Thursday, September 10, 2009

First time to IKIM

For those who don't know IKIM, it's abbreviation for Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia. Click here to go the website and to know the FM frequencies in different locations.

Yesterday I went to IKIM to do recording for a slot entitled Sains dan Peradaban (Science and Civilization) and the topic that I chose for the slot was Merokok dan Ramadhan (Smoking and Ramadhan).

In the discussion, I explained why it's hard for smokers to quit smoking and then I tried to relate the topic with Ramadhan - how Ramadhan can be the best trainer for quitting smoking. In the first half of the discussion I shared a bit of my knowledge in Pharmacology that I learned during undergraduate study. Then in the second half of the slot I gave some advice regarding the topic.

The recording will be aired next week, Tuesday 15 September 2009, 10.30 am. I am looking forward to listening my own voice in the radio and judge my performance because I am expected to do the same thing more in the future.

I love my job!


scOotBerry said...

ermmm...ikim nye frequency brape ek?nk dgr lah jugak sOre kO.

3p4h said...

Well done bro~

I will take note on dat day... Hrp2 ada radio tyme 2.. Hee =)

moon said...

ala akak ade clas time tu. pe kate rekod bleh akak dgr. hoho

Unknown said...


Lembah Klang 91.5 FM
Langkawi/ Pulau Pinang 89.0 FM
Ipoh 102.7 FM
Negeri Sembilan 102.7 FM
Melaka 89.5 FM
Johor Bahru 106.2 FM
Kuantan 89.6 FM
Kuala Terengganu 100.2 FM
Kota Bharu 89.8 FM
Kuching 93.6 FM
Kota Kinabalu 93.9 FM

pilih la mana2 yang berkenaan :)

Unknown said...


thanks bro. kalau ada masa dengar ya :)

Unknown said...

kak moon..

camne eh nak rekod? huhu.. tak reti la pulok~

nabihah said...


kena pi cri earphone ni huhu

Unknown said...


wahaha~ sila2.. :)

NadSyada said...

esokla kn..huuu

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