Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trip to UK

I know it's quite late to write about this but it's good for my record anyway.

I flew to UK last month from 26 December until 2 January this year. About 10 days spent there, I went to few places like London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The experience when I was there cannot be described with any adjective! Woa~

I have to thank my boss for bringing me there to accompany him to accomplish few things including meeting the indescribably nice Cunningham family in Glasgow and friendly Hakimi with Kak Ita's family.

Few facts about the trip:
  1. My initial plan was not to spend a lot there except for things for my wedding (hantaran perkahwinan), but I failed to obey it. That was where I noticed I had shopaholic syndrome. Hehe...
  2. I brought one bag-pack to go there but then came back with one traveler bag and holdall besides the bag-pack. Hehe...
  3. I exchanged messages with my fiancee through Facebook and it was free of charge (except the weekly RM1 charge). But at least I don't have to pay about RM1.50 just to say few words with her.
  4. For friends in Facebook, they might noticed that I always update my status when I was there. Mostly the updates were about foods. Haha... Most commonly I got comments that sounded "pegi UK, makan gak makanan Malaysia". But hey, it was not all about me la.
  5. Teh tarik Tukdin... Pergh... I leave this to my boss to describe more since he was so in love with the creamily unforgettable taste.
  6. It was not hard to find Malaysians especially in London.
  7. Few famous people I found there: Azhar Sulaiman, Ziela Jalil and the CEO of TNB. I still remember how my boss's face looked when he was so curious at the time we first saw the CEO and his family at Tukdin.
  8. I was surprised with my body's ability to adapt with the different climate between Malaysia and UK. I thought I was going to get fever there, but alhamdulillah I didn't.
  9. I have new definition of the joy and fun of traveling in my life dictionary after the trip.
  10. Finally I touched SNOW!!!


Unknown said...

bestnye g UK!! :D

Post Officer said...

uuhhh...bored with it..

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