Friday, October 24, 2008

I Wasn't Really a Bad Person After All...

Disclaimer: This is not a proud entry. The previous one, on the other hand, wasn't one from an offended writer.

It wasn't only those bad comments towards me written in the form. I also got positive comments about myself. So to balance out the previous entry, here are the rest of the comments that I got from the members of the board of SCIENCESS 2007/2008.
  • A very good secretary
  • Approachable and presentable
  • Best keje dengan ko.
  • Can do a load of work
  • Creative and think critically
  • Diligent
  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Good relationship with juniors
  • Good time management.
  • Good working mate
  • Happy go lucky
  • Hardworking
  • Helpful
  • High work rate, knowledge, professionalism
  • Hyperactive
  • Outspoken
  • Outspoken
  • Patient
  • Proactive
  • professional
  • Really spirited
  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Strict n rajin
  • Talkative
  • Thinker
  • Time appreciator
  • Very systematic
  • Well manage person
  • Work efficiently
  • Work very smartly, but still hard working

The objective of writing this entry is for me to think about myself. Undeniably, I have bad qualities and also good qualities in me because on top of all those, I am only a human who is in the path looking for a better life quality.

Argh, this really sounds like luahan perasaan although it’s actually not. Huhu~


Jepah said...

bgus2... kite mmg kene sentiasa muhasabah diri kite...

CikSelampit said...

memang ada unsur memuji diri sendiri.. haha..

Unknown said...


muhabasabah tak semestinya kualiti buruk yang kita ade je kan?


Unknown said...


in a way, ya~ but not really~

fattybombom said...

itu hp SE S500i...ada satu theme everchanging-lawa giler...change accordingly to different seasons...

Anonymous said...

Setiap org pun ada positif side and negative side. It's about camna kita tonjolkan both of them. Kalo byk sgt negative side tertonjol, org akan set mind diorg, kita ni jahat la, itu la ini la. And bila kita tonjolkan yg kita ni baik sgt, org akan set mind diorg kita ni baik. Bila buat jahat, org tak caya padahal hanya org yg mengalaminya je yg tau.

So, apa pun just be yourself. Kalo tak disbbkan mulut lepas tu, ntah2 diorg tak buat keje or lengai semcm. Ada jgk baiknya keburukan kita. Faham tak? Jenuh nak explain. Hehe~

Anonymous said...

sometimes, we need to look from a bright side of ours to make a stepping stone that reach to the other success -anonymous-

anwar a.k.a anonymous

Unknown said...


and it's my current henphone :D

memang cantek ok theme everchanging tu~ memang ever changing.. baru la orang tak selalu tukar theme.. pasal theme itu sendiri sentiasa berubah2.. kan?

Unknown said...


can't agree more :D

akak memang world la!

Unknown said...


ha~ kan lebih jelas lagi... nape tak letak je link ko sebelum2 ni~ nak jadi cam anonymous kat blog nabil kah? hehe~

yup2... setuju dengan pandangan tu.. :D

KiRaNa said...

byknya pujian..=)

Unknown said...


erk.. banyak gak kejian~ :P

TimMie said...

bese la sume org ade sisi positif dan negatif kan
aku je terkecuali
sebab aku sume sisi pun positif

Unknown said...


haha! STBB oke ko~

Anonymous said...

mmg blog ni kan cam tmpt luahan perasaan..
hehe :P
its the palce where u speak out ur words..

Unknown said...


tak jugek~ tapi seriesly aku tak bermaksud nak luah pape dalam entry ni and yang lepas.. hehe~

ko ade blog tak? bg a link~

Anonymous said...

hehe:D blog
hihi :D

Unknown said...


okeh. melawat!


kena tipu. :p

*kalo ko percaya pun, ko kena tipu

Anonymous said...

hahaha :D (gelak yg amat)

aku tak reti mengarang.. i know facts only,since im *** student. straight to the point which the best i like.. by d way, i envy who can write stories r article r wat-so-ever so so so beauti-fully..rase cam terpegun gitu..
congrats to you n those yg amat bgus in that too... :)

Unknown said...


nak aku tafsirkan ** tu ape? hehe~

writing blog does not necessarily mean you have to write lengthy entries. kekadang, just a line of words but thoughtful yet provocative would call thousands of comments.

maybe you can think of some facts and then write it in your own way. give it a try :D

fattybombom said...

yup..the colors are great too!...although only 2 m.p the picture are so AIIIITTT!!!:p

Unknown said...


you have one also or what?

but tak menyesal beli henset ni~ hu~

Master J said...

outspoken ada 2 kali..hehe wonder why =p

As said...

outspoken ada 2 kali..hehe wonder why =p

Unknown said...

master j..

alamak. sebenarnye banyak repetition. especially "hardworking. hehe~ tertinggal plak nak edit yang outspoken tu. huhu~

serius tak perasan :D

Unknown said...


ehem... sebok je tau! =p

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