont like wt yr new template(apakan daya~~) than my fresh mood come..huk..huk..

kesian okey..dgn over-c student,kena bagi cadangan kat pihak pentadbiran juga perkara t'sebut.Walaupun hanya makanan, kna pastikan mereka suitable juger okey..eerr..kat sana x leh selalu keluar k pekan ker??jauh ker???

akak suka nama susur gajah tu..:)

Unknown said...

tak perlu le mention ko tak aktif, dah lama aku tahu, malahan pernah kutanyakan jua kenapa tiba2 ko senyap dari blogging, bukankah begitu? dan kau telah memberikan jawapan yang boleh diterima *bapak ayat skema tak hingat~
ko sakit jiwa? sila bertukar ke universiti di tanjung rambutan, aku syorkan~ hehehe~
ko sangat kejam! menodai dinding dengan paku. aku punyalah sayang dengan dinding aku, so aku gune double tape saje utk tampal penyangkut hanger.
ko kumpul tin? meh aku jadi your next rival! hahaha~

kak ila..
your the only one who doesnt like this new template. but dont worry, later you'll get to used to it, insya allah~
pasal makanan international student; bukannya diorang tak cadangkan, dalam beberapa meeting dengan students sebelum ni pun diorang dah banyak kali suarakan, tapi masalah takde orang tempatan yang pandai masak makanan international. itu masalahnya~
kat sini boleh keluarkan sebanyak kali yang kita mahu, takde halangan~ tak jauh. macam pekan banting ke sg manggis je...

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