Friday, April 25, 2008

The Practical Training II

2 weeks and 2 days of practical training is already done. 10 weeks more to go. That means I’m done in the hematology/clinical section of the lab of Hospital Banting which I found quite so-so interesting.

Next is Blood Bank section, which I think will be very interesting because I never tried most of the experiments conducted in the section. G6PD screening is the most awaited experiment because that used to be my topic during doing thesis for Hematology and Oncology SBM 3034.

I heard many instances of students not enjoying their internship mainly because choosing, or may be given the wrong place. Some just can see the working staffs conducting the experiments without trying them by themselves; some find they are tortured doing numerous works where as they are actually not paid; and some are even doing things that are not related to their field! Can you imagine, a student is asked to design vision and mission of the company? What does the company think an intern supposed to do? Being unpaid labor?

However, that’s all depending upon your own choice. If you are ready to do labor works during internship while in the same time learning a lot from the hardship, that’s fine. If you are looking for leisure, you better ask the senior where they do their internship and how did they find it – interesting or not.

I still remember this brother did his internship far in the jungle of Pahang but in the end he enjoyed what he did because the staffs there are so damn good. They were good in a way that the experience working with them is one of a kind! You won’t find it anywhere else but there and there only.

Ok, I know I’m still not being objective here. Who am I to explain deeper right? It’s because I am still doing the practical training and not even half of the period is done.

Now back to myself, I have to keep on maintaining the favorable atmosphere of the practical training that I am in now. From time to time along the 12-week period I’ll be exposed to different experiences and insya-Allah I will be ready to face anything. It’s just a matter of how I deal with those things and how fast I can adapt to the changes they may cause and cost.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Practical Training

I have gone through seven days of the practical training, which I found actually very interesting!

I am placed in the Pathology Department of Hospital Banting (or we simply call “Makmal”), in which there are 6 sections in it; hematology/clinical section, blood bank, cytology, microbiology, drug lab and chemical pathology. That’s the arrangement of which I’ll be put through out the 12-week training. I’ve got the schedule for posting in the sections during the first day right after the registration.

Hematologi/Klinikal: 10 April – 25 April (2 weeks 2 days)
Tabung Darah: 28 April – 9 Mei (2 weeks)
Sitologi: 12 May – 16 May (1 week)
Mikrobiologi: 19 May – 6 June (3 weeks)
Makmal Dadah: 9 June – 13 June (1 week)
Patologi Kimia: 16 June – 4 July (3 weeks)

Hospital Banting is a district level hospital (although the name has dropped the word “Daerah” which was previously inserted in the name before the upgrade). Therefore the lab in this hospital is not practically and technically capable to do some of the tests for samples from patients. For samples that are not done here, they are sent to other labs like at Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah of Klang, HUKM, IMR etc. However, despite the lack of number of tests, I have and will learn a lot from the small lab.

In the same lab, there are 7 other diploma students from PTPL College doing their internship. They are divided to their respective sections and they have schedule where they will be shifting from section to section. Fortunately for me, I’ll be insya-Allah working with different people in every section, which is good for me to know more about them. They are 5 Indian girls, and one each Malay boy and girl. Currently I am in the same section with a humorous but yet helpful Saifudin, from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. I wonder how he could manage to go back and forth Nilai-Banting everyday which takes about 1½ hours.

Speaking about the staffs working here, they are all nice like no one but your family. Am I too exaggerating here? Even if I do, what’s the big deal right? It’s because they ARE nice and good and professional in work. They are very attentive and frank. Under the supervision of Mr. Yusfairuz, they look happy with what they are doing, and that affects my performance when doing my practical. Alhamdulillah...

Who says living in the lab won’t have any life? I think the 3-month internship will be a short one for me. So that’s why I have to really enjoy it to the maximum. Makmal best!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It's time for Practical Training.

I'm doing it in my hometown, more specifically in Hospital Banting. I'm expecting something to learn and to adapt there - real working environment. Ya Allah, please guide me.

After this I think I'll not be updating this blog for quite some time because I have no internet connection in my house. The same goes to the email, Friendster and Facebook. I have to go to the cybercafe, spending some bucks and time there in case I urgently need to use the internet.

At the beach of Teluk Cempedak
5 April 2008
Book - Toxicology Manual
Me - heading the sun rising from the east while finishing the manual for final exam the next day. Subhanallah...
It was me and me alone...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Change 2.0


Pardon me. Is it really already another April? O-AM-GEE!

That means I’ve been with the diet for a year! You don’t ring a bell? Read these:

The Change
The Change II
The Change III
The Change IV
The Change V

Currently I am around 76kg in weight, and of course 180cm still in height (you expect a 23-year-old guy can grow any taller? =p) which means I am 23.5 in BMI. Alhamdulillah, I can maintain what I’ve got and I’m really grateful that I can be consistent with my effort to bring my weight to an ideal one.

“Consistent” here refers more to the end result, because the “effort” to avoid rice in my daily meals is subject to daily changes especially after the 3-month almost completely without rice (April to June last year). Note: Exception to my mother’s wish.

So it is possible for you to reduce weight without taking any supplements or herbs or whatsoever that may in turn increase your expenses. For your information, I once had effort to reduce my weight when I was in… erm… when was it? I can’t recall. But it didn’t work. That time I consumed laxatives and I was tortured going to the toilet too many times that it took most of my time to poo just for nothing! I even got gastric you know! Pergggh… Note: My weight greatly increased after circumcision. When? Naaah… Too much information ;p

But now, see me! :D

However, I want to stress again. I only avoided rice, not carbohydrate. The idea was simple; I tend to eat a lot with rice, so I avoid it. I get carbohydrate supplies from biscuits, noodles and of course breads.

Now, although I do eat rice, it’s in tightly controlled schedule. It’s very rare to see me eating meals with rice twice a day, 7 days a week unless when I really need it such as when I’m stressed out and during exam period where I really need constant adequate glucose supply. And not to forget when it’s free meal =p. However though, I force myself not to add another plate of rice although the dishes are like heaven! The strength must come from me to say NO.

Now Zaki. It’s time for the next move. Exercise more! Tak lama lagi ko nak kahwin!!! Build up your stamina from now! LOL :D until you T_T

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