Thursday, May 15, 2008


Contest: Give a subtitle for this picture and instinctively relate it with my next coming entry. The best entry will win a special prize from me. Contest ends on Sunday, 18 May 2008.


Unknown said...

For your convenience, write your entry like this example:

Caption: A kid running..

Your next entry is about the kid. You love kid very much!

Akmal Azeman said...

Caption: An innocent soul...

Your next entry will be about how kids are being mistreated. rapes. kidnaps. selling babies. etc.

DaRk AnGeL said...

laaa.. aku tahu sgt ler ni.. kang kalau jawab aku boleh dpt hadiah free ni. main tipu lak kang. heheh~
kasi chance org lain ler..

yang pasti.. kau pergi tak ajak aku!!
[adakah tak pasal2 aku terkasik klu?]

Unknown said...

teruskan mencuba :D

ahaha~ it's nothing about what you think, i think.. try ah.. takde pasal kak ila la... hehe

azuwa said...

1.caption: quick sweet steps

Your next entry will be about the excitement of seeing the sea in the eyes of a child. hoho..

2.caption: mengejar ombak

your next entry is about--err.. doing something that is Impossible??

hehe.. takpe kan kalo aku buat 2 guesses??

Unknown said...

keep on trying no matter how many times you do :D

goodluck people!

alifzaimimra said...

when u say subtitle..i imagine the scene like in the drama whr u hv subs. like this:

Kid: abang, nk ikut abang cari ketam jugak!


ok..b serius hawa. ;P here goes.

caption: my best pic.

Your next entry is about peaceful-ness at the seaside - my recent vacation.


ILA said...


Unknown said...

wah! hawa! almost!

alifzaimimra said... u're making me nervous...ok..i try my best..(mcm serius contest plak..huhu)

caption: my best pic

your next entry is about ur recent hang-out at some beach where u enjoy da beautiful scene thr. u found peace n freedom thr. u enjoyed being thr, loved the moment n hoped to stay thr forever.

(i think this is more to da description..eheh..nvr mind..not really hoping to win neway. :D)

As said...

hehe, seronok tgk the guess-es. And the picture is a nice photography. (opps..nak wat camne, radiographer part time die photographer..sume pasal gambar blaja..)

tingat the time you went to the beach alone to revise masa final exam lepas. Dat was great, and of course the feeling which only-you-know masa tuh. Best~~~ I always did that, tgk sun rise ke best gak =P

kid tu koleksi gambar yang zaki amik kat pantai pada masa yang sama ke?

Eh, tertanya lak, baik tunggu next entry..

Hawa, keep trying..all the best! Heee...

Unknown said...

nmz, although u didnt try to guess, but you've sliced another layer of the puzzle! hehehe..

you've got clue there!

moon said...

caption : the reminiscence

your next entry will be about how u really want to be kid again, coz the way u see the beach as a kid is not d same when u've grown up.

erk, wpun tau salah, tp akak try gak! hehehe

Unknown said...

wahaha~ saye rase ramai yang terpengaruh dengan contoh yang saye berikan... sebenarnye itu sememangnya satu contoh yang tiada kaitan dengan entry akan datang..

teruskan mencuba!

As said...

hihi. Niat untuk mengomen lead pada sliced another layer of the puzzle lak..huu..

thanks for the picture's link u gave me. Great! Love becahes ;)

Anonymous said...

i just want to run?

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