Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Initiator

It was in August, last year that I came into the first year students' class (now they are second year). I was planning something and coincidently during that day, my tilawah class was postponed while there was some technical problems in the lecture hall. The lecturer, Kak Wawa (that time she was the Head of Department) couldn't continue her lecture. So, everything was very encouraging for me to complete my mission: to be the initiator.

I had few intentions for doing that:
  1. To welcome them to the university and to the kulliyyah.
  2. To be the moderator for appointing class reps.
  3. To initiate a relationship between the first year and the final year.
Alhamdulillah, everything went well with the session that I had the opportunity to explain to them what Biomedical Science was all about from my viewpoint and to share some experience and knowledge about living in IIUM Kuantan Campus.

In the session as well, I became the middle-man for them to appoint their class reps because I knew someone had to play that role or else they won't have any leaders in their class.

You can imagine in a class with more than a hundred students; how would you manage the class if there's no one to play the leadership role? Living in a community, we always need some leaders to lead the rest of the community towards some goals. And I was glad they chose the right ones and they still continue to be the leaders until now. Congratulations to Saifudin and Huda for being great leaders and for being able to manage your class efficiently. Behind these two strong students, there are few other students that helped them a lot in making life of the rest of class easier than they would've thought.

By the way, I am writing this entry because this week SCIENCESS is organizing the nomination for the new Board Members of the society for the 2009/2010 tenure. I wish you all the best in making decisions because it'll affect the rest of your life in the campus. If you select great leaders, you'll live happily there insha Allah.

So, these are just my choices basically based on my observation from afar and experience from working with them previously when I was in the society. It's up to you la to follow or not. Hehe...

President: Jazli Aziz (current Secretary General)
Vice President I: Don Lukmanul Hakim (current Exco)
Secretary General: Danial Efendy (he was my Secretary in KOS Amazing Explorace)


perindu_خلافة said...

ingat lagi mase tu,
memg satu permulaan yang baik,
sampai skrg impact(+ve)nya masih wujud,
thanx zaki~

pasal nomination,
aku jgk da spot beberape org yg memg bercrediblty...
so same2 arr kite harapkn yg lain jgak buat pilihan tepat!!(",)

great leaders will continue the success of the society,

SammyStalling said...

yup, i rmember dat tym..
tq 4 dat day.. :)

miko said...

kitorang mmg undi DON!
dari dahulu kala lagi..

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