Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kuantan in December

To know what happened on December last year, visit

Let’s talk about December again. This time it’s a situation here in Kuantan. Like last year, the weather signifies something that might bring problems to us. Till this note is written, the condition isn’t as bad as last year’s. We had terrible weeks last December because the rain didn’t stop all week long. Note that the word “week” instead of “day”. Yes, the rain kept on falling and showed no sign to stop.

Problem: How to go to the class? We got no roofed sidewalk along the way to the kulliyyah. Even if we have one, it won’t help either. The heavy wind follows the rain. Lucky me, I got car but how about the rest of students? Okay, the bus might be an alternative but the ineffective schedule and limited vacancy needed to be considered. Don’t say SCIENCESS didn’t do anything regarding this but no effective action was taken. Sigh*

Problem: How about our loads of laundry? Remind you, no dryer is provided here. Therefore we got to hang the clothes inside the room hoping the wind from the fan will slowly dry them up. But how long will they take to dry up? Days? A week? Don’t say also SCIENCESS didn’t highlight this matter but again... you know what I mean...

The design of the central facility a.k.a CF is definitely nice but it’s just the design, not the function. When it’s raining, you can imagine how wet the CF is since the design allows the floor to see the sky directly, thus the sky greets the floor with lots of crying. Heh*

Despite all these difficulties due to the rain we can still live. Use the bus to go to class and came early to get your seat or at least space in the bus rather than being absent from classes. That’s our objective of being here – to study, so don’t let the rain to be an unreasonable excuse. For other problems you might figure out your own solutions like sending your laundry to the dobby outside the campus but finances might be a problem to some. For problems, there are solutions and be wise to figure them out rather than complaining without doing anything. Grow up people!


ILA said... sadness:(
akak punya kawan yg duk kat kuantan akan mraikan perkahwinannya minggu dpan.d problem is rumahnya dah d kelilingi banjir.tgah susah hati dia skrang

Unknown said...

hm.. time cuti2 ni la org nak buat kenduri kawen ramai2, pastu plak hujan.. kesian~

moon said...

wow! how i miss uia so much!! teringt last yer on dec, kami beramai2 pegi ke teluk cempedak n bermandi manda di bawah hujan. hujan tidak menghalang kami untuk mandi laut!! bila sem baru stat zaki? da stat ke?

Unknown said...

kak moon..
sem da start la. sekang dah masuk second week da. amboi2.. mentang2 da grad, perlu la lupe bila setiap sem start kan~ huhu~

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