Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Translation and Editing Services


Since working with Yayasan Ilmuwan, I've been exposed with how publication of books is done. One of the stages in publication is editing.

So far, with the help by my officemate, I have edited 2 theses to be transformed into academic book. The first one was not so much related to my biomedical science background, while the second one was much more related to the field. The great thing is, when I have manuscript to be edited that is not related to my academic background, I learnt new things, while when I have to edit manuscript that is more or less related to science, that is exactly the time to refresh everything.

Not only that, my academic exposure was in English language whereas my career now deals a lot with Bahasa Melayu. But thanks to Intensive Translation Course that I attended last December (a week before I flew to UK) from which I learnt a lot of new things in translation. Alhamdulillah, I scored 82% in the examination of the course, which boosted me to do translation more seriously.

Currently, I am attending Editing Workshop subsequent to the earlier course. Out of 4 days of the workshop, I have attended 2 days, and yet another 2 days to go on this coming Friday and Saturday. For your information, both courses/workshops are conducted at Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM) of Wangsa Maju, not far from Yayasan Ilmuwan.

To quote from the speaker in the workshop, she said that,
"You come here (to the workshop) is not just to learn to be a good editor, but (also) to learn what it takes to be an editor!"

After completing the workshop, I am looking forward to promoting my services. In fact, I have already started the promotion through Facebook and I've got few replies saying that they are interested to use my services.

For readers who are interested to use my services, you may contact me through Facebook or my email az_zakingompol@yahoo.com. Insya Allah I will provide the best translation and editing with affordable prices.


atbk said...

cane nak amik sijil terjemahan tu? Ia menyeluruh semua bidang or ade bidang2 tertentu sahaja?

Szakif said...


Dari masa ke masa, try update dengan website ITNM. Kot ada iklan kelas terjemahan. Biasa orang buat kelas sambilan jek. Hujung minggu. Macam aku lak last time, aku jalani kursus tu secara intensif, 2 minggu direct. Yang sambilan, hujung minggu entah berapa minggu ntah.

Dalam kelas tu, semua bidang dia cover. Kiranya menyeluruh la.

Asma' Ahmad Bahari said...

dari dulu ko memang kretips berbisnes! tahniah! (jeles ni :P) tringat blakang kete ko dulu penoh ngn roti.. hehe B-)

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