Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Time to be Dormant

The final exam is finally coming! Now it’s time be dormant – from email, from blog, from Friendster, from Multiply (I'm working on it) - from all internet thingy.

Wish me all the best.

Terengganu! Awana Kijal! Wait me till 12th! I'll reach you! I promise!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KOS Gala Night

Classmates who attended the occasion.

With akak-akak-yang-gila-tapi-best...

I kinda love this pose. Don't know why..

Yummy... But cliche la...

The participants..

With Anuar. Now i knew he's actually her schoolmate. Congatulations for the win in Blogging Competition bro! Keep on blogging. I love your blog. It's motivating..

With the first year students aka my juniors. I'm grateful having them as my juniors because they rock!!!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Change V

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Statements I got generally from my relatives during last Hari Raya holidays :

“Ko Zaki kan? Akak dah tak kenal dah. Nak tegur takut salah orang.”
I don’t think I am that unrecognizable.

“Zaki! Ko dah kurus!”
Owh… don’t get too excited. Nothing interesting.

“Kurusnya Zaki...”
I thought I met you last two weeks?

“Zaki sekarang dah kurus.”

“Sebenarnya akak dah nampak Zaki kurus. Malas nak cakap je...”

“Zaki, ko jangan la kurus lagi. Nanti cengkung sangat. Macam ni dah ok dah”
Thank you...

“Zaki dah makin hensem la!”

“Boleh minta tolong tak?”
“Makan nasi!”
Loud of laugh!!!
*aku takkan lupe statement ko ni Haikal! LOL

I was so shocked that I could maintain my weight although I ate quite a lot during Raya. In order to avoid rice, I cooked. Because I know, if it's emalk who cook the meals, they are nothing but nasi campur, nasi goreng, nasi impit etc. Rice rice rice... Argh!

My plan to cook other-than-rice meals for relatives visiting my house did work! Thank you to mak and abah who subsidized me the whole things to cook. And most importantly they allowed me to cook!

I prepared Sheperd’s pie (thanks to her who gave me the recipe), fried vermicelli, spaghetti and fries omelet. People loved them because they were something new and most of them haven’t tried such meals previously. Also, not to mention I cooked well. Don’t take me wrong but that’s the fact. Hehe... One more thing, I think people are sick of rendang, nasi impit, kuah kacang, lemang etc. Come to my house people! I’ll prepare non-Malay foods. No no no... I mean next year. Hehe...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Don't be Too Much Superficial

Do you know where this place is? It's called Pusat Angkasa Negara. But I don't get it why it's not as popular as Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar. Without research center like this, people cannot fly to the moon you know!

I think I got it why medical course is more popular than biomedical. So superficial la! Don't forget about people behind the scene. They are as important as the ones in front.

*raye2 aku emosy plak

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Too Went Tea Two

Aizat Jamil 4:17am 12-OCT-07
Zaki, happy burfday n happy hari raye.

Syidah Samttar 9:49pm 11-OCT-07
Hapy besday.Aku doakan smg pnjg umur,mrh rzki,jd pljr cmrlang.1 lagi cpt kawen.Dptla aku mkn nasi myk cpt..Umur dh 22,smg sgl impian m’jd knyataan.Amin.

Aargh 1:36pm 11-OCT-07
Appy birthday baby

Dini Najwa 12:10pm 11-OCT-07
Kwnku zaki,selamat hari lahir!semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dilapangkan hati.slmt hari raya in advance!maaf zahir dan batin.incase ada tbuat slh,mtk maaf byk2!

Kak Ila 11:47am 11-OCT-07
Wishing you many more returns of the day. Happy birthday to you. May Allah bless you forver…

Wardah Sufiyah 6:21am 11-OCT-07
Assalamualaykum. Slmt hari lahir. (^_^)

Asmawi 12:57am 11-OCT-07
Happy besdey zaki. Welcome to da club!

Mardiah 12:48am 11-OCT-07
Salam,en zaki..Slamat hari lahir ke 22 thn..May Allah Bless u.. N slmt hari ry aidifitri..Mar angklg

Jay 12:08 11-OCT-07
Salam..HappyBirthday ke-22,Zaki Ramli.May Allah bless u alwiz.Moga dpjgkn usiamu & dmurhkn rezki..snym sokmo & ceria2 slalu. Btw,Slmt Hari Raya & all da BEST!

Fiza Hanif 11:59 10-OCT-07
Hepi burfday..May al o ur dreams will come true..Sweet 22..May Allah bless u throughout ur life…

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Responsibility

It felt strange when I was in this situation. It was when people around me got this small piece of paper where my name was in it. They have option; either to tick or not to tick my name. This is where I tried to think what they were thinking. Is this guy good enough to hold this post? No, the other one is far better than him! But he’s been working with the society so he got the experience already. Yes, but still the other one is far better than him! Argh... I’m fighting with myself not knowing people have already decided and have submitted the vote.

When it came to the announcement, my name was the second announced. I won the vote.

Ha? I won?

That very moment I realized that I hold this heavy responsibility for the society. Secretary General of Science Students’ Society 2007/2008 – named after mine. Now people have put the trust on my shoulder and thus they must be expecting something good from me.

Wait! It wasn’t true. That time I didn’t really have total consciousness about what happened. After going back from the meeting, I sat in my car alone, thinking of it again and again. What should I do with this post? Am I ready for it, or I just took it for granted? Can I do all jobs as being Secretary General? Shall I be as good as previous Secretary General?

Ok, it’s time to get rid of those pessimistic thoughts out of my mind. It’s time to work for the society. They trust me. Wish me all the best for the next one year working with SCIENCESS. Wish us, the new tenure of SCIENCESS for 2007/2008 term all the best. We shall do our best for the society – students of Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM. Let’s work together friends!

For your information, she also won! She holds even heavier post than mine. She got Vice President II, which covers wider responsibility especially covering the girls’ needs in the society. Considering the girls are double of boys in number, doesn’t that sound heavy to you? You know what I mean right? This is our first time working together actually. Previously we’ve never worked together under one roof.

The guys. Working with you, rocks my life!

The girls. Special thanks to Syahid for helping this semester. She was my Assistant Head Comm for Information and Communication Bureau. Your little help means a lot to me Syahid~

There you go Mr. President. Let's rock the SCIENCESS yo!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

In Competition Mood

Give the best caption for the above picture. Best one will be granted special 'Eid Fitri gift. Don't forget to state your home address after your caption! Good Luck!

Due date: 30th Syawal 1428

Monday, October 01, 2007

Gathering & Iftar Bloggers

A hari raya card from me...

Syifa trying my phone camera.

Zaki! Tinggi nya ko! That was Ihab’s first word when meeting me.

Kurusnya ko! That was Syifa’s impression when first seeing me that day, agreed by Hazlyn.

I love to hear what people would say about their first impression when they see and meet me face to face. Not to say I love to hear compliments only, but people’s first impression is important to me to go long with the meeting. Ok, end of the first impression thingy.

It was 29th September 2007 where we met and sat together at MidValley’s McDonald after coordinated by Ihab to see his blogging friends before he actually flies back to UK to go for another one year studying as medical student. I was late that day for 2 reasons; ONE: I came all the way from Kuantan direct to MidValley and my bus was stuck in traffic jam. SECOND: what made it worse was that I dropped by Central Market beforehand to buy souvenirs to them which took about 20 minutes to let the artist to paint wordings on the keychain. Haha... so Hazlyn. I was not only performing solat there, but I went there for other purpose – buying souvenirs!

Once reaching MV, I straightly headed to McD and I didn’t find anyone I might recognize there although I’ve gone from table to table! And neither the people recognized me! Hey! You said McD, but where are you guys!

I sent Syifa and Ihab SMS telling I was already there saying “I am man in red”. I waited not long after suddenly a man about my height said, “Zaki! Tinggi nya ko!” That was Ihab. He was so comforting like we’ve been meeting for years!

Reaching the table, I saw Ismat, Wan, Hazlyn and Syifa and two other girls that I don’t know. One of them must be Ahada, Ihab’s blogging friend. This is where Syifa’s first sentence to me “kurusnya ko!” was puffed out and from there we started chatting and laughing till an extent where we forgot to break fast! Ahaha...

While breaking fast we continued chatting and chatting about range of topics until, again, to an extent they almost didn’t realize Isyak was just around the corner. We stopped there and immediately run to the musolla where we found it so packed with people. Lucky me, I got rukhsah so I could do solat jama’ takhir later.

This is where I spent time with Ismat, updating about himself who is now a consultant in an international company (fuyoh!) and about the cat-and-dog behind his career. Fooh... now I wonder how would I ended being an employee one day.

We dispersed that night from where the guys followed their way with Ihab’s car while the girls for some shopping I think. Owh yes, there was another guy joining the iftar, Anas – Ihab’s adik angkat.

It’s a long night in that gathering and I was so happy to see all of them especially the coordinator – Ihab, since he’s the one arranging the meeting and opportunity to see him was a golden one because after this I’m not sure if I can see him again because he’ll be going back to UK next week. All the best there bro!

Thanks to Wan who willingly sent me to UIA Gombak although it was late already. That’s where we updated about ourselves especially about Wan’s job as part time lecturer and employee in a ministry.

Few other odahs:

  • It was my first experience using express bus from Kuantan to KL and forth. If not because of the gathering, may be till now I won’t know how ticket bus looks like. I always drive to go back and forth Kuantan-KL previously.
  • Besides keychain, I also gave them kad raya as gift. During waiting for the keychain to get done, I dropped by McD nearby the CM to find a comfortable place so that I can write and sign on the cards contentedly.
  • I've listened to Ihab singing live and this guy can sing effortlessly well! That explains why artists feature him in their songs. Go to his blog and listen to the background song.

In Ihab's house. Motif ko pejam mata Ihab?
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