Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook and Bra Color

So, what is your bra color today?

That sounds provocative right? But face it, we can ask that after what has happened recently.

It started last week when suddenly I felt really strange when some (or was it most of them?) of my female friends in Facebook updated their status with a word, naming a color. Not only that, the comments following the status were also able to build up more curiosity, especially among the guys.

It was where I had the idea to do some brief research from the Google with a keyword that sounds "Why women put color names in their Facebook status" from which I knew it was in conjunction with a campaign regarding breast cancer. Ok, fine I had no problem to support the campaign but I did have problem with how things worked: revealing what is not supposed to be revealed.

Please, don't think that guys are stupid for they wouldn't know how to investigate. We breath the same air, we live on the same planet and we use the same internet connection. Most importantly, we are friends in the Facebook.

So, when such a thing was posted in the Facebook status, I couldn't help but to disagree with it. Let alone you named your bra color, but did it help much in the campaign? Why didn't just preach what was important related to the campaign rather than begging for curiosity in Facebook? How far and how effective naming your bra color would increase the awareness among people? Would you rather sacrifice your dignity for the sake of the campaign?

What was more pathetic was that most of my Facebook friends were Muslim. But some were not even sensitive with what should not be discussed, or revealed openly. Did you even think what other people, especially the guys, would think and imagine if they know your bra color?

Put aside whether or not you actually tell your true bra color, but the fact that you support the campaign in that way, is to me unacceptable. As we are Muslim, we have our own way to do things, while this name-your-bra-color-in-your-Facebook-status thing, to me, wasn't an Islamic one.

Remember; end does not always and necessarily justify the mean.

Most pathetic of all, you just post your bra color without knowing what it was meant for.

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scOotBerry said...

duhhh~ aku pOn pelik ekceli.nape la xsuh pOst ape tanda2 breat cancer instead Of btau ape color bra dat they're wearing.Owh.naseb baek lah aku tidak mengupdate status aku cemitu.agak malu kOt.

aku xnafikan.aku sOkOng breast awareness campaign cara tu bia la yg buleh d trima sket.hukhuk.

Anonymous said...


ok mine pink :p

alifzaimimra said... i know.. curious gak sebenarnye. tq szakif.

but..what about guys putting numbers on their FB status? curious gak.. eheh

Unknown said...


after the thing, ada la sorang makhluk Allah ni konon nak prank girls plak. so he suggested for guys to put only a number in their fb status then other guys reply with provocative comments.

it was meaningless. just for the sake of prank-ing the girls. hehe....

riaizzatirazali said...

i did got the same message. pls la people. as if guys do not know what it's all about. like all girls can keep their mouth shut. thank god i'm still in my conscious state. ;p

btw. minta izin nak link ye. ;)

pujah said...

u have a good way of thinking..susah nk cari lelaki macam nih..keep it up!

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