Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It's time for Practical Training.

I'm doing it in my hometown, more specifically in Hospital Banting. I'm expecting something to learn and to adapt there - real working environment. Ya Allah, please guide me.

After this I think I'll not be updating this blog for quite some time because I have no internet connection in my house. The same goes to the email, Friendster and Facebook. I have to go to the cybercafe, spending some bucks and time there in case I urgently need to use the internet.

At the beach of Teluk Cempedak
5 April 2008
Book - Toxicology Manual
Me - heading the sun rising from the east while finishing the manual for final exam the next day. Subhanallah...
It was me and me alone...


ILA said...


fattybombom said...

hmmm nice pic...sgt fell in love with your...feet

:: !zyan :: said...

haaa..make sure that u really enjoy ur practical ok.
scientist must walk the talk...then pnly you can become a REAL scientist..betolkan niat ye dikk. Saje nak ingatkan. Working life nih lain sket..

:: !zyan :: said...



lutfi lukman said...

perghh, study kat pantai?
c'mon, u can write it on a notepad when u're free. Then just spend about 10 mins to copy,paste and post it at any cyber cafe ;)

Anonymous said...

i) Makhluk ini tahu secara mencuri lihat
semasa aku menulis entri di perpustakaan universiti

Unknown said...

kak ila..
TQ so much.. akak ni yang da keje lama mesti banyak pengalaman camne keje dengan orang kan~

fell in love with my feet pun jadi la~ ;p

thanks for the advise. aku da ready for anything insya Allah that would happen during the practical mentally and physically.. so far i enjoyed it very much! :D

actually that's exactly what i did when posting anything in this blog. i prepared it earlier and then posted it when i reach the internet.. TQ :D

itu namenye spy serba boleh ok~ ;p

Anonymous said...

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