Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Change IV

March 2007

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It’s Ramadhan now and I’m still with my diet although it’s not as strict as previous. So far in Ramadhan I’ve taken rice at least 4 times. I’ve redeemed my desperation (not so desperate though) towards my favorite meal which is Nasi Goreng Kampung once and it suited my taste Alhamdulillah – extremely spicy and original. Yummy!

I think my body has come to its limit where it’s really hard to get lighter now because these 2 weeks the weight keeps maintaining at 76kg, based on my scale. When I measure using other scales, they show different measurements and most of the time they show higher values. Scary! Haha...

Most people say, “dah la tu Zaki. Aku tengok badan ko dah fit dah.”

Ya right. Not yet! Bumpers are still around my waist! Let’s not stop until I get rid of them!

Ok Zaki. It’s time to move on to the next stage. Do more exercise! You bought skip rope and how frequent you actually do skipping per week? To be honest, the rope has been there on the cupboard untouched for about 2 weeks. Along this period I’ve been busy with study because I need to catch things up. I’ve missed many things since the visit to Bandung last time. Wait! Is that excuse or reason?

On top of that, based on the measurements, I’ve reached my target! Congratulations to myself! See the right bar in The Change Update. It shows my current BMI is 23.456 (good number huh?) which lies within my target. Alhamdulillah... *try to do this calculation: 76/1.8 and then the result divide by 1.8 again. See the result.

Thinking of ‘Eid, it makes me afraid. Can you imagine – ketupat, nasi impit, lemang? All those are rice- and pulut-based foods! How do I celebrate the Hari Raya without eating them? Does that mean I’ll get my weight increased after raya? Argh!

Ok ok... back up plan. Don’t go home during raya. Stay in Kuantan. Assume you are in oversea. Study for final exam.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Dear My Classmates...

I hate it when you come to the class early but you have no effort to ease the coming lecture and lecturer.

I hate it when you ask “why me” when I ask your favor to take the equipments.

I hate it when you keep talking among yourselves although the lecturer has already come.

Worse, I hate it when you keep talking among yourselves when the lecturer is delivering his/her lecture.

Worst, I hate it when you can keep silent instead, when the lecturer gives you opportunity to speak and to ask questions.

I hate it when you come late to the class and show no guilt on your face.

I hate it when you show your childish behaviors, playing around while the lecturer is in front teaching.

I hate it when you don’t appreciate the lecturer’s effort while you take it as burden.

I hate it when you ask me questions when I’m focusing my attention to the lecture.

I hate it when you ask me to ask the lecturer questions whereas you are able to do so on your own.

And... the ultimate hatred of mine is when I be a part of what I initially hate. Na'uzubillah...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Further You Travel, The Wider Your...

I've got midterm exams to do in these 2 weeks, so I need to focus more on that as my priority. Much to talk on the visit and competition in Bandung but I guess time does not allow me to write.

Few important notes:

  • We won the third place in the angklung competition.
  • Travelling with flight wasn't as good as i dreamt.
  • I love Nasi Timbel!
  • Now I can recall the taste of rice. Haha..
  • I want to travel more to anywhere in the world!
  • Rupiah figures mentioned below must be divided by 2500 to get the price in Ringgit Malaysia.

It was my first time ever experiencing flight, flying in the air above the sky. Although it was kind of boring when it's too long in the plane where I couldn't do anything but sleep and look at people's behaviour, it was fun though! The Dutch's plane KLM brought us to and from Jakarta.

Nasi Padang. The system to count things up for payment was different from what we always do. The taste of the meals is not so much different from Malay's but it was my first time, again, eating belut. Delicious! Hey, I ate them with rice for your information. They cost Rp16,000 for belut, babat and rice.

The salesmen here are so enthusiatic to sell their products. There are tricks to play to deal with them to get the lowest price possible, or else they will play tricks to trap you to buy their products. The best way if you're not interested with their products is by ignoring them at all like they are absent around you. One more thing, don't look at their faces. They will try to look as much kesian as possible to attract your sympathy. Cet!

Stalls like this are numerous and I wonder how they actually gain profit with such small number of products sold and high competition between them? Another thing is that the halal-ness their food is questionable. So be careful.

I bought the jacket at Tangkuban Parahu with Rp110,000. Nice! Actually I can get lower price than that, but being typical Zaki, I don't really mind to pay more. Just take it like donation to the seller.

Another movable stalls. But I didn't try batagor. What is it?

Again, my first time seeing volcano just right in front of my eyes. I could the smoke originating from the ground. Subhanallah..

Picture at Tangkuban Parahu. Feel like want to go there again, but without those annoying salesmen. Is it possible?

It was so cold. Is it because I've lost insulators beneath my skin? huhu~

I love Nasi Timbel Komplit. It's like mixed rice but with certain specified lauk pauk in it. The chicken, the sambal, the veges, all are complete in one set for one mouth. *matila hari ni 1 Ramadhan aku menaip benda ni.

Picture before the actual competition. We were the only non-Indonesian group taking part in the competition while the rest are groups from Bandung and other parts of Indonesia. Unfortunately, audience are not allowed to take pictures or record videos in the hall of competition during competition going on.

This is Jahe Rempah, mixture of cengkih, various herbs, halia and of course as you can see, cinnamon. All together mixed up and there you go, a sip of drink made up herbs. To me, its taste was just nice. Not too strong. Its cost is just Rp7,500.

Nasi Bakar Merah. Not as nice as Nasi Timbel, but still I consider it as something new and cool meal. The best one is of coure its sambal. Yummy!

No caption.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Going to Bandung...

Ya right~

So many difficulties we encountered with stuffs related to going to Bandung. Now we are wishing and praying the best will fruit in the end. Amin.. I'll not be available till 12th of September in the internet world. Wish us all the best!

*Have anyone read the case about karate competition that caused fight between Malaysia and Indonesia. That scares me to go to Bandung. You know... Indonesians... Ganyang Malaysia! Na'uzubillah... we were almost not allowed to fly because of this you know by the Malaysian authorities! Syyy...

*OK, I promise. If there is any nasi-based meal in Bandung, I won't reject it. PROMISE!

*I can't promise that I can buy everyone gifts from Bandung... So...
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