Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Skill that I Haven't Had

My boss and I attended a dinner at Restoran Sri Melayu, located at Jalan Conlay near Bukit Bintang in conjunction with the International Workshop in Agribiotechnology: Finding a Common Language between Ulama’ and Scientists held in University of Malaya (UM).

During the dinner, we were not only served with a lot of local foods and some international cuisines, but they also served entertainment by featuring local dances and live songs. We sat at the table closest to the speaker system. With us were some other participants and speakers in the workshop. While the dancers were performing and while the singers were singing traditional songs with the loud music, I saw (read: not listening) my boss, the speakers and participants discussing something that I couldn’t listen at. While one’s mouth was like chanting something unlistenable, to me at least, the others were paying attention very closely and carefully. I wonder how they managed to listen and thus understand. To me, I just couldn’t.

So what I did was I enjoyed the buffet like I am not in diet. Huahuahua~

I’m sorry boss. You could even see me turning off the speaker although the sound came from the earphones. Right?

That’s why during classes, I am very annoyed when some classmates make noise while I am listening to and giving my constant focus to the lecture. I am not afraid to show my annoyed face when I am in that situation. Ok Zaki, stop talking about class and lecture. You’re no more a student. Hehe...

But I think I need to develop this skill for future sake. Ada kursus khas pasal ni tak? :)


:: !zyan :: said...

hmm..lama2 nanti 'pandai' la zaki. Learn by experience org kata. Nanti leh jadi macam akak...baru keje 2 tahun lebey dah jadi 'hati kering' mcm ni...lagi parah dik. Takley bayangkan kalo dah 20thn keje...huhuhh!

aizuddin said...

ni kena blaja skill spy ni, bace movement lips :)

Unknown said...

kak izyan:

tu la pasal. saya punya pengalaman maseh cetek lagi nih.

isk hati kering? maksud akak?

Unknown said...


ajar aku! hehe..

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