Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Recheck II

If you have no idea about this, read previous The Recheck.

No, I didn’t go to Kuantan that Monday. I’ve sent a letter to that particular personnel (note: Pos Ekspers ok~) on behalf of me to say my apology for not answering the invitation. In the same letter, I stated my phone number for the personnel to call me should he has any further inquiries.

Not shockingly, I got a call this morning. I intuitively could guess who’s on the line. Yes, the same person whom I addressed the letter. I was really thankful and happy that he could and would like to contact me via the phone to ask me further questions before he actually sign the application.

Disclaimer: The phone conversation followed has been translated into English but the basic content of it is preserved and some other discussions are unrevealed. No names mentioned except mine.

The addressee: I’ve received your letter. Are sure you want to proceed with the application? But before that, I’d like to ask some questions, just for the sake of betterment of our service...

Szakif: Yes sir.

The addressee: What’s wrong actually?

Szakif: Ha? Nothing wrong actually but it’s just that I wasn’t satisfied with the result. It wasn’t a hard course and wasn’t also a very easy course. However I think I should get better result. So that’s why I applied for the recheck.

The addressee: So no problem with the lecturer?

Szakif: You mean Dr. Toxicology? Nah... To me, although the system of teaching that he used wasn’t usually practiced by other lecturers, I thought I managed to follow what he instructed. Nothing much about it. Although it was basically exam-oriented system, but I have no problem with it. It was just OK to me. The system was new to us, but personally to me, I have no problem with it. And in class, maybe some said they understood with what he instructed but at the back they don’t really get what he meant.

The addressee: Would you like him to be your lecturer again in coming semesters?

Szakif: Since I haven’t chosen any concentration yet, so I’m not sure if he’ll be teaching me again. But those who take Industrial Health Concentration will be having lectures with him. But I have no problem with him. That's all I can say.

The addressee: If you’re to rank him, out of ten, how much would you give?

Szakif: (Wah... Is this oral TER or what? Huhu...) Well, I would give a number (?).

The addressee: You know the risk of applying for recheck right? You really understand what you might get? There’s a probability that the grade drops.

Szakif: Insya-Allah, I hope I will get better grade and if not, please maintain it. Who wants it to be downgraded right?

The addressee: Well that I can’t promise because I am not the one who’ll be marking the paper.

Szakif: Yes, yes... I understand that. It’s just that I pray the grade won’t drop.

The addressee: So, I shall sign your application. No regret ya?

Szakif: Insya-Allah. I just can pray.

The addressee: I think that’s all. Where do you do your practical training Zaki?

Szakif: At Hospital Banting. It’s in my hometown.

The addressee: Owh. You’re from Banting! Orang badminton!

Szakif: Haha... Yes, and last Friday we missed to the final. I was so sad.

The addressee: Well, that’s the essence of a game. There must be one who wins, and one who loses. Ok la. Thanks ya Zaki?

Szakif: And thanks a lot to you also for calling me.

The addressee and Szakif: Assalamualaikum... Wa’alaikumussalam...



arshana said...

Sape agaknya ye En. Toxicology tu... :p

NMZ said...

lamanya tak jengah sini, sibuk ulang alik balik kL. Da banyak miss entry rupenya.

Hmm..actually the adressee is greener on the other side ;)


Anonymous said...

susahnye nk ni x reader friendly la~

Anonymous said...

tolong..aku x nmpk pape tulisan ko..
adekah aku yg rabun atau ko yg salah pilih kaler...

szakif said...


maybe you have to wait a lil bit longer because the page hasn't finished loading yet. if it has, try to refresh the page. it the problem still occurs, maybe there's problem with your browser.

i regret that that happens to you, but it may be caused by your own technical problem.

enjoy reading next time ya!

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