Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Mrs. H Part II

I sent her SMS asking to read my blog. Then she replied to me:
Hi Zaki. Read your blog, and appreciate how you feel. Obviously nothing made sense to you and that's fine. Anyway, just to clarify I have no intention to force you into anything nor to change your mind as it's not going to benefit anyone. Can I send you my address to return the CDs? Don't know whether you managed to go through them as that would have clarified a few things as well. Anyway, it's OK if you mention the program or the business anywhere because it's operating in many countries legally and we are all operating legally with registered businesses so there is nothing to hide. Don't worry. And by the way, I did not get your number from a stranger but you advertised on a freelance website. Anyway, I apologize if you felt that way. Thanks anyway. -H.

Well, a lot of things there, but I'd like to comment on this particular thing: What's legal to the country doesn't necessarily mean it's legal to the syariah.

Let me list these down:
  1. She didn't tell me earlier that it's actually **w** program. She just said there's going to be a special project and Powerpoint presentation.
  2. When my wife asked her if it's an MLM program before the presentation started, she didn't admit but through our knowledge and research, it's MLM! Why didn't she say "Yes" in the first hand? Doesn't that mean she is hiding something?
  3. Again, I'd like to stress that the type of business wasn't clear and we need to pay to go to the seminar without actually knowing what we are paying for. In fact, I was not told that I need to pay!
  4. Through our conversation after the presentation, she gave us no way to say NO to her offer. A good business deal is to give the customer choice whether to take it or not. But, obviously, she gave us no way to reject her offer and that's what made us felt like being forced. It's our perspective that matters more since we are to be the payees. Fortunately, we've been through many experiences that have made us strong with our decision.
Lastly Mrs. H, you asked us to do research on the program, and this is our conclusion - we don't like your type of MLM.

Please take all these in an inoffensive way because we don't mean to offend you.


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