Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Did I Do After Postponing My Project?

Yes, my Final Year Project has been postponed. Basically, the problem was due to the failure to induce the rats to become Type II diabetics. That means, I have to wait until February for the new rats and chemicals to come.

I still remember the conversation with the supervisor:
So what should we do with the induced rats? Kill them?
No, sacrifice them.
Ok, got it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not Another STBB

Saya comel.


But people, have you ever thought, what's the difference between STBB and Loyar Burok?

Let me give you a situation:

3 friends are in front of TV, watching. Suddenly, an unknown singer sings.

"Siapa tu?"
"Anis Aniesa"
"Siapa dia tu?"
"Tu..." memuncungkan bibir ke TV.

STBB or Loyar Burok?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Deserves This?

Who'll get this award from me? Anyway, thanks Emiratez for this award. T_T

Argh... I'm so blur who to choose because to me all my readers are highly valued, be they write blog or not.

Ok let's define "gila" so that it'll be clear who and why I choose these bloggers and give them this award.

  1. Gila in the sense that she could bear the pain she's suffering from, from the day she was diagnosed until the day of post-surgery i.e. now and yet she's still positive and strong. Read her journey through the suffering in her blog. It's really inspiring for healthy people like us who usually take advantage of our health. Gila ah ko As!
  2. Gila in the sense she would and could entertain my craziness in this blog of mine, and also in her own blog. Not only that, she must be crazy spending the break at home and home only that she writes her daily activities in her blog to fill in the hours, intending not let boredom to surround her. Gila ah ko Liyana!
  3. Gila in the sense that she is admitting something BIG is going to happen in her life but she's yet to choose or not to choose to go for it. All these are written in her blog. Let's wait what's that going to be and let's pray the best for her future. Gila ah ko Kema!
  4. Gila in the sense that he has been really committed with the community blog (, as well as his own blog that is very informative and not to mention very attractive. Gila ah ko Adlan! No, this is not because I got present from him recently. Huhu~

Those whom I didn't choose, don't be angry with me, but with them. Huhu~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

If Biomedical Science is not My Forte, I'll Go Modelling

Height? Tick
Handsome? Tick
Photogenic? Tick

Six packs - Work out more
Health - Work on stamina

Peha besar - Ok. Rejected. No size for trousers and jeans.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Winner is Nino!

Congratulations to Nino for answering the quiz in previous post correctly.

Do you know how she did it?

What if you try answer this question instead: Where was the picture above taken?

Tell me the answer and how you did it. Nino is not allowed, because she knows the technique. Hehe...

Info: The above picture is the only one taken by using phone camera. The rest pictures were taken by digital camera. None of them was captured by using DSLR, because simply I don't have one. Hehe~

I'm dreaming to buy one soon, but how soon? Let's think about getting married first before buying the DSLR camera. Lalala~

Black and White or Colourful? You Choose Your Colour

Question: Of the pictures above, which use:
  • DSLR
  • Digital Camera
  • Phone camera
Winner will be receive a special Eid Adha present from me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Kak, saya nak order Nasi Goreng Kampung Pedas-Gila-Babi.

Kak, mee goreng Zuzanna extra pedas satu!

Nasi lemak telur goreng, sambal lebih ye?

Argh... Spicy foods are so my choice. Eating meals without spiciness incorporated is like taking bath without water. They'll taste nothing.

But ya, being moderate is always the best. But levels of moderation vary between people right? You sure don't want to know my level.

Read this entry for the benefits of eating spicy meals.

But there are some side effects after eating spicy meals:
  • I tend to sweat a lot, which describes the load of laundry in my room
  • I tend to get mouth ulcer at least once a month, which explains my sudden silence
  • I tend to be more handsome than previously, which I don't expect to occur

Lastly, don't do this to your grandmother, please. A big NO comes right after you watch this video:

Update: After few discussions, Jepah forwarded to me 2 websites related to appendix and appendicitis. Read the comment room for the discussion.

  • To know the function of the appendix from the perspective of Bible, read here.
  • To ponder whether to cut or not to cut our appendix willingly, or perhaps should i say arbitrarily, read here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sayang jangan melawan ye, nanti Sayang sakit.

Sayang melawan ye!

Owh, Sayang ada skill! Ni yang buat Abang tercabar ni!

Rilek Sayang rilek. Jangan ke mana-mana. Nak lari ke mana tuh! Ekekeke~

Ha… Macam tu la. Duduk diam-diam. Senang Abang nak buat kerja Abang.

Ok. Dah masuk dah.

Terima kasih Sayang.

Talking to the rats sometimes is relieving. You can imagine you have to inject intraperitoneally as many as 40 rats in every session of the experiment. It's very tiring.

And yes, I do call them “Sayang”.

This 0:50 video might be helpful for you to understand more about what I am doing:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quiz: Read in One Breath

Take stopwatch. Take a very deep breath. Then read this paragraph in one shot with no mistake. Tell me how long you take to do that.

Influence of mixture of juices from Citrus aurantifolia (Limau nipis) and Averrhoa bilimbi (Belimbing buluh) at different concentrations on fasting blood glucose level in streptozotocin (STZ)-nicotinamide-induced diabetic type II male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Am I Happy being Biomedical Science Student?

Belajar apa kat UIA?
Biomed? Isy... tak bosan ke?
A real scene during this activity.

How frequent that I actually write about my life as Biomedical Science student?

My advice is, never regret with what you've chosen. Apatah lagi it will affect 4 years of your life and along that period, it will determine your further future.

Do I have to admit that I was actually a Pharmacy student way back to matriculation center? Pharmacy allegedly has better future, but then why did I change my mind by moving to Biomedical Science? (No offense to Pharmacy students)

The thing is, He has pre-determined our future. We have our own place in this world, to play our own part as khalifah. Better doesn't always mean the best, because on top of that, He knows what's best for us.

Just believe and have faith with our choice and wish that our steps through the path are constantly guided by Him.

This entry is closely related to the entry entitled Am I Proud to be IIUM Student?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can Sing Like Ziana Zain, so What?

Kuantan – Kerteh: 1 ½ hour.

Reached Kerteh. Eat-all-you-want mode. Burrrppp...

Kerteh – Kuala Terengganu: 2 hours. Eh?

Anyone knows any FM channels for this area? Nah~

Tuning tuning... Gotcha! Terengganu FM!

But... talk talk talk talk till your ears bled and your eyes weighed heavier than ever. Argh!

Then, Izzuddin suggested, “pasang kaset Ziana Zain la!”


Then the driver managed to reach Kuala Terengganu with no exhaustion but at the jaw. Haha~

Don't drink eat and drive people. It makes you sleepy.

Aku adalah sandaraaaAAAANNN. Ah... piece of cake.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jazli Marah Aku

He's back and angry.

He said:
OMG!!! (in mat salleh pny accent)

smggu aku xde...aku jd bahan dlm blog ko eh???ko pakai keta aku as topic utk blog ko??ko permainkan keta aku..keta yg aku bg JUDIN nk lah sbb nya aku x bg ko jg tau..aku tau je ko akan buat sumtin..aku bg judin sbb aku pcaya dia..tgk2 ko nk gak nyemak jer dgn keta aku..

fras aku mcm ni!!!

And some more comments in his blog:
Lastly, good friends are hard to come by. So when you find one, hold on to him/her. I'm not talking about a friend I made while away, I'm talking about a guy whose been a good friend not only to me but to many others as well. Just take a look at what he did for me while I was away. Not to get all emotional and all, but this is a public thank you to him for being a good friend. (Yeck, sounds so gay =p)

Let's laugh out loud =))

Gay Yahoo Messenger Status

How frequent you change your status in Yahoo Messenger when you're online? If you ask me, and if you have added me in your list, you would observe that I change it fairly frequently. But one thing about me in this case is that, the status isn’t only a line describing my current status, but a provocation for people to reply to the status and thus initiating a conversation. Isn’t it tricky? :D

Like yesterday, I put the status as “Missing Danial very badly” and immediately I got few replies asking what exactly it meant. Those who only know this Danial, they’d think I’m gay for missing a guy while actually whom I meant was another Danial who’s close to my heart i.e. my nephew. (Not to mean the other way round eh Danial :D)

Speaking more about the YM status, for those who love to share links to beneficial sites, it’ll be great to put it as the status as people will click on it, visit it and gain something from it. Some put short reminders for us to ponder. Some actually say their current status, which is the actual purpose that status is created in the first hand. However to me, I’ll put something that isn’t usually other people would put. Most of the time, they are STBBs! Ngehehe~

The most STBB one so far I think is: Sorry for being too handsome.

Argh... talk to the hand~ *rolling eyes

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Prank is... II

To those who still don't get it, I didn't do any prank to his car, but I sent the car to car wash center, without his knowledge. Let see how he'll react to this. Ngehehe~

Not only that, I even pumped the flat tyre. :)

Just forget what he did to my car last time. It was just manja-manja-mengada-mengada childish activity. You know... Huhu~

Thanks for the car, Jaz. I enjoyed riding it. Huhu~

Actually, who got pranked in this case?

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Prank is...

This is the subsequent entry for this 14 November one.

...pouring as much sabun as possible onto his car. And ya, I hired people to do this prank. Heh~ The initial idea was to find snow wash, but I didn't find any car wash center which served that.

Come on la people, I'm not Evil, I'm kindhearted-Szakif. :D

Ok la, not to discredit your suggestions, here I announce the best prank idea. It goes to: KEMA, who suggested:
aku rs ko patot bsh keta dier ngn air longkang. hmmm..mcm bley tahan gak kan??? muahahah!

Now I know who's evil. Muahahaha~

Actually, who got prank-ed here? :P

What's the Prank?

I'm happy to prank him till I jump! Lalala~

Owh, today is 17 November. As I promised, today is the day. Wait eh...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Suggest Me a Prank

This car is guilty!

For being too cute
for being too smart
for being too shiny

So cuteness, smart and shining shouldn't continue very long. Let's do something bad. Ngehehe...

Maybe, bigger note put onto the front mirror? Nah... That doesn't sound too wacky. Look what he did to me last time in this entry.

The owner isn't around for a week. Lalala~

The best idea will be featured in this blog. Ngehehe~

Update 1: I've been informed that he has no reach to his mobile phone and of course internet connection. So... revenge!

Update 2: He will be back on 18 November. The prank will be done a day earlier. So wait until 17 November readers!

Keep on giving me suggestions!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jangan Masuk Blog!

Aa aaah Zaki, off record ok. Jangan masuk blog~

Nanti kalau benda ni kecoh aku tahu la nak tengok kat blog siapa!

Pengumuman ye. Semua gambar adalah simpanan peribadi. Jangan masuk blog.

Eeeeehh... Takut aku nak cakap depan Zaki. Nanti masuk blog.

Fine... they look at me when it comes to blogging and spreading hot news. Haih~
But, doesn't that mean I am hot also? Owh thank you. Appreciate that.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blogging is a Kind of Therapy

I can write two posts per day during the examination period.

I hardly can write as such when it's not in the said period.

I felt relaxed and I enjoyed when writing.

Verdict: Blogging can reduce tension during examination period.

Monday, November 10, 2008


At Pak Lah, Fahmi, Izzuddin, Danial and I went for breakfast.

Oit, tangan ko berbulu tapi jari tak berbulu pulak eh?
Aku plak tengok ah ni. Tangan berbulu, jari berbulu. Macam bigfoot!
Tak cakap tak cakap~
Ko sah-sah ada darah Pakistan kot. Aku plak, kurang bulu. Tengok tangan, dagu, pipi, dada. Nipis-nipis je bulu. Macam pondan.
Tak cakap tak cakap~ (Fine~ dia pulang paku buah keras dan-dan tu jugak)
Ada orang nak kurangkan bulu dengan cara wax. Tak sakit ke ha?
Sakit la!
Aku takyah wax. Cabut je. Kalau tengah study tu, diam-diam aku cabut bulu ketiak aku. (membuat gaya mencabut bulu ketiak).
Alamak. Ko annoyed ke? Sorry sorry...

He didn’t finish his second plate of nasi lemak.

Sorry bro! ;p

Footnote: The sentences in italics are my conversations containing chronically excessive STBB fires. Huhu~

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What Type of Blog Reader are You?

There are 2 types of blog readers:

One for those who secretly read our blogs or also known as silent readers, and two for those who have no problem to admit, “Hey, I read your blog!”

For the first type, they digest what they read from the blogs without any intention to expose their existence behind the screen. They prefer to keep what they read to themselves without trying to expand the discussion to a broader view. It’s either they don’t like to use the keyboard (read: lazy) or they have no comments to speak out. They just read, or just see the pictures and that’s it, thanks. Some are even afraid if the writer knows that they read his blog for some personal reasons.

My advice for this type: if you’re comfortable with being silent reader, go on. I have no problem with it. Huhu~

For the second type, they read, they digest and lastly they leave comments. Some do not leave any comments or footprints in the blog but do not have problem to admit that they read the blog to the writer. Even some bring the topic to further discussion outside the blog.

My advice for this type: I appreciate that you read my blog, and I’ll even appreciate it more if you discuss more of what have been discussed in my blog. Yey!

In my case, the most common question I got regarding my blog is: STBB tu apa sebenarnye? Haih~ Penat jugak nak jelaskan kat semua orang kan? :P

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Value of Invitation

Last year.

Pojan stalked my window from his room.

Toot toot toot.

Hello Zaki, hang jaga ka? Jom Pak Lah, breakfast. Tema – baju tidoq.
Okeh, set!

It wasn’t only him. Lutfi and Haikal followed; of course they were in their pyjamas. I was the only junior among them.

We took breakfast while discussing a range of topics from our favorite foods to our plan after graduation. I put my ears to full volume to learn something from the discussions. Few times I interfered to ask questions. We left the coffee house with a beautiful memory, well… to me at least.

This year.

I took out the mobile phone.

Toot toot toot.

Danial, lapar? Jom Zuzanna!

Nothing much during the dinner. Few topics discussed and not to mention few times I melatah and laughed by him. Fine~ :P

When we reached the campus, a friend of mine of the same batch asked Danial.

Danial, dari mana?
Dengan sapa?
Owh. Keluar dengan senior eh ko. Bagus bagus.

One: When the seniors have been nice to us when we were juniors the other day, we should be one also when we’ve become senior right? I think this is why life is said to be like a wheel, isn't it?

Two: I value invitation very much. See, it was just a simple breakfast at Pak Lah but yet I still remember it. Thanks seniors, and thanks also Kuantan!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Time to Look into Myself

Which part of it that I am a real Malay (read: orang Melayu)?

It's now the time to look into myself back. I am sure that my parents will be hurt if they know that there's a part of me hate to be inheriting this blood.

But that might be changed. Give me time to go through this introspection.

Read this blog (

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mari Berdoa II

Welcome to the next stage!

I pray to Allah for the thieves to be punished not only in the hereafter but here in this temporary world. Gagaga...

I pray also for me to get the best result for Drug Abuse paper. Amin~

Related entry: Mari Berdoa

For This Last Paper

For this last paper,
for what it takes to excel,
for what it would result,
I'm off...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fenomena Lelaki Melatah

This is a subsequent entry for this one.

How frequent you see men melatah?

For me, I see a lot of them quite frequently, which of course includes me myself. Huhu~

Yes, I don’t feel embarrassed to declare that, because I can’t help it. It just happens. When stimulated, I'll just speak things ridiculously. But I can say my level of melatah isn’t as severe.

My friend analyzed the way I melatah. He said, I have few levels of melatah. First, when I’m quite shocked with something, I’ll say “Seluar!”

Move to higher level, I’ll say “Seluar bab*!”

And the highest level, argh... you sure don’t want to know or hear me saying that line. Hehe~

Why "seluar"? Don't ask, I myself don't have answer for that. :P

This phenomenon is said to be common among Malays, which proves that I have that gene in me. What makes this race get infected with this syndrome remains unknown. Well, that should be an interesting topic for biomedical science students and grads to do research on it anyway. :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Enjoy and Study

If you can see, most of my latest entries were all light to read, some with just a few lines without too much inputs in it. Well, those were certainly intentional.

During this exam period, I opt not to stress up my mind by writing entries that would sound heavy and thus would bring debate. Exam period to me is the time to enjoy being challenged with questions on pieces of paper on what we have learnt along the semester, not with other miscellaneous stuffs. It's definitely not the time to cause any disagreements, quarrel and provocation with the readers.

Yes, you might be stressed up with your performance once you step out of the exam hall, but what you can do then? Hang yourself? Jump into the lake? No no no, for God sake. Whatever is done, it's done. You've put your effort, be it ample or not to your judgement, let it be. Tawakkal 'alallah is the most important and of course continous prayers should come together.

Let's talk about enjoying ourselves during the exam period. You might say there's no such thing to enjoy when you have a bunch of notes to read and to memorize. Well then I'll say, if you don't enjoy doing that, how would you read and memorize then?

As for me, I love not to schedule myself into a specific way of revising the notes. But I do have plans of what to do next and next. I study at the time when most people are sleeping, and once I feel like I can't take it anymore, I'll stop and do anything but studying. That includes sleeping anyway. Not to forget, watching "Sepi" movie few hours before the exam. Hehe...

You may say that's not a smart way to study, but hey, I enjoy doing that. What's the problem? :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

STBB YM Version

This entry might be offensive for some readers. Personal advisory is advised.

When you are exchanging messages through Yahoo Messenger, it's almost like normal conversation where you can say anything you like, but of course in the form of written words.

So, you can never leave the room without making STBB. Haha... This is my pick for today. The name has been changed to preserve the privacy.

Datin Faizura: pasni no respon la kat org gila camtu
Datin Faizura: mmg dasar anu kecut
Muhammad Zaki: =)) STBB!
Muhammad Zaki: minta izin tulis kat blog!!!!
Datin Faizura: sila lah tulis!
Datin Faizura: hahaha
Datin Faizura: akak mmg slalu ckp camtu esp kat lelaki
Muhammad Zaki: :P
Muhammad Zaki: *so saye ni sape?
Muhammad Zaki: mak pondan nyah!

There are 2 STBB's above. Can you spot them?

Kah kah!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Don't Want People to See This of Me


Ooo Kopolosonok!

Bapak ko!

Of three, which one describes me best?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Should I Trust Nuffnang?

Statistics at 9 am.

Statistics at 3 pm.

I checked the statistics of visits to this blog of mine everyday. I am blog-addict, so what? :P

This morning I checked the statistics was quite shocking, that it showed a sudden increase in the number of visits for yesterday.

Now, afternoon. It's time to get some rest after reading the notes for final exam tomorrow. Then, I happen to recheck the statistics and suddenly the statistics is different from the morning one. How is that possible?

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Nuffnang, I want answer please~

STBB of the Year


Are you stressed out after reading all those notes for the final exam? Watching this 1:24 long video would help to reduce it.

"Adik tidoq. Satgi adik terkejut, terpelanting.. ha.. Pecah kepala!"

Thanks to: Matematis Muda


Sometimes Nuffnang provides wrong information. Duh~
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