Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Mrs. H

Thanks for inviting me to the nice building. I really thought that we were to discuss on the freelance job that I'm doing. When asked how exactly you found my number, you said you were not sure and you thought I was from IT background. For your information, I don't usually give my phone number to strangers. This is where I started to find there was something wrong.

Then, I, who was accompanied by my wife decided to stay to listen to the presentation, just not to offend you. It started with telling everything that is good and luxurious, with the happiness of the family and life, and everything as if it's the ultimate answer for a better life. I don't care who the presenter was because I didn't know him thus he has no value to me other than he is just another human, even if he's allegedly here again in Malaysia after 11 years. And, I found his presentation was just ordinary although the rest of the people who came to the stage praised him like he had made a very great presentation. No, I know my judgment. I've been to many presentations. I fell asleep.

After the presentation, you brought me to see a woman who is allegedly successful in the business. When asked what type of business she does, she answered "you join us first and come to our seminar and we will tell you and you won't regret it". In order to come to the seminar, I have to pay RM150 while I don't exactly know what I'm paying for. Do you go the restaurant and pay at the counter before you actually order the meal that you want to eat?

Not only that, when I have made my mind not to come to the seminar, you said everything that would make me change my mind, and my wife's mind. Hey, stop being like a god saying like I will not be happy with my married life if I don't join your program. In fact, I'll not be happy if I have to do like what you did - forcing people to pay for something that they don't know.

Maybe you approached the wrong person. I am not the type of person who can be easily influenced with money and uncertain happiness. It's already good that I don't mention your name and your program so don't call me anymore.

Since you didn't give me your "business" card, so I think this is the best way to inform you my decision. It's a NO from me. I know, if you call me, you will say everything possible to make me change my mind but hey, here I tell you, I stick with my decision. Do not force me.



budak chOmel said...

ahha.bahaya jugak kan~

aizuddin said...

they're just bunch of sweet talkers luring someone for money.

bek jual pasar malam

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