Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting the Full Transcript

In my last visit to IIUM Kuantan Campus, I went there to get the full transcript from the administration of the university. In order to do that, I had to go to few offices to get stamps and signatures. They were namely the Legal Unit, Finance Division, Library, Residential College and the Security.

If you have no problem with those offices, they shouldn't have problem to immediately give you the stamp and signature. In my case, I had no problem and I finished doing the thing just within 1-2 hour.

Unlike some of my friends, they didn't know that they still had debt with the Finance Division that they need to settle before they can get their full transcripts. Surprisingly, the amount of debt was umimagineably high that they didn't notice that they had that debt (you tounge might twist I suppose :P).

Back to my case, since I knew a person from the Finance Division, I referred to him/her prior to the visit so that I could prepare the amount to pay. Yes, I got some unsettled balance from the study fees and that was fully under my knowledge. Every semester I checked my financial statements from the portal and I intentionally let the balance to be paid later. So, it's highly advised to check the portal occasionally in every semester.

I think it's good to give examples. A friend of mine, he/she didn't know that he/she got debt as much as RM690! And another one, +-RM900!

After finishing everything, I went to the start point at One Stop Centre again to submit the form and finally got the full transcript, alhamdulillah~

(Tapi dalam hati sebenarnya menyumpah gak tengok kertas tu pasal perkara ni)

Well... Not much about the clearance. But one thing I will never forget during finishing the thing is when I met a junior in one of the offices. As far as I knew, to me at least, she was not very close with me. She was a cute girl, shorter than my chest, wearing nice long tudung. With an innocent face she asked me this question:
Bro Zaki buat apa kat sini? Menyebok je!

Dik... Pandai kau kenakan aku STBB ye... Kalau kau jenis yang rapat dengan aku, aku tak terkejut kot. Haha...


Lady in Blue said...

haha.ak rs sume org yg xrapat ngn ko pun leh slambe j ckp cmtu.. ko kan femes. :P

Szakif said...


so... ade gak keburukan jadi femes rupenye yek :P

Anonymous said...


nice quote there...

"An uncle who loves to see his Danial to grow up with joy and love."


Szakif said...


thanks :)

come again ya :D

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