Friday, June 08, 2007

Bloggers Gathering @KLCC

It was my first meeting with Syifa and Hazlyn.
It was Kak Ila’s first meeting with Wawa.
It was Wawa’s first meeting with everyone except me.
And we are all bloggers! It was our mini-reunion, should I say.

Planned by Kak Ila as big boss of the meeting, she aimed at two objectives: to gather her fellow blogging members and to teach her using the public transports i.e. KTM Komuter and Putra LRT to bring us to KLCC. The “us” was also including Kak Ila’s cute but aggressive son and daughter, Syamil and Hasya respectively. I was the one responsible for Kak Ila’s later aim as I am quite familiar with the public transport as compared to Kak Ila who allegedly had only once used the Komuter and never for Putra LRT.

Along the day, we had fun chatting, playing with Kak Ila’s children and not least knowing each other more indirectly. Now I know that Syifa is sooo talkative while Hazlyn is not. Meanwhile, Wawa as I already know her; Wawa is Wawa with her cute big laugh. For your information oh dear Kak Ila, Hazlyn and Syifa, u haven’t listened to her best “rendition”. You should be regretful for not listening to that on our last meeting! ;p Kidding Wawa, but you know what, that what makes you unique and people would remember you strongly for that reason I believe.

After this first gathering, I’m looking forward for another one, two or more. And I hope I can see more of my fellow blogging members face to face later when you come home ok? Although I’ve been thrown to hidden and demoted campus there at Kuantan, it’s not a reason to avoid gathering like this. It’s because I believe, the more friends I have, the more meaningful my life.

Present from Syifa. TQ very much Syifa~

Syifa met her friend.

Hasya, Kak Ila's daughter. I'm quite shocked that she can actually project a very high pitch voice!

So bored standing in the train, so i snap snap and snap...

Syifa, as you wish~

For some reason, I failed in all my trials to secretly (or candidly) capture Hazlyn's face. Argh!

Syamil, he's so manja with his mom~


azuwa said...

adeh~ new ppl won't hear my best 'rendition' of my laugh because I won't allow it, except if it happens accidentally.
because I think ppl will scared of my laugh and me, you know, huhu~

ILA said...

AHAK!!!dah letak entry ngupernya~
2 ari t'lepas baca.nasib baik ari nie MC,bley ler..bantai tenet kat umah..hoho~~
hemmm...akak dah bley imagine mcm ner Azwa gelak..nanti bila jumpa lagi akan akak geletek dia..hehekk(feeling sambil renung azwa)

actually, i hv 1 more plan.idea by my aby but x sure when can b progress.Specially yr situation side & akak x want disturb yr schedule..huhukkk..
d plan is, invite azwa,syifa & lyn .bawa jln2 k Banting.Visit yr mom restoran than bring them go Morib ler..err..okey ker??mesti punya kau sengih..cos akak notice,kau cukup jelak tui..dgn nama morib tak??
awaiting..yr responnnnn~~

azuwa said...

err.. kak ila. tak perlu ler nak tenung saye, blushing muka saye nanti, hik3... =p

Anonymous said...

aku ske gambar yang last tu.....cantik dan ader teknik photography yang mantap

biler lah aku nak jumpe ngan zaki???

luppi cakap ko nak gi indon???

aku g gak....23hb nanti :)

Anonymous said...

:tahan gelak: ehehehh...Wawa xperlu org geletek utk buat dia glak..hehhh...

Ha, b4 g Indon, apa kata join kami for workshop this 25th of June...?

DaRk AnGeL said...

heheheh zaki oi
apesal la aku baru boleh bukak blog kau nih???
dan gmbr tu.. aku dah berjaya bukak dan tunggu lah aku update walupun dah terlmbt...
yesss.. aku dah berjaya amik gmbr dari henset aku~ ngeeeeeeee... ;D
tggu la ek~ hehehehe

DaRk AnGeL said...

souvenir tu kan.. kau letak bwh matahari tau...nnt ia kelip2 sebab guna sel solar.. tak guna bateri...
dan aku suka gmbr terkhir tu.. klasik seh~

Anonymous said...

nnti nak dtg gombak every weekend tu, p la swimmg kat male sport complex tu.

i heard swiiming is the best exercise for reducing weight somehow la hehe. sbb it includes the whole body exercise.
even without even swimming at all,just pusing2 dlm kolam tu jer..

try tgk..
it's easier drpd exercise lain kut =)

lebih senang drpd x mkn nasik =J

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