Friday, October 24, 2008

Beware of My Mouth

We had the final meeting, a post mortem for the SCIENCESS 07/08. Prior to that, we were to fill in a form to give our opinions towards each other.

These are among the comments that I got about myself:
  • Sometime need a respect to others eg: during meeting don’t only think your idea, ask other opinion too.
  • Really spirited, but some time irritating.
  • more sensitive
  • unpredictable
  • Sometimes can be over confident, need to consider other party as well.
  • Foul mouth kot..
  • Like to advise others but need to improve on the way of giving the advice because if someone doesn’t know him that well would misunderstood his intention
  • Openness…direct sgt =p
  • Words
  • Tend to hurt others’ feeling
  • More humble
  • Respects others opinions
  • Don’t be too proud of yourself

Hey people, they're all about the words coming out from my mouth (and some other about my bad attitude). Ahem, dare to hear some?

And hey, I'm open to comments and criticisms. Just give me some!

I think I really need to cope living with the real orang Melayu kot?


jennyto said...

ur not real Melayu?
huhu mix eyh? :p

jennyto said...

ur not real Melayu?
huhu mix eyh? :p

szakif said...


kulit melayu tapi mulut tak, boleh? haha!

Far said...

szakif...those are really bad comments...:)...hehehe...I dunno you very well, but...ur last word:...I think I really need to cope living with the real orang melayu' kinda offensive ya know...hehehe...Orang melayu ni...sopan and beradab sikit, mmg sensitif, hati memang lembut banding orang-orang lain...mmg dah sifat melayu macam tu..kadang-kadang kata terkasar sikit dah cukup buat orang-orang kita terguris hati...amik tu sbg keistimewaaan kita, bkn keburukan...

and this entry...sounds like you are annoyed by people comments...:)...hehe...maknanya, sifat melayu yang berjiwa sensitif ni ada jgak dlm diri ko...sabo eh...kadang2 apa yang orang tegur tu mungkin betul...atau mungkin saja nak sakitkan hati ko...hmmm...keputusan utk berubah di tgn lor...:)...

szakif said...


that's exactly the thing. most of the time, i didnt mean to offend anybody but the people take it as offensive. yup, my weakness is to choose the best words for the sake of not hurting but obviously i can't.

try to find the relevance of writing entries entitled STBB and The Best to Say. sebenarnya, ada kaitan.

for your information, i write this blog as a medium to improve myself in many things. and this subject discussed is one of it.

but this i have to defend: i was not offended nor that i was annoyed with the comments. if i did, i wouldn't post them in this blog.

thanks far :D

nurilahi said...

in our life there are 4 windows in describing our characteristics etc

one: kita tahu, orang lain tak tahu

two: kita tahu, orang lain tahu

three: kita tak tahu, orang lain tahu

four: kita tatau, orang lain pun tatau

You got my point?

i follow ur blog earlier since bfore we work together.
i know u in a real sense when we started to work together.
For my view, from those negative points above, did not resemble you at all, that is as far as I know u.

remember, this is only what i see, but other people will see u in a different way, just like how u see others.

The matter is, berlapang dada. Jangan terlalu ambil berat, jangan terlalu abaikan. Take them as a reminder eventho u feel like those qualities doesnt suite with u at all.

okay zaki?

have a great life no matter how hard it is.

take care

azuwachan said...

well, the thing is camne kamu menegur dgn cara berhemah, tu aje.
nak direct boleh, tp maybe dgn laki2 je kot sbb hati depa keras, tp kalo dgn pompuan yg sensitip nih, kenala tegur cara hikmah. lembut2 gitu.
guna psychology, tak semestinye kena direct, kena melaser tak tentu arah. pikirkan hati org lain, kdg2 kita tak rasa kita buat dia tersinggung, tp sbnrnye kita buat. kdg2 tu kite tak sdr.
org melayu ade adab, ade sopan santun. gunakan itu sbg satu cara utk menegur cara berhikmah.
wallahu'alam ^_^

szakif said...


ada beza kan orang yang pernah jumpa personal dengan tak pernah~ :D

*ok. tu pun statement yang lain orang lain "pengambilan"nya.

suka dengan hal 4 tingkap tu... thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Erm, cam zaki penah ckp kat akak, jgn amik kisah sgt cakap org. But then, ckp-ckp diorang ni sebenarnya membantu kita jgk utk ubah apa yg perlu diubah. Tp bukan semua la.

Takleh la nak ubah setiap masa. Jadi macam sumpah-sumpah plak. Just, tgk mana yg perlu je. Example, kalo diorg kata ckp direct sgt, lepas ni kurangkan skit.

Biasa la zaki, kita ni open, tp ada je org yg takleh nak terima. Akak dah rasa dah sumer ni. Betul-betul mengajar akak jadi matang and reti berfikir.

szakif said...


that's where i am lacking.. and that's why aku tulis entry2 cam STBB dan The Best to Say, pasal aku sedang belajar utk memilih ayat2 yang lebih baik drpd yang lain2~

szakif said...


setuju :D

akak dah lebih banyak makan garam drpd saye, so... itu la.. hu~ :P

szakif said...

knowlee.. lupe plak nak cakap..

pasal ade sedikit "kesah" la jugak saya post mende ni kat sini~ huhu~

but hey people, did i make this entry like a luahan perasaan?

no la~ it doesn't mean to be like it.. huhu~

Anonymous said...

quite contro-versy!!
neway,that's life.
u have to face it..
whether org melayu or not. life can be really cruel sutimes IF you dont know how to take it easy...
btw my mom always said:
"do the right things,never do anythings that wrong"
take it easy ya all of you :D

nurilahi said...

ok, agaknya yang 4 tingkap tu leh wat satu entry baru :D
itu cikgu kat skolah as dulu die lukis 4 tingkap untuk as, tingkap nilah. :)

memang laen bile deal eyes to eyes, deal dalam dunia cyber, deal dalam phone, deal sebagai rumates, deal sebagai teamwork, deal dalam society. Ni sume people will view us in different ways. Aite?

Great for u to share this here, people yang cepat melatah wont do the same. And you are very positive on this. Heh.

szakif said...

anonymous (i think i know you la~ :P)

thanks for the advise.. i hope that "you" refer to everybody who reads this entry and comments above.

the idea to bring the issue of "orang melayu" timbul pasal aku compare camne orang2 melayu dan bangsa2 lain dalam dan luar negara berkomunikasi dan berinteraksi dalam kehidupan mereka. dan aku simpulkan, memang orang melayu unik dalam budaya bahasa dan tingkah cara dan laku malah kata, tetapi itu tak bermakna aku suka dengannya. that's why aku tak ikut sangat cara orang melayu.

maaf jika ada pejuang melayu yang terasa, tapi ini adalah pandangan peribadi aku :D

*ok. dah terbuka isu kemelayuan pulek~ :P


szakif said...


nanti bebila kita jumpe as tolong ajarkan and illustrate camne rupa tingkap tu ye~ (purak2 tak tahu :P)

thanks for the compliment.. tunggu entry seterusnya.. untuk mengimbangi entry yang ini kaedahnya :D


Lala said...

honestly,r u okay with those comments?kalau saye dah nanges,merajuk xmo jumpe diorg dah...
(sangat melayu kan?)hiiii

szakif said...


hey, i AM ok la with such comments.. paling penting, kena la bersedia mentally bila nak baca komen2 buruk pasal diri kita.. tu je~ :D

Anonymous said...

u think u know me~?? :P
hmm.. nothing much to say.. maybe ur new post will be the antidote for this post.. hehe :D

szakif said...



yup. ade negative, kena la balancekan dengan yang positive :D

chaiyok juge!

zali said...

great entry zaki

szakif said...



alif zai mim ra said...

"I think I really need to cope living with the real orang Melayu kot?"

ok, statement ni xblh diterima. alasannya spt yg dikatakan oleh far. :P

syukur la ada yg berani komen mcm tu dpd mengumpat kt blakang kan. not that i agree with their comments. at least we know how ppl look at us n we cn improve ourself to become a better prson. :)

szakif said...


it depends on how you take it, but i didnt mean to offend anybody :D

ko kalo ade rase cam tak puas hati dengan aku, gtau tau... jangan simpan2.. ye la ko kan superior aku dalam wackos.. huhu~

AzKeeY said...

"real orang Melayu"..hurmm..i think i get what u mean..however u r not excluded from being grouped as one of them kot;p..

Szakif said...


kot, kot? :P

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