Friday, October 22, 2010

Article in Bernama and On Air Again

Career wise, currently, I'm not so busy although I thought I'll be busy this month with so much things. That's why I can allocate my time and energy for other things including my Szakif's Pie business, tuition class, and the freelance editing and translating services.

I have got my second translation job with the Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM) and this time it's a creative writing. So, the challenge to translate the material is different from the first job I did, which was a physics book. Anyway, I'm done with the translation. It just needs a little more time on editing then I'll submit it to ITNM hoping that the book will be published for Malaysians' benefit.

Back to the topic, last week I did a translation job for a campaign and it was submitted to and published by Bernama. The original article was written by my officemate and it was about the Organ Donation Awareness Campaign. Yayasan Ilmuwan is one of the organisations involved in the campaign.

Other than that, for the sixth time (I think. Lost the counting already) I was on air in and again it's about Organ Donation Awareness Campaign. It was the first time I went on air live!

I planned not to make it too ordinary where the speaker talks about the benefits of donating organ and so on so forth. But what I planned was to share with the listeners about the anatomy and physiology of the organs that can be donated so that they would appreciate their organs and would like to donate once they pass away.

However, there were some problems that caused me to be on air for about 12 minutes only rather than the scheduled 30 minutes. I thus had to talk fast and cut the points short than what I had in my script. That's the problem when it's a live show. Never mind. I hope to get a chance again to talk about it since I have prepared the materials properly.

A bit of my personal married life, after 5 months being a husband, I think I appreciate the weekends more since life is no more the same like when I was single where I basically didn't really appreciate the weekends as I do now. During the weekends I can spend the time with my family including my parents and my wife and do some other personal stuffs. During the weekdays, only Allah knows how tired I'll be when I reached home until I feel like I have sinned for not sparing a quality time with my wife. When it's weekend, it's time for my parents and that's why I say weekends are more meaningful for more now.

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