Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lunch with the Dean

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So far I’ve represented my kulliyyah two times in competitions. And alhamdulillah I won in both. The first time was when I was in first year in National Level of Science Quiz organized in USM, Penang and the current one was in the National Level Internship Challenge organized by Since we brought the name of Kulliyyah of Science to pride, it made the kulliyyah glad and this was where they belanja us makan-makan! Yey!

Last time, for the win in USM, it was in Tarbush of Ampang, a restaurant serving foods basically come from the Arab lands. This time it’s time for the Thai foods! The kulliyyah brought us to Sara Thai Kitchen, located in Jalan Gambut, Kuantan last Monday.

Nothing much to say since it was really simple lunch where the Dean, Deputy Dean and few other staffs joined and also it was attended by 2 other students who fragranced the name of the Kulliyyah. The Dean gave a short speech congratulating us for the win and advised us to participate in more competitions.

Tips: Whenever you join any competitions, let the kulliyyah know even if it has nothing to do with academic matters. You can even ask for some budget! Whether you win or not, that’s another story.


moon said...

isk isk.. da la tgh lapa ni. tambah kelaparan nengok gamba2 ni

DaRk AnGeL said...

jap aku tgh konfius ni.. kau meang apa? kuiz sains?
watever pun tahniah ler...
lapar lak tgk gmbr2 makanan ni ha... huhu~

szakif said...

kak moon..
makan kat sara thai sangat best! lagi2 makan free.. haha~

nampak sangat la ko tak update pasal aku.. yang aku menang baru2 ni dalam internship challenge, kinda explorace gak la.. dan kitorang menang pastu kuliyah bagi penghargaan dengan memberi makan tengahari.. yey!

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