Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Time to Conference

The conference named Alumni International Conference 2008 - Community Development: Challenges and Solutions.

The students from KOS and KOP (i mean Kulliyyah of Pharmacy) representing their respective kulliyyah.

The guys from SCIENCESS.

These people include students from Kulliyyah of Nursing. The great and talented photographer is the one sitting, left most. Thank you Azri for the great pictures!

Suddenly we got stuck at IIUM Gombak because the bus broke, resulting us to sleep at the mosque for a night before moving back to Kuantan by ourselves (poor Transportation Unit i suppose). But life must go on! Haha~

Credit to Azri for the pictures. TQ!

*didn't I say I'm busy? Yes, I am. I wish I could write more than just captions for the pictures.


Shana said...

Pakai camera ape?

Unknown said...

dia pakai kamera ape ntah. dia ni professional photographer kak.. no wonder la..

Anonymous said...

patutnye tulis KOS tuh KoS.. ape lah, hahaha..

Anonymous said...

ske2 tgk gmbr #3

Unknown said...

ah.. tak kira. nak eja KOS gak. sape yang berkuasa sekarang? hahaha~ ;p

waa... tu sume keje si azri. terus aku rase cam nak curi kamera dia pastu amik gambar banyak2 pastu pulangkan balik. baik tak aku? huhu...

:: !zyan :: said...

owh...jgn curik camera my bro (si azri)..kang akak dia nih "kopak" lagik...pls dun ever do so =p.

hehe..i knew that incident. Poor transportation..eheh. I couldnt help him..was in melaka that day.

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