Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Recheck

I got a call from an office asking me about my application to recheck the exam result for last semester. The caller asked me something that I couldn’t easily do. Disclaimer: The phone conversation followed has been translated into English but the basic content of it is preserved. No names mentioned except mine.

The caller: Zaki, you filled in an application to recheck your exam result, right? Someone asked you to come to Kuantan to see him, next Monday. If you don’t come, he wouldn’t put his sign in your form.

Szakif: Ha? Why?

The caller: If you don’t come, it shows that you’re not serious with the application.

Szakif: But I’m doing my practical training now, how would I go there on Monday?

The caller: That’s the thing. I’ve told him that but he still wants you come and see him.

Szakif: Can’t it be over the phone instead? It’ll be hard for me to do so. One; because I live in Banting, which is far from Kuantan. Two: because I’m doing practical training now.

The caller: Cannot… Where do you do your practical training, Zaki?

Szakif: Here in Banting, my hometown. I thought I’ve paid RM50 the application? Isn’t it enough to prove how serious I am with the application?

The caller: I don’t know. I’m just doing my job.

Szakif: If I don’t come, my application will be rejected. How about the money?

The caller: It will be returned. Don’t worry.

Szakif: How many other applicants?

The caller: Around 6.

Szakif: And they are asked to do the same?

The caller: Yup.

Szakif: Ok la. Let me discuss with my parents first because it’ll involve (their) money to go to Kuantan. And I have to discuss with my practical training supervisor for a leave. Could you please give me your number?

Then the caller gave me her number for me to update to her anything regarding the matter.

Haiya... This really make me sick la...

I used my own money from the loan I got from SUK Selangor to pay for the application. Note that RM50 means a lot to afford for a student, but considering it’ll be worthwhile to recheck for a paper that I think I should get better grade, I didn’t mind. But now I am asked to go Kuantan instead to see that personnel, to show that I am serious with my application? That is so bureaucratic. Isn’t it enough to fill in a form and pay, and then wait for the result to change, or to maintain?

However for your information, to fill in the form, I didn’t do it myself. Since I couldn’t and wouldn’t make it to Kuantan just to fill a one-page form, I asked a favor from a helpful friend to do it, and that was after suggested by the same caller. Isn’t it enough to show how hard it has been just for an application to be done? Now, it’s becoming harder by asking me to go to Kuantan. Argh!

Imagine if I have gone to Kuantan to fill in the form by my self and then asked again to go there to show my seriousness. That’ll be even pathetic.

Hey people, we have technologies nowadays to be made full use of. Why don’t use it? They are developed to make distance close, to make life easier. Haiya... but still some people don’t see it as it is. Menyusahkan betol!


Ahmad Fahmi Harun Ismail said...

haha u just got shitted la bro..hehe welcome to uia.peace..sori to use explicit word without tooottt.. :P

Unknown said...

ops fahmi... can't help you. hoho...

DaRk AnGeL said...

sabar ler zaki..
tu baru sket.. takat taraf uni je kau berdepan tuh..
belum lagi dunia luar ni ha~~~

Anonymous said...

welcome to my life

ILA said...

OPhhhh!!adakah itu Danial??
sapekah danial dlm hidup awak???

if akak lah..ikut jerrr procedure tersebut. ikut je apa yg mereka arahkan.Memang kita mengeluh..Tapi apakan daya..'siapakah awak' utk membangkangnya???
ohoo..on monday?? is mean u should go to Kuantan on Sunday..tul tak??
adakah ianya berkaitan dgn ahad ini????
sila jawab!!!sbelum mcm2 persoalan
timbul kat kpala ini..huhukk

Anonymous said...

i tink, dlm kala yang lain.. kisah ini agak kurang birokratik la zaki, kalau birokratik pakai kertas je pun cukup... kan kan! enuff wif black n white, xyah jumpa jumpa

Akmal Azeman said...

yep. wat jaed said. i hate these kinda procedures...make our lives as miserable as ever..aiyo~~~

btw. put me in ur link la zaki~~~ tak adil sungguh..huahuahua :P


Anonymous said...

karenah birokrasi je tuh... n lagi satu tak mengikut perkembangan teknologi dan inovasi serta globalisasi.

Unknown said...

jaed.. i dont take isi borang n pay as birokratik, ni kalo da sampai suruh pegi sane itu memang birokratik. banyak songeh plak dia~

lutfi lukman said...

That's not right. Absolutely wrong~ Such a thing shouldn't be happening. And with such a lame reason~ just to show some seriousness?? sounds like a stupid prank instead of an efficient ISO-level procedure :p

A big building equipped with phone lines, 24/7 internet! nak wat video conference pun bleh. Nak jugak nyusahkan idup student~ What a waste of money!~ ingat kita ada private jet ke? ada pintu suka hati doraemon takpe gak. Plain stupid. Period.

Anonymous said...

Izin saya mencarut disini..



Anonymous said...

tentang ni.. aku tak pelik dengar.. cuz this is what i call UIA Kuantan..

As said...

nilah namanya management and birokrasi UIA Kuantan kena revise lagi..(guna bahasa habis lawa da..) Hehe, tahniah.

Takleh ke cakap dengan officer len? Must be a way..inshaAllah, setiap susah ade mudahnya. Mga dipermudahkan urusan, ameen.

p/s: nak pinjam pintu doraemon? As ade, tapi kalo nak tuh kena datang umah As la amik ;)

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