Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Wonder...

If we can gather discussing the assignments right on the floor in a circle,
if we can gather having meals and sharing the laughter around a table,
if we can gather stabbing other friends from the back, eating their meats while grabbing the pillows,
if we can gather watching movies and TV shows in front of the television,
why shouldn't we be able to gather reading the Holy Quran congregationally during this coming Ramadhan?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ramadhan Wishes

For me to be centrally self-controlled in all my deeds, actions and ibadah towards submitting myself to Him.

For me to be highly spiritual in surrendering myself in being His humble servant. Let my heart and my lips to be as red as the ones who never stop from remembering Him.

For me to be tough and not easily melted with the whispers from my own satanic desires.

For me to be constantly calm, straight and focused in my aim to purify myself.

For me to enhance the taste of my Ramadhan with zikrullah, Quranic recitation, cursing-holiday and etc.

For me to avoid eating rice even more. Huhu~

Friday, August 29, 2008

Aku Mahu Pulang

Jom makan!


Tak nak la. Mahal.

Santai la kalau macam tu.
Erm... Jauh la pulak. Mahal pun ye gak. Lagipun dah pernah pergi...

Zuzana sudah~
Isk.. Apa barang?!
A'ah. Sikit-sikit Zuzana. Muak tau.

*senyap seketika*

Sara Thai la kalau macam tu!
A'ah. Aku pun tak pernah ke situ. Orang kata sedap. Jom ah.


Berapa kereta nak pergi ni? Rasanya macam lebih 5 orang ni?
2 kereta. Jangan risau~


Eh. Kejap. Panggil lagi sorang. Tunggu kejap eh.
Okeh. No problem. The more the merrier...

*Dalam kereta. Takde benda nak buat. Check SMS.

Dah baca. Delete.
Dah baca. Delete.
Dah baca. Delete.
Dah baca. Del.. Eh! Malam ni aku ada meeting la ngok!

Cancel pergi Sara Thai!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


"Ko ni Zaki, setiap semester, rambut lain-lain fesyen. Ko ni betol la..." (Sam, 2008)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Nest

It was last week on Friday after I went back from Panching that I saw the nest. It was in the first phase (should I say) like the above picture – it wasn’t done yet till the end of the day. Initially, I thought of cleaning the thing since it was so weird for such a thing to occupy a space in my study desk.

Syoooossy… Menyemak jek!

But wait. Not yet!

What if I see what’ll happen...

The next day, in the calm Saturday morning, after Subh, like usual I let the window opened for my room to get some ventilation. I sat on the chair, heading to the computer. Suddenly, I saw that insect came through the window and with it a lump of wet soil. I could see she struggled so hardly to carry the soil, bringing it to the nest. You know what; she resumed building the nest after a night rest!

Fortunately, I didn’t demolish the nest the day before. If I did, then she had to make it from the very beginning.

From the pictures above, you could see that the nest had gone many phases to make it done. Subhanallah. More interestingly was that, my room is at level 4 and of course she collected the soil from the ground and thus she had to do that again and again before she could actually give birth (or is it that she laid the eggs?) to her babies in it.

This reminds me of the sacrifices my emak has done to raise me up. I have a story on how she gave birth of me. What she was experiencing was so terrifying for a first-time-giving-birth mother. Later I’ll make a special entry for that. Should I wait till Mother’s Day to come? Naaah~

Back to the flying insect and her nest, unfortunately the nest was attacked by ants the day after and the babies in it were dead. Hm~ what an anticlimax~

The Winner is Kirana!

The answer for the contest in previous entry is spot number 8 and the thing that is usually NOT found around study desk is a small nest for a flying insect (which I don't know the exact name).

And congratulations to Kirana for being smart spotting the right answer after few trials. See, stupid guesses might help you know. I recommend you to read the journey towards success from which Kirana found the answer. It's hilarious! Hehe...

But, what is the significant of that nest on my study desk? Read this entry.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Contest: Spot the Not - Closed

Observe the picture above carefully. Click here (reuploaded!) for better pixel. Spot one thing that is NOT probably usually found around your study desk.

Name your spot and tell me what it might be. Leave your answers in the comment room. Best answer will win a RM10 top-up for mobile phone credit.

Contest ends Friday, 11:59:59 pm on 29 August 2008.

Contest closed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fried Fettuccine

Penafian: Penulis blog tidak bertanggungjawab ke atas setiap titis air liur yang terbazir disebabkan imej yang dipaparkan.

Kadang-kadang apabila aku memasak, aku suka untuk menambah-nambah sesuatu yang baru ke dalam resepi yang sedia ada. Contohnya, jika sebelum kita diperkenalkan dengan Shepherd’s Pie, tapi setelah aku suntikkan 2 lapisan baru dalam resepi tu, maka jadilah ia Szakif’s Pie.

Sebelum ini, aku pernah buat Fried Vemicelli yang mana resepinya cuma menggunakan sos cili dan sos lada hitam sebagai bahan-bahan perasa, tetapi kali ini aku cuba untuk mengimprovisasi dengan mencampurkan... kejutan! (baca: surprise!)

Jadi, ini dia resepi Fettuccine Goreng (baca: Fried Fettuccine).


Pasta Fettuccine (berbentuk jalur-jalur panjang, rebus bersama sedikit minyak)
Sos cili (jenama Kimball paling sesuai dan sedap)
Sos lada hitam
Tomato puri
Bawang Holland
Sayur-sayuran campuran (baca: mixed vegetable)
Daun oregano
Daun ketumbar

Cara memasak:

  1. Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan bawang Holland.
  2. Masukkan sos cili, sos lada hitam dan tomato puri.
  3. Masukkan hotdog dan sayur-sayuran campuran.
  4. Masukkan pasta fettuccine.
  5. Gaul sehingga sebati.
  6. Masukkan daun oregano dan daun ketumbar.
  7. Siap.

Senang je kan? Perasan tak 2 perkara ni:

  1. Tiada garam, perasa mahupun gula dicampurkan. Makanan yang sihat!
  2. Tiada sukatan khusus dinyatakan, sebab aku pun main campak-campak je. Agak-agak macam dah nak habis sos dalam botol tu, aku campur air, kocak-kocak pastu kasi bersih botol tu. Tahu-tahu je hasilnya sedap.

Kos untuk membuat Fried Fettuccine ni sangat murah. Lebih kurang RM20 untuk 10 orang. Ok la tu, setiap orang RM2.

Apa lagi, tak reti-reti nak cuba?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wish Finally Granted

First semester
I was blank and blur
didn't know what to do
none that I knew to refer to
that was the lesson for me
that is merely the reason why
I don't want the juniors to face the same problem.

Second semester
I still didn't manage to kill that subject
it wasn't that hard, but it was hard
because of minus marking
making it even more severe
new lecturer with new culture
I was shocked by this one specific yet unique lecturer
it was hard to cope with his style at first
but then, I love him to be my lecturer

Third semester
morally inclined
spiritually boosted up
although the rumor to move to Kuantan affected quite a space in my brain
but not really
Owh Allah, please grant my wish
this time...
but then again, 3.4852
He said no
not the time (yet?)

Fourth semester
moved to Kuantan
too many cat-and-dogs
morally declined
mentally disturbed
emotionally unstable

Fifth semester
too many academic and co-curricular activities
my life was uncontrollably busy
flew to Bandung, Indonesia
representing the nation in an International Angklung Festival
we won the third place
but before that
had to move back and forth Kuantan-Gombak almost every week for the training
not only that
I represented the kulliyyah in a national level challenge
we were the champion
all these however
are not to blame them
even I did not regret it
because those would be once in a lifetime opportunities
and I again did not regret it

Sixth semester
I have learnt something from the experience
being busy is not an excuse
I put myself to be busy
it was completely my choice to be busy
then it's back to me to manage myself
it's me and myself to be blamed if I could not manage it
society, management course, conference, visits, etc
so eventually
making it even sweeter, most of my classmates got Dean's List also
congratulations guys and girls!
finally, He granted, not only to me, but to my classmates also
because happiness is to be shared with all

I'm writing this, because the result for Internship (links: 1, 2, 3, 4) just came out yesterday and I got A for that 6-credit-hour subject. Pergh~

Wish me the best for the rest 2 semesters in IIUM. Amin...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out with Juniors

Location: Hutan Lipur Sg. Pandan, Panching
Date: 22 August 2008
Time: 08:00 - 12:00
Involved: 9 trang tang tang bachelors

The bachelors. The one in white in the middle is the youngest junior.

Only this picture that has passed the qualification to be viewed to public. The rest would be offensive and contains nudity and thus not suitable to be viewed in here. Spot which one is me.

So guys, where will be our next destination? Berkelah? Pulau Pangkor? Pulau Tioman? Or simply Cherating or Pantai Balok? Having BBQ and Wild Bachelor Party would be nice for next time, isn't it? Ok, let's have it once before I lost that title (STBB detected!). Haha...

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Keyboard

Anda diberikan NKRMG dan A untuk membantu anda menyelesaikan soalan berikut...

That was more or less the script by Halim Othman and late Hani Mohsin when they hosted the TV programme named Roda Impian. I liked to watch the programme since it challenged my knowledge in Bahasa despite the annoying sound from the spinning wheel, and sometimes from the overexcited participants.

"Wang besar! Wang besar!"



Padan muka.

By the way I wonder: Did I use too much Bahasa when I use my laptop or more specifically the keyboard that it caused the N button to be like the picture above?

Why not button A?

Owh, English language does not use A as much as E. Isn’t it?

By the way I wonder again: How many of you didn't get the real meaning of the previous entry? Does it sound too academic? Come on... Read it thoroughly and carefully. You'll find a lot of jokes are in it. Haha...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

STBB Disease

STBB is a new disease discovered by a scientist-to-be student from IIUM whom classifies the disease as contiguous yet probably endemic. It involves varieties of signs and symptoms and they may vary from one patient to another. Among others, it may cause reddened face, acute heartache, burnt ears and their internal parts, hypertension and high blood temperature (but not up to feverish point). Besides that, to certain people with disordered psychological conditions, the signs and symptoms are completely different. Among others, they are hyperhydrated gum, dislocated jaw bones, and to a greater extent; temporary loss of memory, uncoordinated physical movements and loss of body balance. In rare cases, no signs or symptoms claimed.

Psychologically, the disease could be treated with, most likely for the first cases of signs and symptoms mentioned above, a word consisting of five letters sounded “sow-ree” that would be highly effective. In other cases, treatment would not be necessary due to absolute undetectable signs nor symptoms. Due to its varying signs and symptoms, it is highly recommended for the people who are susceptible to the disease to always think positively and live life happily without too much concern about what people say and to take jokes as jokes, not as something insulting.

This new disease is yet to be approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and to be patterned under the name “Statement Tak Boleh Blaaa” disease or simply scientifically written as “STBB”. This name is adopted from the etiology of the disease that is obviously not caused by any pathogenic microorganisms or cancerous chemical agents, but from sharp aching spreading vibration of sound wave produced by the vocal cord from people other than the patient’s. The method of transmission is mainly through the air as it serves as the main medium for sound wave transmission. This disease can be prevented by many preventive measures such as shutting the ears with patience shield, appreciating people’s thought as inspirational and many more.

For study case, this is one example to be observed:

Date: 16 August 2008
Location of detected case: Main gate of IIUM Kuantan Campus
Patient: Private and confidential
Involved: I-QUEST welcoming committees

Case: The patient was to visit and check the subordinates in the location mentioned above. Upon meeting he was terrified by the statement bombarded by the committees who suddenly asked “Mana Kak Yam?” When the committees were asked by the patient the source from which that they knew about the rumor, they answered, “Ala... sapa yang tak tahu kan~”. Then, a unique symptom for the patient immediately appeared: reddened face. Instantaneously and fortunately, the patient knew how to deal with it by changing the topic to something else, hoping the conversation would not drag them into more complicated yet secret matters to be discussed. No treatment or drug was prescribed as the sign showed uncritical condition.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I-QUEST 2008 - The End

Aku puas.
Aku gembira.
Aku suka.


Additional pictures and thoughts:

With HM Tuah. I love his unique signature which looks like a bird. Apart from that, although the programme named Special Session with HM Tuah was a successful one, but I think it was not as successful as I hope because the initial idea for inviting a speaker and conducting a special slot with an attracting personnel or celebrity was to attract people from outside i.e. with Sheikh Muszaphar, the national astronaut. But since he couldn't make it, so the one to substitute him was HM Tuah, which apparently could not attract that much people as wished. However, it was good enough to call students from outside to come to the event. Ok la tu~ Nabil, nak proceed ke dengan idea jahat ko tu (pasal SMS? :P)

Ok. Let's guess. The guy in the middle, is it Bad or Puden? Clue: see the other guys.
By the way, this is in front of the stalls under this tiny guy's supervision. He was the Head Committee for that division. I could see he worked so hard, especially during the last night. His face looked obviously tired. However, congratulations Si Kurus for making your job successful. Take note that his division was the last to finish.

A performance by the International Students. The idea to feature tomoi show was great since it was never being done in this campus. It was something freshly new to the students. And the idea to let the international students to speak in their mother tongue was also great!

The Remote Control Show was under this guy-with-distended-stomach's supervision. It was out of my expectation in the sense that it was not really successful to attract crowd. But this is not to blame you Jaed. You were successful in managing the programme. Don't worry. Let's think of something else that would attract the crowd from outside for next year's I-QUEST. Pertandingan Ratu Cantik maybe? :))

Sometimes ad hoc ideas work better than the planned ones. The idea to do a Coloring Contest was great that it filled the live stage with something that children love. Memang hidup la stage tuh! I think, for next I-QUEST, this contest must be considered to be done. Sometimes, parents go to festivals not really for their own good only, but for their children's also. This is what TV3's Jom Heboh has successfully done. They have varieties of activities and events for all stage of age.

During Akil Hayy's show. The good thing about his performance was that, he was not only singing, but also giving tazkirah and reminders, and not only in his singing. Unlike other nasyid singers and groups who only entertain the audience, Akil Hayy was one of a kind in his way of spreading da'wah.

Eheh.. this is the good thing when you become the mainboard member of a programme. You can spend some time with the VIP after the programme. I don't talk about the meeting, but the eating. Hehe...

The futsal game. Erm... No comment la, but I wonder: I think I want to learn how to play this game la. Interesting! Maklum la, aku kaki bangku. :P

To summarize, the I-QUEST 2008 has put a higher benchmark for next year's as this year we've made it better than the previous. In my opinion, for SRC Kuantan Chapter, I-QUEST is something to look forward to just right after they are endorsed since this is the biggest event for this campus which is organized by the council.

The question is: Who'll be our representatives in the next tenure of the Student's Representative Council?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Akil Hayy

I-QUEST 2007

I-QUEST 2008

Aku bukan nak kata apa, tapi semalam masa makan supper dengan Akhil Hayy, dia kata dia nak jemput aku untuk album dia yang akan datang.

Pelik kan?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Secretary

Secretary - the easiest task in an organization. I dare to say that.

My post in SCIENCESS is about to the end. I'm looking for one to be the next Secretary General for SCIENCESS. Who would that be? Ehem ehem...

About I-QUEST 2008, I thought I'll be busy this week, but apparently I wasn't. 2 blog entries in one day. Perrrgehe~

Tomorrow is the day for I-QUEST 2008. I pray to Allah, may the best come and bless our big event. Amin...


I put his picture as my desktop background.
I brought the computer to class, projected to the whiteboard for lecture.
Then the class started to talk about him.

"Otai gila. Kecik-kecik lagi dah ade garis kat dagu"

"Nanti dah besar mesti nakal"

"Comel nye..."

"Mata dia bukan main lagi"

"Sape tuh?"

"Zaki masa kecik"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friendster vs Facebook

Both basically provide rooms for connecting people, mostly friends.
But why must I have accounts for both?
Do both differ significantly that I must register both accounts?
Isn’t it enough just to have one and collect as many people I adopt as friends as possible?

Yes. I have both accounts, but I have my own ways of handling the 2 accounts.

Simply, Friendster is for any people who’d like to know me, who’d like to add me as friend, and whom I’d like to know of and whom I’d like to add as friend. Simply anyone. See my Friendster. Currently I got 600 friends and it’s growing from time to time.

Unlike the Friendster, my Facebook is limited to people whom I really know in real life; whom I’ve dealt with, whom I’ve shared some of my time with, whom I really interested to know of, whom I’ve seen their faces at least by my own eyes. And this limitation explains why I only got a small number of friends added in the account.

What makes I personally put these this way is that, the Friendster’s nature is more like to connect people without any real touch to the heart. Unlike Facebook in which you can virtually poke your friends, send gifts and cards, and many more, which most probably would touch the heart of the poked person and the receiver of the gifts and cards (for examples), Friendster is basically just a room for knowing people. The bulletin board would be the best place to post news and updates, from which it is an advantage in Friendster, as far as I concern.

But I have to admit that I don’t like people writing personal surveys and post it in the bulletin board. Do you really actually write those things on a piece of paper and then paste it on the bulletin board in your college? Come on. Find some life...

Apart from that, there's one thing I don’t like about Facebook. Like my case, I use slow internet connection, 155.2 kbps. I usually cannot approve friends who want to add me, I cannot post my words to the walls and many more because it uses unusual browser coding (I don’t know the term, flash maybe?) that usually errors would bring me to disappointment every time I log in into my Facebook account. Duh~

So what’s next? Circle? Kawanster? Myspace? Wayn? Naaah... I think for now I have it enough already.

You'd like to add me as friend in the accounts? My email address is Do not hesitate to add me eh~

Friends, let them be millions. Foes, let them be none.
Read: Berkawan biar beribu berjuta, bermusuh jangan sekali sesekali.

*Ok. I tried to find the link to my Facebook profile, but as i said, it's hard to use it using slow internet connection. I could not log in. Duh~

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Alleged Siblings

Happy Birthday Kak Nurul... We had a great time celebrating your birthday in the department. We hope you were surprised (although the plan didn't work). Huhu...

20th August will be the anniversary for this drug dealer, 22nd will be for a friend of mine, 28th will be Mawi's (just to give few examples) and ultimately in the end of this month will be my abah's 52nd birthday - 31st August. I have no idea at all what to give him as gift. Duh~

Do you have any idea?

In the Closet, They are Hiding



Ops... terlebey suda~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I-QUEST 2008

It's next this week! That means we have to work harder and harder to make sure it'll be happening!

For your information, there'll be a programme like an open day for the IIUM Kuantan Campus on 15-17 August 2008 named IIUM Kuantan Festival 2008 (I-QUEST 2008). Many programmes will be held such as:
  • Medical Exhibition and Check-up
  • Remote-controlled Air Craft Show
  • Concert featuring Akil Hayy and Raihan
  • Stalls and Exhibitions
  • Forum
  • Futsal and netball games
...and of course many more.

I, as the Secretary for the I-QUEST 2008, on behalf of the organizing committees would like to invite all readers of Szakif's apa yang aku fikirkan to come and visit the IIUM Kuantan Campus during the 3-day event. Be you a mother of 2 children, a student from university, a student from branch of IIUM, a worker in the non-government sector, and whoever you are, please come. We guarantee that you'll be entertained and satisfied with the various eventful programmes and activities.

More info in I-QUEST 2008's official blog.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

This is Crazy!

This weekend must be a weekend for me. Give me time to get enough sleep. Let me go to the spa. Let me go for a massage. Never mind the price. I just want some time to treat my body and mind. It has been used aggressively last week, this week and of course next week because of I-QUEST 2008.


Trrrooooot tttroooooottt....

Hello Zaki. Nak minta tolong jadi MC. Program Hajj Course. Tolong la.. dah takde orang lagi da ni. Program Sabtu ni, pagi sampai tengah hari je. Pastu petang dah takde pape dah...

Erm... Ok la...

Saturday morning filled with activity. Fine~ In the afternoon, I'd go somewhere, far from any programme...


Trrrooooot tttroooooottt.... *mind you. It was almost 12 am already.

Hello Abang Zaki. Nak minta tolong jadi moderator. Program Konvensyen Bahasa. Ala... bila lagi nak jadi moderator kan.. Da fourth year ni. Tak lama lagi nak grad dah. Please...

Duh... Ok then. As long as I got a certificate. Huhu...

Hm... Fine~ I still got tomorrow, Sunday! May be I'll do some cooking.

Fried Vemichelli?


Friday, August 08, 2008

Academic is Number One

"Ko ni bagus. Banyak dak fourth year yang aku tanye, sume kate busy." Amin said

Eh? I thought I have been propagating that I am busy here and there? Well, I got a lot of works to do, but they are still within my range of capability of management. In other way of explaining it, I still can manage them and make things done la...

Let me list them all:

  • Full time IIUM student (of course)
  • Secretary of I-QUEST 2008 (in my no. 2 priority for the time being)
  • Secretary of SCIENCESS
  • Member of Research and Education (R&D) of WacKOS
  • Call for being MC for programmes (I am sick sucks at being MC but still people call me to be MC. Hm… Ni sume salah Master J. :p)
  • Some other small jobs that doesn’t need my urgent attention but need my actions.

But one thing for sure, blog must be updated. Hehe...

And another thing for sure, I will reject jobs and tasks that would disturb my academic matters. For example, if I got lab report to finish, anything that would cause me to delay the preparation and submission of it, I would say thanks but bye-bye, huhu... But still I’ll be considerable to entertain other things by finishing the academic matters as soon as I could. This is where time management is highly crucial.

Don’t talk about sleep with me. When I sleep, don’t ever attempt to disturb. Nak kena pelangkung? :p Like this morning, I woke up with 3 missed calls and 3 messages in my phone inbox (not so exaggerated right?). Once I replied them, more and more came through the SMS.

My biology clock is currently completely unorganized. But considering the benefits that I will get from the sacrifices, I don’t really mind.

Computer game? Movie? Ape tu?
Exercise? Gimnasium? Jogging? Ape semua tu?
Megamall? East Coast Mall? Ape mende alah tu?
Makan? Ha... itu aku tahu.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Missing Him

Read also: Danial

Hello bah. Reti MMS tak?

Tak. Kenape?

La... ye ke... Erm... Nak minta tolong MMSkan gambar terbaru Danial. Rindu...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Peak

Whose hands?

Hoo hoo... We won the Cooking Competition organized by Adventure and Recreational Club (ARC) IIUM Kuantan.

Being the MC for the SCIENCESS Sports Carnival 2008.

Sometimes I just need time for myself I suppose.
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