Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Management Course for Student Leaders (MCLead)

Forget about the 17-hour travel from Kuantan to Perlok. Forget about the late information to come to our knowledge about this programme. Forget about the rain and floods of being obstacles for that day. Forget about the lack of sleep and rest. Forget all those because despite the difficulties, they worth the end results!

The Vice President II and I, as the Secretary General represented SCIENCESS to Management Course for Student Leaders (MCLead) held at Perlok Recreational Camp of Sungkai, Perak from 14 to 16 December 2007. From the course, we were exposed by the works behind the scene for programmes held by university students, particularly in IIUM, from A to Z. Although most of the procedures are meant for the Gombak campus, they are actually the best ones that should be applied in Kuantan campus as well. Besides that, our thoughts were open for a wider horizon about our duties as students of IIUM who hold the responsibilities for the Ummah.

What made my days there more cheerful was my group – Group 1! The group members were all cheerful and lively. Most importantly, they all contributed for the energy of the group and that yielded us the best group of the course! Now I’m looking forward to beginning link with them more via forum and virtual discussion room through the internet. Sharing information and knowledge are crucial for intersociety and interclub leaders because in the end we are all IIUM students who are responsible for ourselves, the university and the Ummah as whole.

Activity in the river. To fight the river stream isn't that easy I tell you!

You know... guys...

During presentation for the proposal paper.

We got to go to the middle of the river and sang Malaysian Negaraku.

Went home...

Suddenly the bus...

The fabulous Group 1!

What an honour to have the Rector to officiate the course for the first time ever!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lunch with the Dean

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So far I’ve represented my kulliyyah two times in competitions. And alhamdulillah I won in both. The first time was when I was in first year in National Level of Science Quiz organized in USM, Penang and the current one was in the National Level Internship Challenge organized by Since we brought the name of Kulliyyah of Science to pride, it made the kulliyyah glad and this was where they belanja us makan-makan! Yey!

Last time, for the win in USM, it was in Tarbush of Ampang, a restaurant serving foods basically come from the Arab lands. This time it’s time for the Thai foods! The kulliyyah brought us to Sara Thai Kitchen, located in Jalan Gambut, Kuantan last Monday.

Nothing much to say since it was really simple lunch where the Dean, Deputy Dean and few other staffs joined and also it was attended by 2 other students who fragranced the name of the Kulliyyah. The Dean gave a short speech congratulating us for the win and advised us to participate in more competitions.

Tips: Whenever you join any competitions, let the kulliyyah know even if it has nothing to do with academic matters. You can even ask for some budget! Whether you win or not, that’s another story.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kuantan in December

To know what happened on December last year, visit

Let’s talk about December again. This time it’s a situation here in Kuantan. Like last year, the weather signifies something that might bring problems to us. Till this note is written, the condition isn’t as bad as last year’s. We had terrible weeks last December because the rain didn’t stop all week long. Note that the word “week” instead of “day”. Yes, the rain kept on falling and showed no sign to stop.

Problem: How to go to the class? We got no roofed sidewalk along the way to the kulliyyah. Even if we have one, it won’t help either. The heavy wind follows the rain. Lucky me, I got car but how about the rest of students? Okay, the bus might be an alternative but the ineffective schedule and limited vacancy needed to be considered. Don’t say SCIENCESS didn’t do anything regarding this but no effective action was taken. Sigh*

Problem: How about our loads of laundry? Remind you, no dryer is provided here. Therefore we got to hang the clothes inside the room hoping the wind from the fan will slowly dry them up. But how long will they take to dry up? Days? A week? Don’t say also SCIENCESS didn’t highlight this matter but again... you know what I mean...

The design of the central facility a.k.a CF is definitely nice but it’s just the design, not the function. When it’s raining, you can imagine how wet the CF is since the design allows the floor to see the sky directly, thus the sky greets the floor with lots of crying. Heh*

Despite all these difficulties due to the rain we can still live. Use the bus to go to class and came early to get your seat or at least space in the bus rather than being absent from classes. That’s our objective of being here – to study, so don’t let the rain to be an unreasonable excuse. For other problems you might figure out your own solutions like sending your laundry to the dobby outside the campus but finances might be a problem to some. For problems, there are solutions and be wise to figure them out rather than complaining without doing anything. Grow up people!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Those who understand Arabic well, please translate what the conversation in this video means.. Plsss...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

3 Years Already?

It's December now so that means it's been 3 years (don't get confused with the picture above) since I got involve in blogging world. It was initiated by reading so many blogs by wide range of writers and I asked myself why shouldn't I have one for my own where I can express myself and my thoughts? And here you go, a blog of mine named "apa yang aku fikirkan".

I still preserve the blog name in bahasa although I've been writing in English since August 2006. Yes, this blog was written in bahasa initially for a few months then I changed my mind to write it in English instead. The idea was that this writing in English as a therapy and training for myself to enhance my English. If you're good follower of this blog you might be observing that my English standard isn't that high. I use simple English and not much vocabulary and adjectives are being utilized throughout my words. And that explains a lot about my English, I mean the written one. My spoken English is of lower level since I've got problem with my tongue and I'm working on fixing it stage by stage. Damn you ulcers! Argh!

Ok, enough about language.

Throughout the years spent for blogging I've encountered so many experiences and the topmost one is definitely to know other blogging friends. Now I know this world is actually small. Once I knew this person, he's actually connected by a person I've known earlier like the cases of Ihab and Ismat, Lutfi and Amirul, and Nad, Baez and Syifa and my schoolmates. I also have met most of them personally and they are great people in person! Now I'm looking forward to seeing eyes-to-eyes with the rest of them whom I've not meet yet.

Talking about the readers of this blog, I know they are a lot of silent readers and don't be shocked that they actually come from Indonesia. Thanks to Statcounter for giving me the statistics about where my readers are actually coming from. And most shockingly is that my entry about ghost is the one attracts the most readers. More of that, usually people searching for words like pontianak, hantu, pocong and so will end up reading this blog. To me it's not that shocking anymore since every time I check the statistics that's the one showing the highest hit. Hm... Should I continue writing about ghost? Naaaah...

More about readers, they are some who respond directly to me positively or negatively. One of them is you-know-who who will check the pictures (since she doesn’t really read the entries) and she’s the reason why a picture in this entry and this one to be deleted. With all due respect, I have no problem with her request so I just deleted them. End of story. No fight. Hehe...

Other readers come from my friends who include the Odah members, classmates, kulliyyah-mates, friendster friends and most recently I've figured out lecturers also. Welcome lecturers! I'm glad you read this blog. And I've been informed that there are staffs of Kulliyyah of Economics of IIUM who read this blog frequently. Ha? Well... no wonder since this is an open internet blogging and everyone have access to it anytime anywhere.

That's all for now. Just one thing, I hope I'll be writing more of thoughtful entries other than reporting what's going on in my daily life. If this one little brother can do it, why can't I? Haha...
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