Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blood Donation

To be updated. But what is BD? Does this picture give you any idea? Anyone could guess? Haha... This is not contest anyway :p


No. It’s not about birthday, bad day, or what ever Jenny and Kak Izyan tried to guess. Thanks for guessing anyway. I really appreciate and salute your efforts. Huhu...

It’s about blood donation people. Yes, this is the full picture of the previous one. That was on 21st May 2008 where I donated my blood for the sixth time. For your information, I never knew that in Banting Hospital, there’s a special section in the Pathology Department for donating blood. All these while, I only participated in blood donation drives when there were functions or events around IIUM in Kuantan, PJ and Gombak.

No, I don’t mean to be bragger, but to encourage you to donate your blood also!

The most common hindrance among people to donate their blood is their own fear. They are afraid the needle would spill their blood till that they get anemic. No people, you have to fight with your inner fear to tell yourselves that you’re actually doing blessed yet rewarded charity.

Imagine, one day your loved one involves in a massively horrible accident where he/she loses his/her blood and they need immediate blood transfusion. But since the blood bank has no supply, who will and could help? And now, put that loved one as yourselves; do you want to die just because of that reason?

It’s never too late to start donating your blood now. Who knows one day you’ll need blood transfusion? No, I don’t mean you’ll get your own blood that you donate years ago, but what goes around comes around right?

“Is it hurt?”
“I’m afraid...”
“The needle... runnnnn!!!”

Please people, think positive. Have you heard anyone dies right after they donate their blood? As far as I know, no. The staffs are professional and trained to do their job. Insha-Allah they’ll serve the best they could.

I read report of pass years National Blood Donation published by Pusat Darah Negara. There are lists of hospitals that provide blood donation service. Maybe the hospital next to your door does have it, but maybe you never know. Just ask me which hospital, I’ll try to see if it’s in the list.

You'll be free tomorrow? Go to the nearest public hospital. Let’s donate our blood!


:: !zyan :: said...

Best Day?
Boring Day?
BAD Day? (this is impossible! ahah)


Bachelor Day? (hehe!)

it's jenn. said...

Boo dadadada?

hehe best day kot...!

Unknown said...

wahaha~ jenny.. ko biar betol.. salah!!! hahaha~ mentang2 aku senyum lebar dalam gambar tu, terus kate best day kan~ huhu~

ILA said...

Alahh..kacang jerrrr
akak dah selalu..

err..tapi selalu tengok org derma je lerrr~~~

sesuai tak utk org yg lemah semangat???
sila jwab......

Unknown said...

lemah semangat yang macam mane tu kak ila? tapi kalau lemah semangat yang cam nampak darah sikit da pengsan, sebaiknya jangan derma la. pasal nampak darah satu titik pun da pengsan, apatah lagi kalo tengok darah satu beg kan~ huhu..

apa2pun, yang penting apabila mahu menderma darah ni, kesanggupan diri sendiri tu yang paling penting.

Anonymous said...

haha. sume silap
ni engagement day.huahua.

szakif...nanti minta sciencess buat BD day lame skit kat KOS. aritu sehari jer. kalau buat 2 hari ok jugak.

As said...

hmm, baru nak request jugak. Sebab macam tak pernah tahu ade wujud BD day kat IMC. Dulu kat matric tak penah miss sebab 3-4 hari jugak die buat. 2days wud be nice enuf.

Seronok donate bloOd, rasa kepuasan lepas donate. Macam wat keje2 sukarela yang len la.

Dulu asyik kena inject or kena amik darah, jadi da terbiasa dengan jarum. Thus, mcm tak kisah nak donate blood even though berat tak pernah sampai 45kg as required. Hihi. Alhamdulillah no complication.

Tengok kawan2 ramai je yang lemah semangat memula, tapi bile tengah donate orait je. CUmanye, kalo lemah semangat ngan jarum, memang takleh tolong. Huu..

Donate kat U macam len sket daripada gi serah diri kat blood bank in nay hospital. Maybe sebab leh pi reramai if kat U.


Amin Mansor said...

da lame x mengomen blog ko.hehehe..

bgs ko.wat amal time cuti2 ni. ;)

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