Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Spent only RM2!

Do you still remember I wrote about how to save budget when going to bazaar Ramadhan? Hey people, I managed to spend only RM2 you know! You want to know how?

First: Set your target.
Before you go to the bazaar, set in mind what you want to buy. Please be faithful with your choice once you put your step on the way to the place. Do not discriminate your own principle.

Second: Know that you’re going to buy for your own iftar.
Yes, buying-extra-foods-for-the-sake-of-sharing-them-with-other-people (read: donation) is creditable but it would be highly probably drag you to spend excessively, and in the end the foods will be wasted since the rest of your friends also buy extra foods and no other people are going to finish them. Duh... Did you watch DiGi’s “berbuka puasa bukan kenduri” ad? I love that! (Hidden tips: your friends will be very periodically generous during Ramadhan. Let them get some more pahala by giving them chance to spend a lot (read: donate for iftar) and we’ll be the one gaining pahala by way of finishing the foods. Haha!)

Third: Bring only adequate amount.
In the worst case that you could not control your spending, the best way is to limit the amount of money brought to the bazaar in the first hand. In my case, I set the target to spend only RM2, so I only brought RM2 to the bazaar, and what can I buy with that limited money? Not much right? But that’s basically the idea. I have saved a lot, I mean really a lot!

Fourth: Kirim kat kawan sudah~
Actually I did this most of the time. Huhu~ I didn’t actually go to the bazaar but my friends always did, so I made use of them (better statement: ask favor from them) by asking them to buy me the iftar, and of course I gave them only RM2. Your friends will be the most obedient people with your food order since they wouldn’t spend excessively on your behalf right?

"Awi, nah RM2. Belikan aku popia basah RM2. Kalau takde, belikan mee goreng sebungkus. Tu je. Terima kasih."

That explains how I managed to reduce my weight as much as 3 kg during this Ramadhan (besides of the a-week fever). Lalala~


As said...


u're able to restrict urself from eating rice etc, thus to restrict urself from spending more than rm2 is easier..



Anonymous said...

jimat siot... =p
skrang ni, nk raye, mesti byk STBB,kan???
nk contoh dari aku??? =p

Unknown said...


betol! nak dapat makanan yang nasi-based dengan harga RM2 je, susah sangat nak dapat.. :D

Unknown said...


memang jimat ok~

STBB, meh bagitau aku.. cepat!! :P

Adlan said...

I've spent RM2.70 at bazaar to buy kuih and meal for sahur.

n i've become super skinny again.. yeay! drop 2.5 kilograms!!

lutfi lukman said...

sepanjang ramadhan aku gi bazar skali je kut~ tapi aku makan di rumah. masakan ibu~ huhuhuhu

As said...

to luppi,

yang tu takleh trima, mana aci!

Unknown said...


i envy you! meh kongsi lemak dengan aku! :P

Unknown said...


owh itu sangat bagus! kerana ko leh jimat sangat2.. n masakan ibu yang paling barakah untuk berbuka..

eh.. ye ke? tapi kita buat hati ibu kita gembira dengan menikmati juadah yang dia masak itu sangat mulia ape~ kan? :D

Unknown said...


nanti da grad cari kerja dekat dengan rumah ye~ macam luppi la tuh :D

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