Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wish Finally Granted

First semester
I was blank and blur
didn't know what to do
none that I knew to refer to
that was the lesson for me
that is merely the reason why
I don't want the juniors to face the same problem.

Second semester
I still didn't manage to kill that subject
it wasn't that hard, but it was hard
because of minus marking
making it even more severe
new lecturer with new culture
I was shocked by this one specific yet unique lecturer
it was hard to cope with his style at first
but then, I love him to be my lecturer

Third semester
morally inclined
spiritually boosted up
although the rumor to move to Kuantan affected quite a space in my brain
but not really
Owh Allah, please grant my wish
this time...
but then again, 3.4852
He said no
not the time (yet?)

Fourth semester
moved to Kuantan
too many cat-and-dogs
morally declined
mentally disturbed
emotionally unstable

Fifth semester
too many academic and co-curricular activities
my life was uncontrollably busy
flew to Bandung, Indonesia
representing the nation in an International Angklung Festival
we won the third place
but before that
had to move back and forth Kuantan-Gombak almost every week for the training
not only that
I represented the kulliyyah in a national level challenge
we were the champion
all these however
are not to blame them
even I did not regret it
because those would be once in a lifetime opportunities
and I again did not regret it

Sixth semester
I have learnt something from the experience
being busy is not an excuse
I put myself to be busy
it was completely my choice to be busy
then it's back to me to manage myself
it's me and myself to be blamed if I could not manage it
society, management course, conference, visits, etc
so eventually
making it even sweeter, most of my classmates got Dean's List also
congratulations guys and girls!
finally, He granted, not only to me, but to my classmates also
because happiness is to be shared with all

I'm writing this, because the result for Internship (links: 1, 2, 3, 4) just came out yesterday and I got A for that 6-credit-hour subject. Pergh~

Wish me the best for the rest 2 semesters in IIUM. Amin...


ILA said...

The life is not easy without difficulties.
Anda menguji kemampuan diri yg tak terbatas..

Insyaallah...Anugerah Dekan mungkin brada di tangan..mana tahuuuu...;)

Unknown said...

kak ila...

thanks kak... namun, saya manusia. kemampuan diri saya terbatas kak~ :D

Anugerah Dekan? pergehe.. Amin...

*aminkan je la walopun ramai lagi yang score lebih tinggi drpd saye... :D

TimMie said...

A for internship
*clap clap clap*
*standing ovation*
*kekaguman tahap maksima*
i'll take that as my challenge
can i? =)

Unknown said...


TQ v(^_^)V

da tu tak reti2 nak belanje aku ke? huahua~

yes you can.. at least mesti dapat A- ah.. yang penting, ha.. kang panjang plak aku menaip. nanti2 la aku cite. heh.

izzahismail said...

wah,very impressive.
it's proven you know, there's a will, there's a way ;))

abg zaki,i link you ok?

take care ;)

:: !zyan :: said...

yeahhh...dat's student life.

Keep on struggling for the betterment k!

Anonymous said...

bagaimanakah anda membahagikan mase anda nk stdy lg,coco lg,kak yam lg dan kwn2..
camne juge nk kasi pape yg kite blaja msok tros dlm pale otak..
apekah doa2 yg prlu saye amlkn..
saye prlukn consultation dr anda..
neway..,congr8 di ats pointer yg sgt mntap i2...

Unknown said...


tenkiuk.. pernah dengar experience is the best teacher? i admit it is practically true!

okay.. i'll link to you also.. let's exchange.

and dont forget to add me in friendster as well k..


Unknown said...

kak izyan..

ya.. you know a lot more than me.. maklum la.. akak kan makan garam lebih dahulu drpd saye~

terima kaseh ye kak.. doakan kejayaan saya dan kawan2 yang lain dlm semester yan berbaki 2 lagi nih.. hu~ da nak grad rupenye... :(

Unknown said...

cactus hijau berduri..

aha! kalo nak wat consultation, mesti kat KFC ataupun secret recipe ok~ hahaha...

what i can say is that, pengalaman sangat banyak mengajar. unfortunately for me, i was quite late to gain those experiences. da masuk 4th year baru tahu erti "busy" yang sebenarnye.

i didnt push myself too hard when i was in first year actually. that's why...

so cactus, all the best!

Anonymous said...

menjadi motivasi buat si junior nie=)

strive 4 d m0st beutiful result in d final year=)chaiyoookk!!!

~it's ok...xde kakak ipar,kakak kpada adik ipar pun jadi la...huuuu

Shana said...

Congrats zaki and good luck! :)

Unknown said...

candlesky (kini kan?)...

TQ.. terharu jika apa yang aku tulis ni menjadi suatu yang memberi motivasi kepada pembaca.

welcome!! datang la selalu ke sini lain kali k kini :D

erm.. kakak ipar? malu~ :P

Unknown said...

kak arshana...

TQ.. wish me all the best untuk2 semester lagi ni eh...

akak lagi la, setiap sem dean's list. pergehe~

As said...

Nampaknya i have to wait 4 semester lagi for me to have this such entry ;p


Again, the more u appreciate, the more you get ;)

Unknown said...


not really. if you can define what actually your wish that have come true academically, why must wait 4 semester lagi kan? huhu~


semoga kita sama2 beroleh kejayaan pada amasa sekarang dan masa akan datang. amin..

Cikgu Eta said...

All the best and Good Luck.. Bangga orang kampung nanti...

Unknown said...

mama zeeta..

amin... orang kampung bangga eh? takde la.. low profile. hek~

Anonymous said...

That is a very good example for juniors.
Some juniors involved in so many activities but their results were qutie disappointed.
Think about the purpose we enter the university.

And juniors, u can easily get A for ur internship, esp if u work well and present well.


Anonymous said...

neway u made it at last... kan dpt dean's list...
gud luck...

Unknown said...


isk.. melambung2 sangat tuh. rase bersalah pulak tulis entry nih O_o

thanks kak.. doakan kejayaan kami untuk semester ni dan sem last depan.. hu~ da tua da~

Unknown said...


thanks mate!

ko da merasa dapat dean list, so aku rase apa yang ko rase sekang. hu~

tapi lagi best "rase"nye kalo ade orang belanja. hek~

Adlan said...

wah.. recap balik sepanjang 3 tahun kt UIA.. aku pun nk tulis jgak.. mujur ade blog ni. kalo x memang aku tak ingat pn ape berlaku.. hehe

Unknown said...


ha.. tulis la jugak. nak gak tahu perkembangan sorang bernama adlan, pelajar kaed. :D

ade orang yang malu nak reveal pointer dia, tapi aku - tak kesah~ :P

Anonymous said...

mantop gler.....
aku sem 1 nih pun...tkut gk kalo terkandas....
lctrer yg ajr kami lctrr bru...

As said...

Er..I mean, to list out as what you did :D

Unknown said...


nasihat aku, time2 awal degree, kebanyakan subjek senang nak skor. caye la.. so kalo nak skor, sekang la masenye. kang da masuk 3rd yr 4th yr, subjek makin susah, generally..

so kalo nak skor sejak dr first sem lagi. kalo tgk pointer aku awal2, patutnya aku leh skor dean's list, tapi tu ah.. memang bukan rezeki kot. hm..

Unknown said...


owh. ngeeee :D

Anonymous said...

good luck!!=D all da best bro..=)

Unknown said...


thanks.. all the best between you and our dearest skinny guy there.. haha~ tiber~ :P

Anonymous said...

erk..mcm tade kene mengene..=p

Unknown said...


but i hope ade kena mengena la~ lalala~ =p

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