Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SCIENCESS AGM – Almost to the Final

This year’s AGM isn’t like last few years. It has been more professional, should I say. You can imagine, now each of the members of the society has to go to the special voting section to jot down their votes and the nominees for presidential seats need to talk in front of people to spread out their manifesto. Pergh, it's almost like SRC election I tell you!

Next, before I write further, I like to give some disclaimers for me not to be accused to set up the results for the AGM.
  • The text you are about to read is completely my personal prediction and should NOT be considered the only factor should they win the seats.
  • I do not involve in counting the votes. Although I might have access to them, but professionally and ethically, I won’t do it for any sake and reasons.
  • I only justify my choices. Besides the fact that I know them more than the other candidates, that is better than describing the weaknesses of other candidates as I might tend to do that if I describe the candidates one by one.

My prediction: Izzuddin Mohd Nadzirin
Since the other strong competitor (not to be named here) had pulled out from the nomination, Izzuddin has won presumably 80% of the votes! There are many winning characteristics and qualities he has that qualify him to be in my top list. Regardless he is my friend; he is very professional when it comes to societal matters. I still remember the day when I slow-talk with about I wanted to join ARC whilst the recruitment was only for juniors. If he was not professional, he would accept me to join but since he had determined that the recruitment was only limited to juniors, then practiced what he said. Besides that, the fact that he is Kelantanese might give him some extra credit since the students from the east of Peninsular Malaysia constitute quite a huge number. Not only that, he is well-known and thus has a great influence not only among students of KOS, but also among staffs of KOS and to an extent, staff of the STAD since he is (up to the date of this entry, he still is) the President of ARC. I still remember, last year, the day when he was appointed to be the Exco in SCIENCESS and in the same time the President of ARC; I asked him, “Ko yakin ko boleh pegang dua-dua jawatan ni, Izu?”. He positively answered and given a year, he proved it! He can make it! Academically, his GPAs have never been disappointing. In fact, he allegedly said he don’t actually care about it (tapi aku plak yang jeles dengan dia. Huhu~). Lastly, may be voters would consider to vote him because no more representative from BSBM Department who won the seat since last 4 years.
Enough said. Vote for him!

Other candidates:
Ahmad Mustakim
Wan Zabidi

Vice President I
My prediction: To me, the two names above have equal chance to win this seat. I am quite disappointed to know that my favorite name (not to be named here) has pulled out from the nomination. So since they both got equal chance, why should I write more, right? :P

Vice President II
My prediction: Siti Fatimah Zakaria
She has highly developed self-esteem, very outspoken in speaking her mind out, and her experience in the Mainboard in my tenure might give her some extra chance to win students’ votes. May be she isn’t as well-known as the other nominee, but that shouldn’t discredit her from winning the sit because popularity can be gained as soon as 1 second but experience and self-esteem take far more time to gain. What I like about her recently is that, she didn’t show any negative impression when informed that she has been nominated, which means she has fairly agreed to be sit on the First Girl of SCIENCESS seat and the rest of if is given to the voters.
So, vote for her!

Other candidate:
Latifah Munirah Bakar

Secretary General
My predicition: Jazli Aziz
Regardless his limitation in writing in Bahasa, never mind. I’ve been in this post and I know that shouldn’t be a problem English is almost everything as a Secretary General of SCIENCESS, which is so into Jazli! Just read his blog, and judge his English and the content of the blog. You won’t believe the blog is written by a 21-year-old guy. His writings and thus his thoughts exceed his physical look (ehem…) but don’t judge a book by its cover. You might not want to know him in the first meeting since his smile costs thousand ringgits but once you have built a brotherhood connection with him, he’ll be like your sibling! Most importantly, as Secretary General, being organized is the most important thing and I can see this in him.
So, vote for Jazli!

Other candidate: Siti Farah

My prediction: Tahirah Mohd Tahir
It’s very hard for a male candidate to take over this seat. However, from what I’ve seen from Tahirah is that, she is very loyal, obedient, outspoken, and always comes with great ideas. Treasurer works with money and again money and thus that shouldn’t be a problem for her since she held the post of Assistant Head Comm of Sponsorship of IQUEST and the Treasurer of SCIENCESS Annual Grand Dinner (AGD) which involve thousands of ringgits!

Other candidates:
Farhana Zaidi

Happy voting. Our society our responsibility.


myadlan said...

wah.. I go for Jazli.. master J rocks! huhu

oopos.. aku outsider la.. xleh vote.. hehe

:: !zyan :: said...

erk..secara terang2-an zaki ni. Sbb dulu akak pnah kene sound gak dgn ex-pres (yg dolu2)..jgn "tunjuk sgt sape favourite awk". Nape ntah dia tu.

yela...lame takde BSBM won the seat of pres. Pastu skrg Secretary General ke brothers balik ye..hmmm mcm zmn presss dulu2...

Anonymous said...

Waaa...dah ada target candidates. Tp drpd penerangan sumer, mmg diorg sgt layak. Especially for the president yg masih mantap GPAnye. President camni la yg kita nak, contoh yg baik dlm academic and activities. Bukan activity je lebih, academic hancur.

Gud luck to every candidates!!!

jennyto said...

izzu putih!!!!!!
huhu gudlak!

Anonymous said...

president menang besar sgt. rasa candidate yg lain macam tak bagus pulak. pastu masa nominasi mcm system sekolah. kawan pilih kawan. Sebab rasa nyer masa kertas pemilihan tak guna jer.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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