Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jangan Main Mercun!

You can call me a dumb for not having fun playing with mercun. Fine. It’s a fact about me.

Mercun, or firecrackers, to me is a complete waste and useless. Yes, your adrenaline is stimulated and secreted when you play mercun, but then you must outweigh the risk to the benefit. In fact, are there really any benefits gained from playing mercun? Tell me. I seriously don't have any idea.

As a matter of fact, I did play with mercun when I was a child, but as I grow up, it has become perfectly certain for me that mercun brings more and great harm than good. But yet still most people don’t see this, especially children. Of course, parents play the central role for teaching their children that it has no good of playing mercun, and you can tell the source from which the children get the money to buy mercun, right? Parents! In this case, I wholeheartedly hate to see parents who support their children to play mercun. Hey, if you want to see your children in the hospital during Hari Raya, buy them a lot of mercun. If not your children could be admitted into the hospital, it’s you who’ll be jailed in prison instead. Or it could be both also. Duh~

Think back, what mercun is really for? To celebrate Hari Raya? In which ayah in the Al-Quran or in which book of hadith is mentioned about celebrating Eid Mubarak in such a way? In fact, it’s clearly mentioned in Al-Quran for us to avoid anything that would harm us e.g. drug abuse, alcohol drinking etc and in this case, mercun!

Who to blame then? It is you who blindly follow other race’s culture which has nothing to do with ours as Muslimeen. Let them be with theirs, and we have our own way to celebrate the day of glory – with zikrullah, takbir, tadarrus Al-Quran etc. Not by noisily celebrate it and in the end ultimately it causes harm to your family, your properties and of course yourself.

People, grow up please!

Monday, September 29, 2008

STBB Ramadhan Version

"Hey people, how about the plan to break fast (read: breakfast) in front of the mosque tomorrow?”
"Ko tak puasa ke Zaki?!" – (Classmates, Ramadhan 20)

"Study apa tu?"
"Drug abuse. Pukul 2 exam"
"Yeargh. Ko memang expert bab tu" – (Budak kurus, Ramadhan 23)

"Zaki, jom sahur kat luar esok"
"Alah, daripada hari tu cakap macam tu. Alih-alih aku yang makan hati kejutkan ko tapi tak bangun-bangun" – (Szakif, Ramadhan 21)

"Apasal suara ko lain?"
"Aku lepas demam la"
"Demam pasal STBB ke?" – (Bakal SRC, Ramadhan 19)

"Wah! Zaki kaya la jual biskut. Bila nak belanja aku?"
"Bila aku dah buka kilang biskut sendiri, ok?" – (Szakif , Ramadhan 20)

"Berapa ko untung jual biskut ni, Zaki"
"Ada la. Dapat la jugak satu henset baru~" – (Szakif, Ramadhan 24)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Spent only RM2!

Do you still remember I wrote about how to save budget when going to bazaar Ramadhan? Hey people, I managed to spend only RM2 you know! You want to know how?

First: Set your target.
Before you go to the bazaar, set in mind what you want to buy. Please be faithful with your choice once you put your step on the way to the place. Do not discriminate your own principle.

Second: Know that you’re going to buy for your own iftar.
Yes, buying-extra-foods-for-the-sake-of-sharing-them-with-other-people (read: donation) is creditable but it would be highly probably drag you to spend excessively, and in the end the foods will be wasted since the rest of your friends also buy extra foods and no other people are going to finish them. Duh... Did you watch DiGi’s “berbuka puasa bukan kenduri” ad? I love that! (Hidden tips: your friends will be very periodically generous during Ramadhan. Let them get some more pahala by giving them chance to spend a lot (read: donate for iftar) and we’ll be the one gaining pahala by way of finishing the foods. Haha!)

Third: Bring only adequate amount.
In the worst case that you could not control your spending, the best way is to limit the amount of money brought to the bazaar in the first hand. In my case, I set the target to spend only RM2, so I only brought RM2 to the bazaar, and what can I buy with that limited money? Not much right? But that’s basically the idea. I have saved a lot, I mean really a lot!

Fourth: Kirim kat kawan sudah~
Actually I did this most of the time. Huhu~ I didn’t actually go to the bazaar but my friends always did, so I made use of them (better statement: ask favor from them) by asking them to buy me the iftar, and of course I gave them only RM2. Your friends will be the most obedient people with your food order since they wouldn’t spend excessively on your behalf right?

"Awi, nah RM2. Belikan aku popia basah RM2. Kalau takde, belikan mee goreng sebungkus. Tu je. Terima kasih."

That explains how I managed to reduce my weight as much as 3 kg during this Ramadhan (besides of the a-week fever). Lalala~

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lebaran Ini

Dalam sedar atau tidak, Ramadhan makin hampir ke hujungnya
dalam sedar atau tidak, aku rasa sedih
dalam sedar atau tidak, terselit juga rasa gembira
kerana tika hari lebaran menjelang, ada sesuatu yang kunantikan akan kudapatkan...

Saudara mara
jiran tetangga
lama benar tidak bersua muka
jika pun tertatap wajahmu wajahku
terukirkah senyuman?

Jadikanlah lebaran ini
suatu hari untuk kita eratkan kembali
rapatkan kembali
ketatkan kembali
suatu hubungan bernama
saudara sesama Islam...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Balik Kampung

Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara
Yang selalu bermain di mata

Nun menghijau gunung ladang dan rimba
Langit nan tinggi bertambah birunya
Deru angin turut sama berlagu
Semuanya bagaikan turut gembira

Balik kampung oh oh...( 3X )
Hati girang
Ho ho... Balik kampung (3X)
Hati girang

Terbayang wajah-wajah yang ku sayang
Satu-satu tersemat di kalbu
Pasti terubat rindu di hati
Menyambut kepulangan ku nanti

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eid Mubarak This Year

Hari Raya is just around the corner. About a week from today, the celebration day after a-month fasting in Ramadhan should be celebrated in the right manner and full of gratefulness to Him.

This year I’ll be celebrating the Eid with my wife family at kampong Kanchong Darat, just like the rest previous 22 years. What do you expect~ My parents come from kampong side by side, and my home is situated at my emak’s kampong, which accidently had been the kampong in which my abah was raised up. It was after moving to Kuantan that I actually felt the sense of “balik kampong”. Huhu~

This year, since I’ve added the list of my personal recipes with new ones, so I guess I’d like to cook again this time during the hari raya. But I am yet to ask permission from my parents. Huhu~ Those who intend to come to my house, please inform me a day early so that I can prepare something for you. Choose any of these:

Usually every year my home will be the center for gathering of grandsons and granddaughters of Nenek Siti, my grandmother who lives with my family. And that haven’t included my abah’s siblings. They are 16 of them you know! Hari Raya will be the most awaited day every year since it’ll be the time to meet relatives and friends and to reconnect and refresh the bond among us.

Ok. The most expected statement for the hari Raya will be: “Eh, Zaki dah kurus!” Huhu~
And the most unexpected will be: “Eh, baju raya tahun lepas la! Haha!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ini tangan Izzudin.

This is just a quick update about the AGM. I shouldn’t say much because most of my predictions strike right to the targets.

Izzuddin won the President seat by 79% of the votes, which is close to my prediction (80%) due to the absence of the other strong competitor who pulled out from the nomination. Congratulations also to Izzuddin’s close friend since matric center, Ahmad Mustakim for winning the Vice President I seat. I know these 2 guys can make it to sail the ship named SCIENCESS to the right direction. Together with them in the Presidential seats is Siti Fatimah, an unexpected (should I say) candidate for the seat because before this people have been talking about the other candidate to win the seat. But the members of SCIENCESS have made their mind and Fatimah won with a huge majority!

Move on to the Secretarial seat, as expected, Jazli the tiny guy won the seat while Siti Farah will be his assistant. Not much to talk about but I think now Jazli has to work with his Bahasa. Haha! Good for you, bro! Train your Melayu gene. =P

In the treasurer seat, my favorite was not even shortlisted. Huhu... But congratulations to Farhana, the previous Assistant Head Comm of Islamic Affair Bureau who won the seat as the Treasurer while Izzamudin, my subcomm when I was the Head Comm of Information and Communication Bureau will be Farhana’s assistant. Congratulations. Dalam SCIENCESS keje Treasurer la paling senang ko tau tak!! =p

About other Exco from departments, since I don’t have the full name list, I guess I don’t want to write more about them. However roughly, I can see they are people who we can put trust on to shape SCIENCESS better than my tenure. I will have one semester to see how they work and I am looking forward to seeing a better society.

*Pssst... I think I know who’ll be competing for the next President after Izzuddin. They are housemates! Haha...

Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Free at Last!

She's not anymore the Vice President II of the society, and I am not anymore the Secretary General. Yey!

Feel like wanna fly somewhere with someone... Like the birds... Ah, too metaphoric.

I will update about the result of the AGM tomorrow. Wait uh!

He Has His Say

Sometimes, to be nominated and appointed for a post in a society has an emotional story behind. All these while I've been promoting this guy as the President and now he has his say in his blog. Read it and feel his heart. Should he either win the post or not, he'll need to do a big sacrifice.

Read Izzuddin's blog.

Don't worry Izzuddin, I'll be backing you up whenever you need me. And I'm sure you'll find great subordinates later. I know, and most importantly He knows better, that you can do it.

Good luck.

20 Hari sebelum Hari Itu

Nyanyi macam lagu Harapan Ramadhan, Man Bai dan Raihan.

Kumengharapkan hadiah kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui dengan gembira

Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun sudahpun berlalu
Masa yang pantas berlalu
Hingga tak terasaku berada di 11 Oktober

Kumengharapkan hadiah kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui dengan gembira

Hadiah tak nak yang murah
Sebagaimana yang aku demandkan
Handset, broadband, laptop baru
Macam-macam aku nak
Tolonglah beri
Janganlah kaukedekut

Kumengharapkan hadiah kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui dengan gembira

Tak ingin kubiar harijadi
Dengan tangan kosong
Kawan berilah aku
Oh sukanya!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nak panggil Abang ke eh?

Dulu semasa di pusat matrikulasi, ia tidaklah menjadi masalah kerana jurang usia secara umumnya hanya sekitar setahun sahaja. Lain kisahnya di peringkat kampus utama, di mana terdapat jurang usia yang agak ketara antara pelajar junior dan senior. Paling ketara, secara umumnya, bagi yang berada di tahun pertama dan tahun keempat. Antara masalah yang biasanya akan wujud ialah kesukaran untuk memulakan perbualan dek kerana tidak tahu kata ganti diri yang sesuai untuk digunakan.

Saya masih teringat ketika kali pertama berkenalan dengan Tuan Caracol, yang berlaku secara tidak sengaja melalui blog; setelah mengenali beliau di blog, saya tidak tahu apa yang perlu dibahasakan. “Aku-kau”, “saya-awak”, atau apa? Hal ini berlaku lewat 2 tahun lalu.

Namun sekarang, saya pula yang bergelar senior. Masalah yang sama berlaku. Saya dapat perhatikan beberapa orang junior agak sukar memilih kata ganti diri yang sesuai lantas mengehadkan lingkaran perbincangan dan perbualan dengan saya. Ada yang masih malu-malu untuk menggunakan “aku-kau” walaupun haikakatnya saya lebih suka kata ganti diri tersebut kerana ia berbunyi lebih mesra.

Usah bimbang soal hormat atau tidak kerana definisi hormat di sini sangat luas. Selagi mana kita berakhlak dan bertindak mengikut lunas panduan yang Islam gariskan, bebaskanlah diri anda dengan apa sahaja yang boleh melonggarkan diri untuk bergaul dengan sesiapa pun. Hakikatnya, Islam melarang kita menamakan orang lain dengan nama yang buruk tapi pada pendapat saya menggunakan kata ganti diri “aku-kau” tidak tergolong dalam hal ini.

Namun begitu, saya tidak menolak hak masing-masing untuk terus memanggil saya dengan apa jua gelaran. Panggillah dengan apa-apa nama yang enak didengar. Paling tak bleh blaaa, baru kenal sekejap je dah panggil aku “Ki”. Pergh~ huhu~ Dah terlebih rapat tu. =p

Penafian: Teks ini ditulis dalam Bahasa Melayu sempena aku yang masih demam. Terima kasih.

Real Friend Shown by Words and Deeds

Case #1: You got a disease.
Normal Friend: “Should I even care?”
Supportive friend: “Ko nampak tak sehat” or simply “Syafakallah”
Extra-supportive friend: “Ko nak aku belikan apa-apa ubat tak?” (Fiza, I miss you!)

Case #2: You’re healed from the disease.
Normal Friend: “Owh. Dah baik. Then?”
Supportive friend: SMS – “Demam semalam da kebah?”
Extra-supportive friend: “Aku dengar ko demam haritu. Amacam? Ada baik?”

Case #3: You got arrested from a police road block.
Normal Friend: Stays in the car.
Supportive friend: Together with the driver to see the policemen.
Extra-supportive friend: Smartly backing up the driver when dealing with the policemen.

Case #4: You’re appointed for a position in a society.
Normal Friend: “Wow~ sweetnye...” *sarcastically
Supportive friend: “Aku menyokong penuh!”
Extra-supportive friend: “Aku menyokong penuh dan jika ada apa-apa yang boleh aku bantu, beritahu aku, ok?”

Case #5: Jom sahur sama-sama!
Normal Friend: No answer.
Supportive friend: “Jom!” or “Takpe... lain kali ye”
Extra-supportive friend: “Jom aku belanja! Banyak pahala belanja orang bersahur nih!”

I wish I could be the Extra-Supportive Friend, and (read: and) I do not expect everyone to behave like what I expect.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Fever

A week before I got the fever, actually I talked to myself:
Dah lama sangat aku tak kena demam. Ulcer mulut pun macam nak cipta rekod dah ni. Biasa paling kurang sebulan sekali.

And there you go; He tested me with the diseases not long after that. In a positive side, it slowed me when I went shopping in Kelantan so that I won’t spend uncontrollably (besides the fact that I’m sucks in shopping, huhu~) but in the other side, I was quite sorry to the rest of my friends for not being like my true self that days because of the sickness. I could be more entertaining and cheerful when it comes to travelling and visiting but…

It’s always not the right time to get sick, but He knows better. Believe it.

When I was in Kelantan, the fever wasn’t that severe, but when I moved back to Kuantan, it reached its peak. All the muscles ached every second I moved, the eyes felt like want to fall down every time I sujud and ruku’, the head felt like 100kg in weight, but those were not excuses. It didn’t mean that I couldn’t do anything. Inspired by this girl’s determination and strength, I still manage to go to classes and to run the cookies business. She really inspires me. And of course not to mention due to the fever, my mental and physical ability decreased a level down.

Apart from that, do you realize, I didn’t write too much about the visit to Kelantan right? Erm... Takmo cerita ah. Aku demam dowh aritu! :P

Lastly, sorry for not visiting you guys' blogs. DiGi internet aku buat hal weh!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SCIENCESS AGM – Almost to the Final

This year’s AGM isn’t like last few years. It has been more professional, should I say. You can imagine, now each of the members of the society has to go to the special voting section to jot down their votes and the nominees for presidential seats need to talk in front of people to spread out their manifesto. Pergh, it's almost like SRC election I tell you!

Next, before I write further, I like to give some disclaimers for me not to be accused to set up the results for the AGM.
  • The text you are about to read is completely my personal prediction and should NOT be considered the only factor should they win the seats.
  • I do not involve in counting the votes. Although I might have access to them, but professionally and ethically, I won’t do it for any sake and reasons.
  • I only justify my choices. Besides the fact that I know them more than the other candidates, that is better than describing the weaknesses of other candidates as I might tend to do that if I describe the candidates one by one.

My prediction: Izzuddin Mohd Nadzirin
Since the other strong competitor (not to be named here) had pulled out from the nomination, Izzuddin has won presumably 80% of the votes! There are many winning characteristics and qualities he has that qualify him to be in my top list. Regardless he is my friend; he is very professional when it comes to societal matters. I still remember the day when I slow-talk with about I wanted to join ARC whilst the recruitment was only for juniors. If he was not professional, he would accept me to join but since he had determined that the recruitment was only limited to juniors, then practiced what he said. Besides that, the fact that he is Kelantanese might give him some extra credit since the students from the east of Peninsular Malaysia constitute quite a huge number. Not only that, he is well-known and thus has a great influence not only among students of KOS, but also among staffs of KOS and to an extent, staff of the STAD since he is (up to the date of this entry, he still is) the President of ARC. I still remember, last year, the day when he was appointed to be the Exco in SCIENCESS and in the same time the President of ARC; I asked him, “Ko yakin ko boleh pegang dua-dua jawatan ni, Izu?”. He positively answered and given a year, he proved it! He can make it! Academically, his GPAs have never been disappointing. In fact, he allegedly said he don’t actually care about it (tapi aku plak yang jeles dengan dia. Huhu~). Lastly, may be voters would consider to vote him because no more representative from BSBM Department who won the seat since last 4 years.
Enough said. Vote for him!

Other candidates:
Ahmad Mustakim
Wan Zabidi

Vice President I
My prediction: To me, the two names above have equal chance to win this seat. I am quite disappointed to know that my favorite name (not to be named here) has pulled out from the nomination. So since they both got equal chance, why should I write more, right? :P

Vice President II
My prediction: Siti Fatimah Zakaria
She has highly developed self-esteem, very outspoken in speaking her mind out, and her experience in the Mainboard in my tenure might give her some extra chance to win students’ votes. May be she isn’t as well-known as the other nominee, but that shouldn’t discredit her from winning the sit because popularity can be gained as soon as 1 second but experience and self-esteem take far more time to gain. What I like about her recently is that, she didn’t show any negative impression when informed that she has been nominated, which means she has fairly agreed to be sit on the First Girl of SCIENCESS seat and the rest of if is given to the voters.
So, vote for her!

Other candidate:
Latifah Munirah Bakar

Secretary General
My predicition: Jazli Aziz
Regardless his limitation in writing in Bahasa, never mind. I’ve been in this post and I know that shouldn’t be a problem English is almost everything as a Secretary General of SCIENCESS, which is so into Jazli! Just read his blog, and judge his English and the content of the blog. You won’t believe the blog is written by a 21-year-old guy. His writings and thus his thoughts exceed his physical look (ehem…) but don’t judge a book by its cover. You might not want to know him in the first meeting since his smile costs thousand ringgits but once you have built a brotherhood connection with him, he’ll be like your sibling! Most importantly, as Secretary General, being organized is the most important thing and I can see this in him.
So, vote for Jazli!

Other candidate: Siti Farah

My prediction: Tahirah Mohd Tahir
It’s very hard for a male candidate to take over this seat. However, from what I’ve seen from Tahirah is that, she is very loyal, obedient, outspoken, and always comes with great ideas. Treasurer works with money and again money and thus that shouldn’t be a problem for her since she held the post of Assistant Head Comm of Sponsorship of IQUEST and the Treasurer of SCIENCESS Annual Grand Dinner (AGD) which involve thousands of ringgits!

Other candidates:
Farhana Zaidi

Happy voting. Our society our responsibility.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wasn't Lost

When you are too pre-occupied with the visit, what you will get is:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being Senior

Erm... Malu la jadi senior. Segan dengan junior-junior lain. Tutup muka dengan belon la camtu~

I am a type of person who likes to know new people. In fact, that’s what I believe the religion promotes the believers to do – to know people. Aren’t we created with so many different tribes for we to know each other? I take that understanding from the Holy Quran to personally obligate myself to get to know people each and everyday.

Now, putting myself as a fourth year student in this university, I feel something different. I am used to getting juniors in the previous semesters, but this semester it is quite different in the sense that I am now a fourth year – a final year student who is seen to be among the eldest-so-that-the-most-mature person in the campus, which is actually so not me. Huhu...

Maybe some have seen that most of the time I’ll behave like not-a-senior but rather a child isn’t it? But the fact is that, I am a fourth year student! Don’t you see the obvious contradiction?

Well, I'd like to say that personally I think age doesn’t matter and age doesn’t indicate anything regarding your level of maturity. To an extent, I would say maturity must not necessarily be shown in typical behavioral characteristics: calm, controlled, not talkative etc. Most importantly, what I believe is that, in whatever age you are now, be yourself. Let the nature brings you towards being the real you. I mean, as long as you can push yourselves towards betterment from time to time, that’s maturity to me.

Comparing between one to another by taking the age as a reference is somehow unnecessarily factual. This is because the speed to develop level of maturity may vary from one to another depending on the environment and backgrounds one is in and of course not to mention one’s capability.

That’s pretty much of it, I think. :D

By the way, these few weeks I have been hectic with, ok, to tell the truth, with Friendster! Haha... So many juniors (sisters especially) who add me as friends and of course I’ll reply their “application” with approval and a reply testimonial thanking their willingness to view my profile and adding me as a friend. In the same testimonial, it says also a wish for them to greet me whenever and where ever they see me around the campus. One of my weaknesses is to remember people’s names and sometimes people’s faces. It’s because the one shown in the pictures must not always likely the same like the real look. Huhu... usually the real person looks more beautiful than in the picture.

Is this an STBB? You can take it as STBB if you’re offended. Haha...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jom pi Beijing!

With only RM2669, you can make it to Beijing! Yey! It covers everything you need to travel but unfortunately we cannot afford to include shopping fee. Huhu...

Name it: Visa, Accommodation, Visits, Transportation and of course two-way Flight. Mind you, it's Malaysia Airline System (MAS)!

Most importantly, it's a Muslim Tour package, so you don't have to worry about the foods and the prays.

Contact me Zaki 013 9991703 for further information.

Monday, September 08, 2008

AGM of SCIENCESS - The Nomination

Nomination for SCIENCESS Exco members for 2008/2009 tenure is now on!

  • As a member of SCIENCESS, regardless what post I am holding in this tenure, I have my own views and opinions who'll most likely be nominated for this year's Annual General Meeting of SCIENCESS.
  • As a committee of the AGM, regardless what post I am holding, I have no direct or indirect contact to the nomination forms that have been filled in by the members of SCIENCESS. The ones responsible are the Election Commission committees, a totally separate body from the organizing committees of the AGM. I do not involve in counting the nominations.
  • As a blogger, I have the advantage of spreading my choices in here. But it's then up to the members of SCIENCESS to nominate who ever they like. The ones mentioned in here are completely my personal choices based on my own observation and experience knowing and working with them throughout the year in various programmes and events.
  • My personal views should not be taken as absolute reference for nominations by anyone. The views do not necessarily mean these will be the ones I'll write down in my nomination form. See the number of people below and compare with the ones in the nomination form.
  • Not mentioned here does not mean they are not eligible to be nominated. Do not expect I know each and everyone in the kulliyyah.

5 points above are purposely written to disclaim anything that may be brought up should anyone is not satisfied or does not agree with the contents of this blog entry.

In Malaysian General Election, it's a common thing to show your support towards whoever you like, isn't it? And of course, you like someone to hold a post based on your own views and faith you have on him/her. Taking that into analogy, I name these people because I believe they would bring SCIENCESS towards glory should they win any sits in SCIENCESS 2008/2009.

So here are my opinions:

Fakrurrazi (current SRC Representative from KOS) - BSBT
Izuddin (current President of ARC and Head Comm of Social and Welfare Bureau) - BSBM
Zabidi (Programme Manager of last GASS) - BSMS

Vice President I:
Nabil Abas (ex-President of MSCC) - BSMS
Zulkifli Yunus (ex-President of PRESSS) - BSBM
Don Lukmanul Hakim - BSBT

Vice President II:
Farhana Zaidi (current Asst. Head Comm of Islamic Affairs Bureau) - BSBM
Latifah Munirah (current Asst. Head Comm of Sports, Recreational and Culture Bureau) - BSBT
Fatimah Zakaria (current Asst. Treasurer of SCIENCESS) - BSMS

Secretary General:
Jazli Aziz - BSBM
Farah - BSMS

Izamuddin - BSBT
Tahirah Tahir - BSBM

Nuttawadee - BSBT
Wanibtisam (current Asst. Head Comm of Social and Welfare Bureau) - BSBM
Maryam Kofoworola - BSBM
Hajji - BSBM

Executive Committees from Biomedical Science Department:
Zaffar Ali
Ridzuan (Duang)
Anwar Yassin
Mujahid Mohd Amar
Nurul Ashikin Shahnaz
Hawa Mas Azmar

In the next stage towards the AGM, the nominees will be shortlisted. Should any of the names above are selected, I will explain my justifications for choosing them.

Happy nominating!

See some faces here.

Baju Raya

It's true
this rarely happens annually.

It's true
I don't have any Raya outfit for this year
don't even plan to have one
I just don't feel like to have it.

It's true
have it or not
Syawal will still on
I'm not gonna be naked on that day anyway, for God sake.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Twins: How I See Them

When I was in Upper Secondary School:
I knew Amir Izudin and Amir Izuan

I know Puden and Bad

Before I write my thoughts, let me ask these:

  • How do you see them?
  • Are they just like other human beings?
  • Do they have any advantages born as twins? Or maybe disadvantages?
  • If you're given option to met the-another-you, would you like it?
Duh, don't complain about the same posture I did in the pics (although it has been 6 years already).

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Penyakit STBB

Teks ini ialah terjemahan daripada STBB Disease (2008), kajian Szakif.

Udara menjadi medium sebaran utama Penyakit STBB.

Penyakit STBB ialah sejenis penyakit mudah-rebak yang ditemui hasil kaji selidik seorang pelajar daripada UIAM. Penyakit unik ini hadir dalam berbagai-bagai simptom dan tanda, serta mangsa-mangsa yang terjangkit menunjukkan reaksi yang pelbagai. Sebagai contoh, penyakit ini boleh menyebabkan (rujuk di bawah) kemerahan di muka, keradangan hati, kepanasan di telinga dan bahagian-bahagian dalaman organ pendengaran tersebut, tekanan darah tinggi dan kenaikan suhu darah badan.

Selain itu, bagi pesakit-pesakit yang mengidap masalah psikologi, simptom dan tanda yang ditunjukkan amat berbeza seperti (rujuk di bawah) lebihan lembapan di gusi, tulang rahang yang terseliuh dan lebih teruk lagi boleh menyebabkan hilang ingatan sementara, pergerakan tubuh badan yang tidak terkawal, dan kehilangan keseimbangan tubuh. Malah, dalam kes-kes yang terpencil, tiada langsung simptom mahupun tanda ditunjukkan.

Daripada segi psikologinya, penyakit ini boleh dipulihkan hanya dengan luahan sepatah perkataan Bahasa Melayu yang berbunyi “ma-af”. Dalam kes-kes lain, usaha-usaha pemulihan tidak diperlukan langsung disebabkan ketiadaan sebarang simptom mahupun tanda yang ditunjukkan. Oleh yang demikian, bagi sesiapa yang mudah terdedah kepada penyakit ini, anda dinasihatkan untuk sentiasa berfikiran positif tanpa banyak menghiraukan kata-kata orang sekeliling dan untuk sentiasa menerima gurauan dengan minda dan hati yang terbuka.

Namun begitu, penyakit baharu (rujuk di bawah) ini masih belum mendapat pengesahan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), tetapi sekiranya mendapat pengesahan, ia akan didaftarkan atas nama Penyakit “Statement Tak Boleh Blaaa” atau mudahnya dipanggil Penyakit STBB. Nama ini dipilih berasaskan punca penyakit ini dihasilkan iaitu melalui gelombang-gelombang bunyi yang tajam yang dihasilkan daripada peti suara milik pembawa selain daripada pesakit. Justeru jelas di sini bahawa udara menjadi medium sebaran utama penyakit ini. Penyakit ini boleh dicegah dengan pelbagai cara seperti menggunakan pelindung sabar di telinga, menerima pandangan orang lain dengan hati terbuka dan lain-lain.

Maklumat terbaru: Penyakit ini sudah dikesan merebak ke luar Malaysia! Ia tidak lagi hanya endemik, tetapi sudah pandemik. Antara negara-negara yang dikesan turut tersebar penyakit ini ialah Indonesia dan India. Hasil kajian lanjut pakar epidemiologi mendapati talian antara-jaringan (baca: internet) juga menjadi medium utama penyebaran penyakit ini. Ia turut mendakwa penghantaran pelajar-pelajar Malaysia ke luar negara memburukkan lagi wabak baru ini.

Nota: Perbezaan antara simptom dan tanda ialah; simptom ialah apa-apa yang dialami dan diberitahu oleh pesakit, manakala tanda ialah apa-apa yang diperhatikan dan didakwa oleh doktor.

Kamus Istilah Sains:

  • kemerahan di muka – tersipu-sipu
  • keradangan hati – sakit hati (atau dalam bahasa lainnya, sentap)
  • kepanasan di telinga dan bahagian-bahagian dalaman telinga – telinga berdesing (contoh: “Berdesing telinga aku bila dengar dia cakap macam tu!”)
  • tekanan darah tinggi – naik angin (contoh: “Hangin satu badan aku beb!”)
  • kenaikan suhu darah badan – darah mendidih (contoh: “Mendidih darah aku bila aku dengar statement dia!”)
  • lebihan lembapan di gusi – tak kering gusi kerana ketawa
  • tulang rahang yang terseliuh – disebabkan ketawa berdekah-dekah
  • hilang ingatan sementara – kerana suka sangat dengan statement tu
  • pergerakan tubuh badan yang tidak terkawal – juga kerana suka sangat dengan statement tu
  • kehilangan pengimbangan tubuh – juga kerana suka sangat dengan statement tu

Kamus Bahasa Melayu:

Baharu: berkenaan sesuatu yang tidak ada sebelumnya.
Contoh: Saya menanti-nanti iklan raya Petronas yang baharu di kaca televisyen.

Baru: berkenaan masa
Contoh ayat: Iklan raya Petronas baru sahaja ditayangkan sebentar tadi di kaca televisyen.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Biskut Raya Intan's Oven

Pernah tak korang beli biskut di gerai Famous Amos? Tak tahu? Klik sini.

Bagi yang pernah beli tu, mesti korang tahu betapa sedapnya biskut diorang kan? Tapi mahal. Maklum la, produk daripada luar negara kan~

Jadi, korang ada pilihan lain untuk mendapatkan biskut dengan kualiti dan rasa yang sama tetapi buatan tempatan. Semuanya boleh didapatkan di Intan's Oven, perniagaan milik penuh bumiputera yang menghasilkan pelbagai jenis kek, biskut dan sebagainya.

Sempena Syawal yang akan menjelang, apa kata kalau korang serikan meja tetamu di rumah dengan biskut-biskut cip coklat yang lazat. Serius, sedap. Aku tak jual produk-produk picisan, tapi biskut raya yang ini pastinya membuat tetamu di rumah korang teringat nak beraya kat rumah korang sampai 5-6 kali pasal kat rumah korang ada biskut Intan's Oven nih. Huhu...

Bukan tu je, murah tau. Cuma RM16 untuk 250gm. Lebih kurang dalam 50 keping biskut la. Ada 5 pilihan rasa (rujuk gambar, mengikut arah jam):
  • Oat
  • Classics
  • Double (Coklat)
  • Nutless classics
  • Nutless double (Coklat)

Siapa-siapa nak tempah, sila hubungi 013999****. Terbuka kepada pelajar-pelajar, pensyarah-pensyarah dan kakitangan UIA sahaja buat masa ni. :-)

The Best to Say

I think, one friend who says

"Tu la, kan aku dah kata. Tak bagus pilih benda tu. Tengok macam aku, bla bla bla..."

should change what he/she says into:

"Apa yang kau hadapi sekarang ialah atas pilihan yang kau sendiri buat dulu, dan seharusnya kau tabah menghadapi cabaran tu. Apa sahaja yang berlaku, insha Allah aku ada bersamamu"

because the first statement would demotivate the listener, while the second one is the one coming from:

a true friend

Isn't a true friend the one who could and would motivate his/her friends?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tips Menjimatkan Belanja di Bazaar Ramadhan - Untuk Orang Bujang dan Pelajar

Ini ialah tips-tips bagi orang-orang yang ketagih pergi ke bazaar Ramadhan yang mana kalau tak pergi ke bazaar macam tak sempurna puasa dia haritu:

Elakkan membawa wang yang banyak ke bazaar.
Kang kalau korang bawa duit banyak-banyak, susah korang nak hadkan belanja korang. Selagi ada nota ringgit dalam saku korang, memang susah nak kawal. Ingat, pada bulan Ramadhan ni, segala kehendak dan nafsu datangnya daripada diri sendiri. Syaitan sudah dibelenggu.

Pakai topeng.
Kalau boleh pakai topeng yang tutup muka sepenuhnya. Kalau susah sangat nak cari topeng, pakai je topi keledar full cover. Pasal apa tau, kalau kat bazaar ni, selalu sangat jumpa member-member. Pastu diorang mula la merayu-rayu minta belanja. Kang tak layan, sentap pulak diorang. Akhirnya kita jugak yang pokai. Jadi, dengan cara memakai topeng boleh mengelakkan daripada dikenali member-member.

Pergi ke bazaar yang letaknya 50 km daripada tempat tinggal.
Sah korang takkan jumpa siapa-siapa member! So tak payah pakai topeng segala. Kan senang. *ke lagi susah? Takpe, petrol dah turun harga sikit :P

Actually, this is a preliminary entry. I have one way to save budget when going to the Bazaar Ramadhan, which I don't want to reveal yet. It will be posted if I could practically make it within this 7-day period starting from today.

Wait eh!

The Fasting

Do not blame me if your appetite is challenged after seeing the picture on your left.

Do not blame me if just right now your saliva is leaking.

Do not blame me if your 3-month-say-no-to-nasi diet would cease today.

Simply because...

I just love to put pictures of food in here. :P

Owh, by the way, I visited this mak budak's blog. I love her method on teaching and treating her 16-kg daughter to learn fasting. What a great mother. But I came out with a question:

btw, bagus la akak ajar si asya tu berpuasa. pada saya, maybe dia tak faham lagi erti sebenar puasa. didiklah dia sikit2.. tapi kan, bukan la nak kate (ape), tapi saya perhatikan ibu bapa seolah2 tidak memberi penerangan secara jelas kepada anak2 mereka kenapa puasa itu diwajibkan. apa yang biasa(nye) anak2 didedahkan ialah: puasa tak boleh makan dan minum (sahaja), walhal sebenarnye puasa lebih drpd itu.


What say you?

Disclaimer: She also put picture of a food in her blog, so again, do not blame me. :P

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Annual General Meeting of SCIENCESS - The Series

I am a part of the organizing committees for the AGM, but yet I am still eager to write something about it. Secretary lagi la, what do you expect~?

I'll be bias?

Wait. Don't judge me yet.

Will be updated.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogger is Now even Cooler!

This is a new feature in Blogger in which you can subscribe to publicly become a follower of a blog, and others would also be your follower.

If usually we only put links to other bloggers’ blogs in ours, in this new feature, you can see the updates in the subscribed blogs in your Dashboard once you log in into your Blogger account. Now you don’t have to patiently click one by one on the links just to check whether they have put new entries in their blogs or not. The Dashboard tells everything!

Not only that, you can secretly be a loyal reader for a blog. This is most likely when you don’t want the author to know that you’ve subscribed to his/her blog. Isn’t it cool?

Besides that, you can put a gadget from which you can see all updates from the blogs that you've subscribed. For example, see the middle bar in this blog under the section named "I Read Theirs". Thing like that... Again, clicking will be lesser from now on!

To know more about this new feature, read here.

Thanks and congratulations to As for being the first subscribed follower for this blog. I really appreciate it. Huhu~

So, my plan in making use of this new feature is to subscribe to all blogs that have been active since last few months to this blog; be it in giving comments or saying hello in the chatbox. I hope you’ll do the same to my blog also. It’s like building a network connection to all blogs you’ve linked in yours.

Apart from that, this is basically the thing that I would like to implement in the IIUM Bloggers’ Blog, but since it uses WordPress, which is far complex than Blogger, so I couldn’t manage to do it. Maybe I should consider to transfer the community blog to Blogger instead of WordPress. Is it possible people?

Note: I couldn't subscribe to some blogs for some reasons like error and undetectable feed. To those involved, please check your settings ok?


"Isk.. Apa ni lelaki pakai baju pink. Macam pondan!" (Jantan, 2007)

"La... Ko melatah ke? Mengalahkan pompuan!" (Pompuan, 2006)

"Ko jual biskut, Ki? Macam betina." (Mak Irah, 2008)

"Apsal pakai seluar macam tu? Ko tahu tak peha ko tu besar? Macam Farah Fauzana." (Din, 2008)

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