Monday, May 05, 2008

A Hug from Senior-to-be

This is a short note. I’ve discovered some readers of this blog by chance found it after searching some words that are related to my course that I’m doing, and to greater extent some other related words basically because I write those words in this blog. To them, I want to say welcome to this blog and if you have any questions regarding the course that you’re planning to take in Kulliyyah of Science (KOS), you are highly wholeheartedly welcome to forward your questions to me, be it via email (az_zakingompol[at]yahoo[dot]com),YM (az_zakingompol), via Friendster or whatever way. Insha-Allah I will try to answer accordingly.

I compliment to people who do some research on what they are planning to do in the future; in this case what to choose when they further their study in degree level after finishing the foundation study in CENFOS. A round of applause to you people! That shows that you have vision or at least some concern about your own future. My advice is: don’t stop searching and never say “I’m done searching”.

For those who will be admitting in the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue of IIUM but far in the heart of Kuantan, don’t listen to rumor. They might not be true.

I need to say this: I've studied equally 3 semesters in both Gombak and Kuantan campuses. I love both, but Kuantan Campus is more “Dekat di Hati”...


luppi said...

haha, dekat di hati, i like that. I might have scared them a little when I went to CENFOS. Huhu. My bad~ :p
Oh btw, ur template is getting nicer and better. Keep it up ;)

moon said...

akak dok gombak 3 taun, tp kuantan satu sem je. tp, akak pun rase kuantan campus lagi dekat di hati. =). 4 months means a lot compare to 3 years!

NMZ said...

huu...dekat di hati..benar2..

:: !zyan :: said...

owh...dekat di hati?

hmm..korang nih kes nak bagi k.izyan jeles ke pe eh?

tapi mmg tak puas la belaja kat uia..terase rugi of not gaining as much knowledge as I could during my university years.

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